Saturday, June 2, 2012

JoJo Khati Strawberry Review

Oh scorching rays of sun have been so brutal for last few days in Lahore. Every one is looking dull, with parched dry lips. Seems all the fun is gone with the lovely and colourful spring. Our appetites donot welcome anything heavy,children are being affected mostly. In summers, light snacks and sweets do the job well for our stomachs.

Today I bring the review of summer's light sweet, which is the sure favorite product of not only the young kiddos out there but it may also please the taste buds of the elder ones. JoJo Khati Strawberry is a deliocious strawberry candy, that tastes more like the strawberry smoothy. If you are craving for strawberries in hot and sizzling summers, no worries. Get yourself some khati strawberries and enjoy the real taste of real fruit smoothie.

As mentioned by the name it is slightly sour, but creamy. It tastes like a smooth creamy mixture that melts in the mouth and spreads lusciousness of strawberry within few minutes.

It comes in a colourful pink box that contains 70 candies. Strawberry on the pack looks pretty naughty with big wide eyes and tongue out. The strawbeery caricature has been made on the pack to indicate the sour taste it possess.

It containssugar, liquid glucose, citric acid E330, artificial flavour strawberry and artificial colour E129.

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