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Raw Gaia Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Butter Review

Raw Gaia is an organic cosmetic brands that deals with all types of skin and claims to play its role efficiently in helping people maintaining a healthy, glowing and bright skin all around the world. Today, I have coconut butter to share with you from the brand that makes hand made cosmetics at a very low temperature to retain all of the life energy, vitamins etc.

What is meant by cold-pressed coconut oil/butter?
When i got to know about cold-pressed coconut butter, i was intrigued to know about the term "Cold-Pressed". I was satisfied to find out, that cold-pressing is the most proper option used for the extraction of coconut oil. Unlike, boiling method of extraction, cold pressing, retains all the nutrients in the product without destroying them by intense heating. Hence, it is the first strong point that will make you move towards Raw Gaia's cold-pressed coconut butter.


It comes in the glass jar of 90grams with a yellow label on it. It is almost fragrance free when solid. It appears solid white in the butter form, whereas completely crystal transparent at its oil state.
You may get the benefits of both the coconut oil and coconut butter from the single jar. If you want to use it as a hair conditioner, keep it on a room temperature. On the other hand, if you desire to use it as a body butter then you would like to refrigerate it after opening.

My Experience:
  • As the coconut-oil
I have been using it for more than a month now as a hair conditioner. Simply keep it on a room temperature, and use when desired. I normally use it as an alternate of my oiling routine. I dip my finger tips in the cold pressed coconut oil and massage it in the roots of my hairs. I found leaving it for hour or two in hairs is enough for medium to dry hair type. After shampooing, I love to feel the touch of my hairs. Coconut oil leaves my irs well-hydrated and protect my hairs from being di-shevelled.
  • As the coconut butter
    According to the company, it makes the skin softer and smoother by penetrating into the deeper layers. It also removes the dead skin cells and act as an antioxidant.
    I made my mum use it, who has a very dry flaky skin even in the summers. She keeps developing white patches on her face and her conditions more seems like a medical one. When she applies it on her skin, the skin instantly turns into a soft, smooth and supple skin that glows pink. Only a little amount is needed to apply on face. Donot worry it doesnot make face look like an oil factory. However, I would not recommend to use it on oily skins in the summer season. I am seriously reluctant to use it on my skin since the temperature here iin summers remains more than 35C. I wish I had got it in winters to try as a body butter.

    Benefits of Coconut Butter
    • Improves dry skinand make it glow healthily, turn it pink and soft
    • Possess excellent anti-oxidant qualities
    • Helps in many skin conditions like inflammation, eczema and dermatitus.
    • It contains essential oils that protects hairs from harmfull UV rays, make them shiny and protect from hairfall.
    • It acts as a good conditioner on hairs and also helps reduce dandruff.
    • Last but not the least, it also reduce lices.
    Price: £11.49
    Pros and Cons
    • Attractive glass jar packaging
    • completely organic
    • Moisturises skin
    • Conditions hairs
    • Heal many skin conditions
    • Affordable
    • Retains all the goodness of the coconut
    • May be a bit messy in oil state
    • Doesnot completely kill the problem. You need to use it permanently if you want to get rid of any skin condition. 
    Major turn-on : The glass jar
    Major Turn-off: Nothing

    End of the Line:
    Over all a good body butter that may be used even in the medical conditions. Equally beneficial in both oil and butter forms. Oily skin bearers should avoid it in summers.  
      You can order yours online from Raw Gaia's website. Click here to access. Also read my review on Raw Gaia chocolate face pack here.


      Fareena said...

      Oh, sounds cool. but is it only a myth that coconut oil makes hairs white :-0?

      hina said...

      I always admire organic products. Specially because I have sensitive skin. Thanks for sharing this honest review

      humera said...

      what :-0? I never heard that coconut oil can kill lices :D

      smarty said...

      eeek how come it is fragrance free? coconut oil fragrance almost kills me.

      Pandora`s Box said...

      I love coconut products. This sounds divine. Thanks for sharing.

      Sarah Elexender said...

      I liked this review. I was just flicking through your site's fifferent pages and i fount ir pretty well organised and interesting specially your reviews on organic products are matchless. How you define and answer the basic questions rising in everyone's mind is simply a superb trait.
      Thank you for helping us with these great reviews.

      filpaki said...

      Coconut smell always turns my mood off. good that it is fragrance free :D

      Zareen said...

      I would like to use it as a hair conditioner

      Fakiha said...

      I wish i could use it. Coconut is simply not my thing.

      Anonymous said...

      Sounds something worth buying.

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