Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Carry your Favorite Perfume in Your Bag 24/7 with Travalo Excel

Carrying your favorite perfume in your travel bag is not a problem anymore.If you are afraid to break your classic or stylish perfume glass bottle, then Travalo Excel is a product specially designed for you. With Travalo atomizer you can easily get a quick boost of freshness anywhere, any time- yet in just few seconds.


Travalo is an award winning refillable atomizer bottle. It weighs only 20 grams and is 8.6 cm long. Travalo Excel is available in many charming and eye-catchy colours.It comes with a protective carry-case to protect the atomizer from scratches etc.

 I got mine in orange colour. I must say the packaging is something really beautiful. Something that doesn't only perform its function matchless, but also address to our aesthetic senses. It is made up of hi-tech aircraft aluminum that makes it extremely light and strong.

The bottom case and the top case is made up of plastic. The bottom case is decorated with very intricate floral pattern, whereas the top case is transparent with the logo of travalo excel on it. It also has transparent level bar (integrated fill lever indicator) to show that how much perfume is left in the atomizer.

My Experience:
Travalo atomizer is easy to use, thatswhat I love about it. We only need two things to care about:
  • The place should be flat where one is going to refill the atomizer.
  • Keep the lid on while refilling process to avoid any accidental press-sprays and spills.
How to Use: 

  • It is as easy to refill the atomizer as making a cup of tea. Simply remove the nozzle of the perfume bottle. Place it on a table/desk or any other strong base. Place the atomizer over the tube and pump it up and down. With in few seconds travalo's patented refill system will fill your atomizer with your favorite perfume.
  •  The atomizer sprays a very fine mist of perfume upto 65 times without any spills or wastage.
  • It is also aircraft approved, so you may carry it along with you. what more any one can wish for? :)
I couldn't find the price on their website. Please watch this space in coming days. Price will be updated soon.

Pros and cons:
  • Lovely and unique packaging
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to refill
  • 65 sprays
  • Light weight
  • Many colours to choose from
Cons :
It is not suitable to full-up with body sprays. Body sprays need a wider nozzle tube.

Get a chance to win the atomizer bu joining their facebook page here . They run a random daily spray and every one who likes the page gets the chance to win it everyday!

End of the Line:
Either you are a guy or a girl, a sportsman or a business man, I'll recommend it to each one of you!

Please check their website for info graphics and more details here or click here to find a store near you.

Travalo excel is planning to come in Pakistan. So which store will you suggest them ? How about Naheed super store Khi?


Fareena said...

Wow. world is full of innovation.

hina said...

My pick for this atomizer is hugo boss..

humera said...

I think it will be a goof thing for my husband. His underarms smell hectic, and he has to face embarrassment during office meetings.

Rabi said...

Travalo is really awesome . I have the same color of Travalo. Nice review.

smarty said...

Great news. I am hoping them to launch their products in Pakistan soon.

how about they start from Park towers?Anyhow, Naheed is also a good option

SadeeStyle said...

woww very useful product indeed nice review

Sumayya said...

Sounds xcellent. Your review is very helpful. Thank you. I have got mine in Pink.

filpaki said...

Your reviews always make my life easy ;-

Jabeen said...

annhann, perfectly handy and cool! xD

Zareen said...

Yes, Naheeed or aghsa's!

Fakiha said...

Coool l%ve

Anonymous said...

I think you are the only one who has used own pictures fir explaining the filling procedure :D everyone is using thinfographics taken from the website. Even ME:D:D

Abid solangi said...

Travalo is really very handy!

Shanti Garg said...

Very nice post.....

ReeBz said...

Let me know if this works ;) but for this purpose i think a body spray will be more suitable. dun you think so?

ReeBz said...

thanks sadee:)

ReeBz said...

lol i wonder who you are ;)

pheromone cologne said...

I love the packaging of this perfume. It is perfect for my bag and I can carry every time I want. Thanks! :)


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