Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trendy Summer Bun

Turn your summers into FUN!

Whenever i notice some yound kids enjoying baldness during summer vacations I feel that how lucky ther are. :P If you have some really long hairs then they might be troublesome specially in summer season. Try buns, as they will ensure that your neck and back gets enough air. The normal buns that the housewives and girls make in routine, looks a bit untidy and messy. These days, I am in love with bun sticks or bun pins as some people call it. There are many trendy pins available in market with which you can adorn your self by wearing a trendy hair bun.

You can try Koren buns also.Just back comb your hairs that are at your head's back and wrap them in a neat bun. Tie it with your favourite bun stick and enjoy the well managed hairs even in the summers.

Tip: If you have curly and unmanageable hairs that look terrible with those tentacles projecting outside in the bun, then apply some livon after shower. Now, enjoy the tamed hairs ;)


hina said...

This looks so sweet, btw werent your hairs curly few years back?

humera said...

Lovely <3

Jabeen said...

your hair bun stick is too pretty and in a lovely summer shade :-)

Fakiha said...

cute bun :-) i so desperately need a review on livon.

SadeeStyle said...

Looks very beautiful i do the the same as summer are always hot and messy thank you honey for the post :)

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