Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gwen's Hair blend: Light Hair Whip Review

Our hairs need as much attention and care as our face needs. There are different types of hairs that have different moisturising needs. Depending on my hair type that is type 2 (Wavy), i was sent a sample of Gwen's Blend Light hair whip. It claims to moisturise and define frizzy hairs and curls. Light hair whip is a natural mixture of coconut and castor, aloe, shea butter and essential oils.

I used it for myself also I made my mother use it, since the company claims it works equally well for type 3 Kinky-curly hairs. Read below to know about my experience and opinion regarding the hair whip.

It comes in an ordinary plastic jar,with a descrptive product label on it. The lid is also plastic-black in colour. It weighs 0.5 lb. For a hair product, it is quite thick in consistency. The hair whip is white in colour and smells strongly disgusting.

My Experience:

Honestly speaking when I opened up the jar i became strongly disappointed. The two things that take any product up or fetch it down in the powerful competitive market are "Fragrance and Looks". In the light hair whip both are absent. The Light hair whip is to be used on hairs after shower either on slight wet hairs or when they become completely dry. Since it is very thick, I didnot find it welcoming for my hairs. I was hesitsant to apply the thick mixture on my hairs that smell very offensive. It would have been better  if the product intends to nourish hair an-hour-before-shampooing.For many people it may become a big reluctance to apply it on their freshly-showered and clean hairs.

CASE 1- Type 2 Hairs (Wavy).
After first application- that I kept very careful to not to apply any extra amount since I was afraid of my hairs being pulled down. As I mentioned earlier, the hair whip is quite heavy and thick in consistency, it may pull down light hairs. Anyhow, even with this very careful application, my hairs become sticky and gooey, with that unforgettable strong smell of coconut and castor. I  feel hesitant to even dip my fingers in the blend.

P.S The smells fades away with in 3hours of application. However, I found even the three hours difficult to bear with the blend's smell.I still gave enough time for the whip to become dry. I however, found no positive difference in my hairs.

CASE 2- Type 3C (Kinky curly hairs)
My mother has very tight close curls in her hairs. Therefore her hairs are subjected to dryness even more. Light hair whip seemed a good option that could tackle her hair dryness, so I asked my mum to give it a try. She had similar feelings and thoughts regarding the whip's consistency and smell. However this product showed somewhat a better performance on her hairs than mine. Her hairs became less tangled, soft and easy to manage.Unlike mine her hairs didnot get sticky. Still, unfortunately, she had to wash her hairs off due to its smell.

P.S Even after washing off the whip, the hairs remained moisturised and manageable than their original state.

How to use Light Hair Whip?
Take out a very little amount from jar, apply it just below the roots and rake the product throughout the hair length.

Price $21 for 225 g

  • Affordable
  • Simple
  • Natural
  • Nourishes hair and provide calories
  • Tends to work as a good moisturiser for kinky curly hairs
  • Disgusting smell
  • Very thick blend
  • Short expiry duration
Major turn-on : A natural product
Major turn-off : SMELL

End of the line:
The light hair whip is for moisturising curly hairs and waves. It fails to work on wavy hairs but can be used effectively on kinky curly hairs if you can bear the offensive and strong smell.

Get to know about your hairtype and other information about gwens blend at their website here


Anonymous said...

Ooops!!! :D
thanks for the honest review

Shang J. said...

Well at least it worked on your Mom's hair. You could try out Lory's hair creams they also come in a similar looking big jar and cost around PKR 300.

Anonymous said...

Youck @ the thickness...

Anonymous said...

I got it for myself fewmonths back, it made my hair pretty nourished and moisturised. My hairs are wavy but very thick. they are somewhere in between thick wavy and afro curls.

Suho Ben

Sara white said...

It gave you a bad experience. its a good product though

hina said...

Oh this sounds a very honnest review..thanks for sharing

humera said...

I have heard that the scent has been changed now. I'll ask my sis to get it for me. I have relaxed airs, but my hairs really in need of some calories.

Jabeen said...

Well I always love simple products.. May be it works well on others' hairs. However if smell is disgusting then definitely it is a turn off for me

Fakiha said...

hmm, thanks for the review

Parri said...

A good detailed review. Very honest


Anonymous said...

This product shipped out of the US to another country and was lost in the mail for over a month. We believe that during that time, the product was probably heat ed, and thus it spoiled since it is an all natural product. A weird smell and consistency is an indication of that. It normally does not have much of a smell, and the consistency is normally smooth. Although we informed this blogger that the product had been spoiled, she reviewed it anyway.

Thanks, Gwen's Blends Customer Service

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