Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life Savers(Part 1)-L'OREAL White Perfect

I usually don't believe that any cosmetic can show magic with just a swish and flick of a wand.Yeah, magic does not exist in the real world, and in real scenarios. I had to double check this concept when I discovered two of the "life Saving" products for myself.

Below you will find the unveiled first product that really changed my life. Gave me confidence enough to walk my head high!
 Loreal White Perfect (Dermo-Expertise) is a NIGHT cream that aims to deeply nourish and regenerate the skin to improve its elasticity and lets it regain its youth over night. Science proves that when we are asleep, our skin starts working. Therefore, face that bears the most delicate skin needs utmost attention. You can solve some 70% of your acne, dehydrated skin and other related issues just by showing some concern to your skin at night. It contains glycerin that maintains a healthy fresh glow of skin for the coming day.

It comes in a very elegant glass jar and two lids on it. 
  • The inside lid
  • The major lid
The inside lid is a small thin plate like cover that is plastic made. It is something unique. Yes, stylish you may call it. This adds even more to its packaging. You just place it on the jar's mouth to keep your product fresh and safe from bacteria accumulation.Whereas, like all other creams it has got a major lid that is used to close the jar by moving it in clockwise position. It comes with quite much reading stuff that explains in detail that how the cream works.

My Experience
 Loreal White Perfect Night-Transparent Rosy Whitening is a gel like formula that gets completely absorbed in the skin. It has got hint of blue in it, that makes it even more different from the other available creams in the market.The fragrance is very light and smells good.

 As earlier I said in one of my reviews, that I do not believe on skin lightening products, I still stand by with the same statement .However, it tends to make your skin flawless by bringing it in an even tone and by lightening scars and dark spots. I have been using it for three months, and now I can strongly recommend it to all oily skin bearers. It neither feels sticky, nor heavy on face. It is making my skin soft and smooth day by day. I love to wake up with a clear, bright face every morning, that had not been possible otherwise. In these three months, I also did not find any noticeable zits, that might have been caused by the formula. Not only this, it even minimize pores. I am definitely going to repurchase it, even though it is expensive just because it has solved my large scary pores to a big extent. I am not saying that they all have been vanished, however I am expecting them to be, with the use of some three months more. Moreover, it keeps the skin well-hydrated. If you have oily skin, you can go, get it for yourself without any risk fears!

Major Turn-On:
The Packaging

Major Turn-off:
The Price tag


I got 50ml from Hyper star Lahore with a discount price tag of Rs 1005. It is available at almost all big drugstores for Rs 1050.   

Pros and Cons
  1. Attractive packaging
  2. Non- greasy 
  3. Easy to apply
  4. Easily absorbed
  5. No zits noticed
  6. Minimize large pores
  7. Keep skin healthy and glowing
  8. Rejuvenates skin in the real sense
  9. Makes skin even-toned
A 50ml jar will last you 3-3.5 months. 

End of the Line 
It really is a life saver. I had some really huge pores. Sometime I would feel that my face is porous like a sponge and nothing can help me making it look better. I am glad i found it. If you are looking for a product that could turn your skin into a beauty magic, then GRAB it immediately for yourself. Do not look at the price, it is worth it!!


humera said...

Excellent review. I didnot know it even minimize pores O.o

Fareena said...

Good review but it is very very expensive to afford in a student budget :-(

Jabeen said...

I am really enjoying this cream! works well

Zareen said...

So it isnot a fairness cream?
Thanks for sharing this information about Loreal Night

hina said...

Hey, it broke me off :@, amazed to see such a positive review :-0

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! I will definitely call my in laws to send me one, cause I havenot seen any here in America yet.

smarty said...

I have been using it 4 3 months.. n guess wot? it is going to be finished soon.. I donot know how come it stayed with you till so long? for me, 1050 for just a month is too much to spend for a night cream..

Anonymous said...

breakouts!! A turn off.

Fakiha said...

It left a burning feeling on my dace and made it dark and black. First my skin turned pink and then hell dry and flaky..

ReeBz said...

Dear, everyone has different skin types. All the reviews i write are based on my skin type obviously. Sorry to know that it caused breakouts on your skin.

ReeBz said...

You should easily get it in U.S :-/

ReeBz said...

Oh, very sorry to hear this. I found it simply amazing. I am myself surprised to read these negative comments.

ReeBz said...

No fairness cream has been invented yet, that could fulfil expectations made from it.

Anonymous said...

haha just wondering that why have you taken the back pix only. did you have any enmity from the front side of the product :D?

ReeBz said...

OooPs. Good observation anon :P

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Himalayas night cream? its cost effective too.

Anonymous said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..

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