Friday, May 11, 2012

Pending Reviews

I have some great products lying in my makeup stash, awaiting reviews. Due to hectic routine I am unable to find some time. However I am trying my best to review all one by one. The products you are seeing in this picture are:
  • Livon silky hair potion
  • Travalo atomizer
  •  Raw gaia body butter
  • Gwen's blend hair whip
  • Lashem eye lash growing gel- Sorry I missed it in the pic.
  • And the most amazing NYX box of smokey look collection!
What do you want me to review first of all :-)?


ZatZ said...

curious about the hair whip :)

Fareena said...

NYX :-0 :-0 REview PlEASE!

hina said...

Amazing products in line :)

humera said...

NYX box of smokey eye collection!! I am waiting :)

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