Thursday, June 14, 2012

Liz Earle Botanical Essence- Fragrance Review

Has it been hard for you to pick a fragrance, perfectly formulated to stay along with you during sizzling hot summers? The cruel scorching rays of the sun make you demand for a perfume that could uplift your mood and over all sprits without causing a feeling of an unwanted strong scent. If you have had a hard time picking your summer perfume, then the following review is going to help you this season.

Liz Earle naturally active fragrance claims to contain 98% natural ingredients.

Arent you fascinated on hearing about a perfume having all natural ingredients, including herbal and floral essences? If you are not into strong scents but crave for an over all body boost during heavy body perspiration days then you must consider yourself buying Liz Earle fragrance. It smells heavenly. As soon as with the first spray, you will find your self and soul wrapped up in a true citrus feeling that will be soon faded and replaced away with a sweet floral scent. With in some 20 minutes you will be indulged in the warmth of woody and almond-like soft sensual odor.

It contains essential oils such as patchouli, bergamot, lavender essential oil etc that are famous for their soothing and stress relieveing powers whereas Damask rose adds energetic floral fragrance to this entire natural formula. I must say the notes of this fragrance are a very careful selection of experts that deals to address a tired body and soul.

To develop a clear understanding of Liz fragrance notes, find the infographic below that has been taken from the Liz website.

Liz earle donot need introduction and description when it comes to packaging. The brand itself is the guarantee of everything from packaging to its functional qualities. The fragrance comes in a beautiful and delicate glass bottle that is ofcourse transparent. The carton is something that i found very unique. It is a draw like carton, which you need to slide out in order to access your most wanted everyday fragrance. The carton keeps the bottle safe inside from any unexpected jerks or accidental falls.
I wear it daily while going office, or in some casual friendly parties. It goes best for corporate functions and meetings. Unfortunately, the staying power isnot very good. You need to keep spraying on when you feel like awaking your energies that fall asleep during works;)

Price: 50 ml spray bottle  £45

Pros and Cons
  • Indulging scent that wraps your heart and soul
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Suitable for daily wear
  • Doesn't stay long.
  • Very expensive
Major Turn-on: Packaging & fragrance
Major turn-off: Price tag

End of the Line: If money isnot a big deal for you when it comes on spending perfumes, then there is nothing which should keep you away from grabbing a bottle for yourself. ☻


Sara said...

This is definiyely my most fav fragrance!

Sara White

Anonymous said...

oho kia bat hey bhai.. expensive hey buhat

Abid solangi

Fareena said...

can u plz tell me how i can buy from their web? how much do they charge for delivery i mean international delivery? and do they also send samples to everyone? the packagin is really lovely!!

humera said...

A nice review. I am in love with the bottle, i wish i somedaget a chanceto try it :D

filpaki said...

Gr8 review..

Anonymous said...

You have anice bolg. Do you own a fb page?
I am rakhshanda from peshawar

Jabeen said...

such an awesome green fragrance. I am in love with non-alcoholic natural perfumes. Thanks for sharing

Fakiha said...

lovely yar

humera said...

btw is this a lady perfum only?

smarty said...

Oh liz is always surprising

Jabeen said...

Do they offer more fragrances?

ReeBz said...

You should send an email to their customer service team. You will get all the answers:)

ReeBz said...

No i donot have any fb page yet

ReeBz said...

No not yet:)

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