Friday, May 25, 2012

An Introduction to Spa Ceylon Ayurveda

Ever wondered about Ayurvedic Spa and treatment? I didnot know in detail about its effectiveness until I got a chance to try some of the Ayurvedic products sponsored by Spa Ceylon-Srilanka.However, I had heard much about the benefits of ayurvedic way of treatment.

Spas- We all know that spas are getting very popular these days due to their uncountable health benefits. People are including different spas in their monthly routines in order to seek peace and relaxation as an escape from their daily stress full lives.Wheras Ayurveda is an ancient science of healing illness and diseases. It is derived from Sansikirt word that means "scince of life". Ayurvedic way of treatment is recognized by world Health Organistaion.

Spa Ceylon Srilanka, is helping people enjoying a stress-free life by providing expert spa services with several ayurvedic balms, jels, creams, lotions, scrubs, compressors etc. Ayurvedic Spas combines the benefits of both the spa and ayurveda. Not only it is a cosmetic treatment, but also leaves numerous health benefits on a person including

•Removing metabolic wastes and toxins
•Stimulation of blood circulation
•Muscles toning
•Youthful and glowing skin cokmplexion
•Healing tired muscles
•Regulating blood pressure
•Soothing emotional stress etc

Today I became lucky enough to receive some of their products. they offer a wide variety of products under soothe, peace,sleep, love, purify etc categories. The spa set I received belongs to the SOOTHE family of Spa Ceylon. It as obvious by the name intends to soothe and relax one's mind, body and soul. My set contains following hand and foot care items:

1..Green mint cooling foot scrub
2.Green mint cooling foot relief
3.Cardamom rose handcream
4.Cardamom rose nail and cuticle treatment balm
5.Pure Aloe soothing gel
6.Comfort pain reliever balm- medicated
7.Herbal compress-Vata

The packaging is very sophisticated that offers complete indulgence. All the products came in bone-white bamboo zipup pouch/bag that was safely placed in the black spa ceylon hard-paper box. The box is like a drawer. You need to slide the tray in order to access the pouch along with the other products. The courier service, they deliver through needs much praise and appreciation. It was very quick and fast. I received my package with in 7 days, that I definitely didnot expect. I received my review package through DPEX in collaboration with Skynet-Pakistan.

I will review each product individually after trying them for atleast 2-3 weeks. In this post I want to pay thanks to the customer service and PR team of Spa Ceylon. The entire team, specially the customer service representative is very kind and helping. They kept informing me about the package's expected delivery to Pakistan and also maintained a strong communication with the courier company. I am thankful for the whole Spa Ceylon that didnot only sponsor these products but also bore the expense of the custom duty for me.

I am pretty much excited to use each one of the item I received in this amazing spa kit. Stay connected for the detailed reviews.

Have a look at Spa Ceylon's Boutique and feel the level of luxury and indulgence.( Pictures below are taken from Spa Ceylon's Fb page.)See here

*This post contains PR samples*


humera said...

Wow lucky you! this sounds so interesting and lush.

Jabeen said...

Great thing. you have got simply a pedicure and manicure set. I am seriously interested to learn about the green mint foor scrub.

ZatZ said...

Cardamom rose nail and cuticle treatment balm is something i might get for myself so need reviews on it :)

Anonymous said...

Woww I am really really feeling you a lucky person. everything sounds superb and i am sure you are going to get a wonderful experience with these products at your homme. lovely things. and really the spa ceylon is awesome!

Eliza beth hall said...

I got a 90 minute facial massage at my honey moon from spaceylon. I must say it was indulging.I was totally lost, my mind body and soul were served. I felt my muscles toned up, and the mind was de-stressed. One must head over to the spa ceylon atleast once in life.
Good review,thanks for sharing <3

ReeBz said...

Stay in touch. you will definitely get to read about this scrub :)

ReeBz said...

Thanks for coming Zatz. Watch this place. I will be reviewing it sometime in the next month :)

ReeBz said...

Thank you.

ReeBz said...

Hello eliza nice to have a person at my post who personally got an experience of the wonderful spa by spa ceylopn. I am also offered guest spa by them, but for this i need to visit Srilanka first ;) however i will definitely avail this offer if i ever visit srilanka :)

Fakiha said...


smarty said...

amazing set, lush :-)

sarah White said...

This sounds promising. Thanks for letting me know

Anonymous said...

eeting from Montreal,
I just stumbled upon this site and to my surorise your blog contains somevery amazing stuff, that gave me a good time to read and enjoy. even the photography is beautiful. Seems you spend plenty of time in your work. good job.

Take care.

Sam said...

Cool stuff.I think this is a home pedicure set, right? I want reviews soon, interested in aloevera gel since i get alot of sunburn specially at beaches. Also i cant compromise my beach tours since I wait all the winters long for summers. I hope i'll be getting my hands soon on aloevera gel!

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