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Spa Ceylon Hand Cream & Cuticle Balm Review

Spa Ceylon offers extensive hand care range, out of which I got a chance to try & review Cardamom Rose Hand Cream & Cardamom Rose Nail & Cuticle Balm. What sort of experience I had with these two Ceylon's Ayurvedic products? Read below to find out.

Cardamom Rose Hand Cream

It is a white milky solution, of slightly thin consistency with strong but amazing aroma of cardamom. The bottle is semi-transparent plastic made & green. It contains cardamom, rose, honey, virgin coconut and almond- 100% Ayurveda actives.

I found it a light hydrating formula, specially made to moisturise and nourish dry and rough skin. It leaves my hands soft and smooth, even toned with a light herbal fragrance that soothes and relaxes over-worked hands. It doesnot make hands greasy or oily in anyway. Easily blendable and gets absorbed just in few minutes. I prefer applying it at night before i go to sleep to get the maximum benefit of the hand cream. However, it is suggested that the cream should be used several times in a day-everytime after washing hands to notice a quick difference in parched and dry hands. It helps prevent moisture loss & keeps hand fresh and youthful.

Cardamom Rose Nail & Cuticle Treatment Balm

It is semi-sollid, part of it will melt if you keep it in a warm temperature/surroundings. However, if you keep it in air-conditioned room, it will remain semi-solid. It melts in instants when it gets intouch with skin. It has hint of light yellow in it. It smells much like cardamom rose hand cream with the dominent aroma of cardamom. It helps conditions and soften the cuticles whereas treat & repair dry brittle nails.

It contains essential oils for intensive cuticle and nail treatment. It made my cuticles soft and removed the thick ,black lines from cuticles though, it didnot help much in treating the nails. My hand nails have few crinkle lines (i know i need to improve diet), that i had hoped, will be removed with the regular use of this balm. However, I had to face little disappointment. The crinkle lines have been REDUCED, not fully removed. My foot nails are dry, brittle and have developed dark patches that are obvious only when seen carefully. Sadly, the nails still look lusture free and dull. I guess, with an improved diet I need to continue the balm treatment for some more weeks in order to see complete results.

It is to be used at night. I apply it on cuticles and nails with a spare small eye brush by taking a generous amount. Then massage it for few seconds and leave overnight. I also love finishing off my pedicure & menicure with this cuticle balm and soothing hand cream.

Pros and cons
  1.  Refreshing and soothing
  2. Helps prevent moisture loss
  3. Nourishes & make skin soft including treating cuticles
  4. Easy to use
  5. Smell so natural that lifts up the soul & energies
Major turn on: Oh, the AROMA!!
Major Turn-off : Nothing

End of the line:
Both the products are worth buying since they really live up to the results claimed. If you are a lover of natural aromas in your cosmetics then get your hands on Spa Ceylon's products. I am extremely satisfied with hand cream and partially with the cuticle balm. I am sure, continuing balm treatment for several more weeks will definitely remove my problems, as claimed by the company. Since my foot nails were longtime fogotten by me, I understand nothing can help in a swish of wand. Overall, both the products are recommendable!

Click here to access Spa Ceylon website. They offer free worldwide shopping for purchase over US $75.

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Marib Maqsood said...

I could really use these right now, my hands have been so dry lately. Thankyou for the review! <3

Nav said...

I am always looking for products for my cuticles!

smarty said...

This sounds amazing. simply wanting to get it. thanks for the review

Jabeen said...

due to high dosages of antibiotics my nails became dry and broken. will this balm help me?

humera said...

Hey is this the only size available? and what about price details?

filpaki said...


ReeBz said...

Jabeen, i'm afraid. I feel that you are going through a severe medical condition, you must consult your doctor.

ReeBz said...

no more sizes are available. you can check at their website

ReeBz said...

Marib Maqsood,
YEs try it out and then share your expoerience:)

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