Friday, May 11, 2012

JoJo Khata Lemon Candy Review

How about being sweet again? Its been quite some time I reviewed any sweet-0-luscious item for you. So let us jump back from cosmetics to a sweet little treat.

As you all know I was sent some products by JoJo foods and exporters for review purpose. Therefore, today the product I am going to share you with is "Khata Lemon- Candy"

Khata Lemon candy belongs to the candy family of JoJo foods. The other siblings of khata lemon candy are khata saeb, khato strawberry and khati orange candy.

It comes in a rectangular yellow box alike other chews and candies of Jojo. The box is yellow and orange in color. It has got a naughty lemon on the box which is winking at you ;). It seems that the lemon is aware of its sizzling sour taste and so is compelled to wink ;). Khata lemon is written with white bold text. The pack contains 70 individual candies.

My Experience:

If someone asks for my favorite sweet , I would definitely pick khata lemon without giving a second thought. It tastes sweet, since it is a candy- but is more sour as mentioned by its name. It tastes like the drink "FANTA/MIRINDA" so has become my all time favorite. To enjoy the candy most, I would recommend sucking the candy instead of chewing it.

It contains sugar, liquid glucose, citric acid E330, artificial flavor Lemon and artificial colour E102 (tatrazine). I noticed that it contains less ingredients as compared to the other jojo products.

If you want to get more information about Jojo foods and exporters, you would definitely want to have a look at their website. Also, you can contact them through their website here either by email, fax, phone or post. Join their facebook page here


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