Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cutey Charm Bracelets Review- GAIA and AETHER

The world seems to go crazy for the charm bracelets. Charm bracelet has made its way from long forgotten history to our modern, fashion-ista life style. Aint it really the charm that has been spelled upon us by this cute dangling jewellery?

Charm bracelets were worn in ancient times in order to please gods, bring good luck, faith and wealth and to swish away the evil spirits.  Charm bracelets are usually personalized, that collect different charms- telling the story or an specific event from the life of a wearer. It is supposed to be loose enough to keep on adding different charms based upon the specific story, as the wearer moves ahead in life. has given a new concept to the beauty of charm bracelet by making them more wearable and adding a universal value to each charm. The bracelets contain metal beads, wooden pieces and crystals that are truly adorable. Each bracelet depicts a certain idea and so is very symbolic. I loved the way each charm is intricately cut and designed to enhance it not only as a charm but as a simple piece of jewellery too.

GAIA Charm Bracelet

Concept: Gaia charm bracelet is an ultimate love for those who love nature and mother earth. It was named after the greek goddess of Earth. It reflects wearer's attachment to the soil, foliage, roots and life at our dear planet earth.

It has a metallic thin band , when open it measure 7 inch. It contains seven different charms, two lock heart spacers and one lucky leaf spacer. Spacers are sometimes added in the bracelet to avoid clutter of the dangling charms. Charms are made of crystal, wooden, glass and metallic. Spacers are also metallic. One of the charm engraves cutey on it. It is easy to wear since it has a metallic clasp.

Price: £14.99
Aether Charm Bracelet

Concept:It was named after the god of upper heaven and the sky. It depicts the idea of a fun-filled, cheerful life with no enmities. According to cutey, it is a piece of heaven in delicate pinks and perfect to show of girlishness.

Unlike GAIA it seems less cluttered, since it has only seven charms but no spacers. It also measures 7 inch when opened. It has three glass charms that are in pretty pink, two stars, one another metallic charm ( I seriously do not know what it is) and one charm that reads cutey. Easy to wear, easy to open and easy to boast around the world ;)

Price: £12.99

Major Turn On- The cute charms 
Major Turn Off- Nothing

Pros and Cons
  • Charming
  • Easy to wear
  • Thematic
  •  Metallic and sturdy
  • A bit expensive
  • Adjusts only medium to thin wrists.
Cutey is a baby company but their bracelets make the best gifts.  Share the love and beauty and join Cutey by ordering some for your self and your loved ones. They ship worldwide. For more information click here


Sara Hassan said...

the bracelets are so darn adorable :)

Anonymous said...

oh i never knew the concept behind the charm bracelets, though i used to be so curious. thanks for adding up to mu information regarding such a magical jeweellery

humera said...

oh so pretty damn cute danglers. Also, they reflect nice ideas. I possess a pakistani version that cost me only 30 PKR :P

hina said...

Really cute ones. Lucky you :D

Fakiha said...

the pink one is loveliest. i just had alook at their web, really pretty stuff

SehrishJabeen said...

Nice site.
GreaT review, pretty hands. Fantastic is to visit your place

Jabeen said...

yar really buh pyare hen!

Anonymous said...

These are lovely. My sissy got oneroi from cutey. Unfortunately, she got them broken in the mail. I hope they refund or return.

filpaki said...

Damn pretty. However damn expensive as well :D

smarty said...

I will have to wait for my pronce charming to buy these for me :P

Anonymous said...

this really cot my attention. Spent some good 8 minutes in reading this post. great review honestly :)


Anonymous said...

oh heavens!
whatta lovely charming piece is the pink one

Bruno Iarussi said...

OMG what a pretty bracelets. This is my first time to this site but my friend has told me about your work and you are very very good!
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