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Rings and Tings Jewelry Clicks & Review

Every girl likes to adorn herself with the glitters found in this world.The desire of enhancing her beauty is fulfilled by the enchanting jewelery items. The search of a perfect jewelery piece to make your day, has now been made even more easy by the online fashion stores. No matter, where in the world you are, you can order anything upto any limit just with a click of your mouse. You donot need to leave your place. Just stay in your relaxing couches, and enjoy the fun online shopping has brought into your bedrooms!Today, I have to share some reviews about Rings & Tings online fashion store. This store stocks various types of necklaces, rings, bracelets and different kind of dresses.
I was sent
  • A love chain necklace
  • Three rings ( two pearl & one bow ring)
  • Spikadel bangle
  1. LOVE Necklace

This is a golden chain necklace, 47cm long with a golden pendant that reads "Love". It is very beautiful with awhite pearl at the place of "o" and a rhinestone hanging from the "e". Chain is pretty long and is adjustable. I like wearing it as visible in the pic. However, i was very disappointed to notice that with in some 5-6 hours of wearing, it started changing its colour and transformed into copper colour from golden. I am sure it will be turning black with in few more uses. The pearl and rhinestone remain unaffected. See below

Price: It is available for £3.50

Pros and Cons:
  1. Beautiful
  2. May make a good gift
  3. Affordable
  4. Adjustable
  5. Available in silver and golden
  6. Poor colour fastening. (The colour quality is much like those of ordinary chains that are available in street sunday bazars etc)
Major turn on: Attractive and eye catchy
Major turn-off: Poor colour fastening


All the rings I received from the store are cute and lovely. They are not very much detailed. As you can see in the photo, one ring is pearl and rhinestone studded whereas the other has only a golden little bow made on it. The rings are slipable only in very thin fingers. They are non-adjustable, hence you should be very careful to order it for yourself if you donot have "lady-fingers" ;-) Rings are metal made and both are golden in colour. They feel comfortable in fingers.

 Iam very sorry, i couldnt find these rings on the website, therefore I am unable to update the prices here. I'll very soon mention the rates.

Pros and Cons
  1. Cute and simple
  2. Metallic
  3. Pearl and Rhinestone studded
  4. Comfortable
  5. Non- adjustable
Major turn on: Cuteness!
Major turn off: non-adjustable


Spikadelic, as they call it-is a wooden bangle, painted green,with metallic copper spikes on it. The size is extreme big. It even passes through my elbow. Moreover, the bangle isnt water resistant- hence leaving off colour in contact with water or light body perspiration. It also spoils your arm and fingers. Honestly speaking i donot like it, it seems more like a monster bangle.

Pros and Cons:
  1. If you are into wooden jewelry it is good for you
  2. If you want to try out something new, the spikes will definitely attract you
  3. Poor colour fastening
  4. Extra jumbo size.
Prices not available on the website.

Major turn on: Nothing for me
Major turn off: Big size

Have you tried anyhting from Rings and Tings? Check out their website, if you want to have a look at their collection!


shahtaj said...

I never buy jewellery online.No matter how much i am tempted.Thanx for the honest review:)

Anonymous said...

This is some really lovely jewellery.I would love to have it, but i'm sad about the poor colour quality :(
Thanks for the honest review. I am really loving you dearest Reebz

Sara White

Anonymous said...

Hey sweety love ur blog <3
do check my mine :)

humera said...

Lovely necklace and the rings are so cute. Buying online is always a risk. you simply cant judge anything just by the pics available online at the websites.

filpaki said...

I donot know about the quality, just know one thing. It looks fab on you <3 MashaAllah

Jabeen said...

Love love love that bangle. I know mnay people are not much into animal jewellery, but i move ahead with fashion. I like everything thats in ;)

Anonymous said...

woww impressive beauty, but you are amazing you put such honest reviews for us! OMG succh honesst :D

ReeBz said...

Shahtaj and anon1
thank you for your support. Its your feedback that keeps me going fairly :)

ReeBz said...

buying online isnot always a risk. I admit that it is full of risks, but you simply cant trust 100% on the things you buy on spot. Can you? there are many things available in good famous shops that make you tempted enough to spend a pretty good amount, but they lose all their beauty within first few wears. Wont you agree with me?

ReeBz said...

Dear thanks for sharing your opinion but i didnot get what do you mean by animal jewellery. From where do you think spikadelic resembles an animal :P?

ReeBz said...

Filpaki and Anon 2 thank you. Infact you are anonymous 1! I just realised that the first one was mistakenly called anon by me ;P She is my such a loyal reader SAra White, who always appreciates my writihngs. Dear Sara White thank you too!<3

Mahrukh Hayyat said...

i am new followers.. love to see your blog :) i am a blogger too :)

Body piercing jewellery said...

It is beautiful jewelry nice design liked it. Necklace is very beautiful even the ring is looking cute.

curlsandfreckles Italia said...

I received something very bad from Rings and Tings. Take a look of it in my post:

Sam said...

Thanks for your review! Did the colour of the rings change, like the necklace, or was the quality of the rings better?

ReeBz said...

Rings also lost the colour after first few wears.

rick budy said...
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Anonymous said...
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Designer Rings said...

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Hailey Andersen said...

So disappointing to see that the quality doesn't quite live up to the beautiful designs. You would think it would be relatively easy for them to at least add a clear-coat finish to each piece to keep the color fast. I wonder why they don't do that? Anyway, I like to buy my jewelry online as well, though I usually go with wholesale jewelry. As you also have found, I agree that it is very important to look at quality as well as design. Good post. Thanks!

stgeorgejewelers said...

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stgeorgejewelers said...

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