Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Raw Gaia Chocolate Face Pack : Combats Ageing

Ever heard that chocolate has made its way to beauty saloons and spas? Since chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants, beauty specialist have found out that it may help reducing wrinkles and defense ageing mechanism. The consumption of chocolate was attributed to pimples and acne since long time but it is mere a myth that has been scientifically proved now.

No worries, if you are  a chocolate lover! You do not need to head over to a Spa for those wonderful chocolate face massaging, when raw gaia is here.I have been using their chocolate face pack for more than three weeks now, and I am really a raw gaia convert for the face packs. It has very few ingredients that are all organic, free from harmful chemicals. The main ingredient is raw chocolate powder that has 367% more anti-oxidants than the cooked chocolate. Anti oxidants protect skin from harmful effects of free-radicals that destroy tissues and cells. Whereas sun-dried red clay, organic turmeric and organic amla fruit are known for their nourishing, toning and glowing qualities to the skin respectively.

How to Prepare Chocolate Face Pack

It is as easy as anything. Simply mix 1tsp of raw gaia chocolate face pack powder with water and form a thick creamy paste. It depends on personal preferences that how thick a paste you prefer. I mix 1teasppon of it with 4 tsp of water.

How to Get Maximum Benefits from Your raw gaia Chocolate Face Pack:
  1. First of all wash your face with your choice of face wash.
  2. Cleanse your skin properly to remove the surface grime and dirt.
  3. Exfoliate your skin. This helps to remove dead cells and fetch out the dirt from under the skin and helps penetrate face pack more deeply. 
  4. Apply chocolate face pack. Let it fry for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Wash it off with warm water.
  6. Tone & moisturize to enjoy the radiant skin.
My Experience:

It makes a creamy paste which i apply using my fingers. You may also use a brush but I really love applying it with fingers.  It has a grainy consistency and a yummilicious chocolate aroma. I find it difficult to resist eating it. The PR agent from raw gaia informed me that it may harm nothing even if you slurp a bit of it by licking ;) However, it is best when used only for application on face. Yes, that makes sense ;). It dries in 10 minutes since i like making a thick paste of it. It comes in a 50 ml glass jar with an attractive packaging. Yes, it will last you a long time since you need to use only a teaspoon in one time :). It is advised to use twice a week. I wanted it to try it several times to notice whether or not it breaksout. I am glad it doesn't break me out. It leaves my skin smooth, glowing and fresh without any traces of excess oil.

  1. Powerful antioxidant
  2. Makes skin soft and smooth
  3. Reduces wrinkles and prevent ageing
  4. Keeps skin hydrated
  5. Removes dead skin cells.
  6. Removes excess oil (so it is best for oily skins)
  7. Good packaging
  8. Affordable
  1.  It leaves traces behind on my skin. Therefore i need a serious toning whenever I apply it on face. IT will not go in first wash and you will get a brown face. I was seriously horrified in the first attempt. However, it vanishes completely after toning.
  2. I wish it had come in a carton. That makes glass jars packaging more classy and sophisticated.
Price: 50g jar for  £14.99

For more details about raw gaia and ordering method click here.
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nayabloves said...

Ooh chocolate as a mask! Who would've thought

Fareena said...

Hmm sounds yummy :D

filpaki said...

it is seriously a fun product with delicious chocolate scent.

Fakiha said...

ahaan, should try it. Seems perfect.

sahar awan said...

wao it seems yummy:) grt review

Pandora`s Box said...

oooh! Sounds scrumptious.

ZatZ said...

i have this but still didnt use it! thanks for reminding me! i have to try this tonight :P

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humera said...

woww thats called a review. Completely loaded with information. thank you

smarty said...

really deeply written review. I would have loved to try it, but online shopping is sort of :-/ for me :(

Jabeen said...

yummy the choco paste seem so edible ;)

Jabeen said...

Aah seems a valentine treat :D so timely :P

ReeBz said...

You will surely love it, give it a try ;)

ReeBz said...

Oh, do try yar. let your fears go :)

ReeBz said...

lolz. Just a co-incidence and i donot think it ha ssomething to do directly with valentine :D?

Zareen said...

soo detailed review. Thank you. the packaging seems lovely :)

hina said...

wow wot a yummy yummy choco paste :D It seems worth trying. Do they ship internationally?

ReeBz said...

ofcourse they do. Thats why o got it too na!

CN said...

For those who want to save $ would you suggest simply the best organic chocolate powder? Or are you on commission? :)

Of course, anyone would love you to write in their favor.

ReeBz said...

Dear connie, it was a PR sample and i shared my honest opinion based on my experience. It was not a funded review and i was in no way forced to write in their favor.
Thats it!:)

ZatZ said...

you know what i used this and my face turned fire engine RED! didnt that happen to u?

ReeBz said...

Hey Zatz sorry to know about your bad experience with the chco pack.
It makes face brownish red, but it gets ok after several water splashes and proper toning. I have mentioned that it leaves traces, so a proper toning is required. But why did it turn your face red? i mean any inflammatory effects? Do you have a sensitive skin?

Anonymous said...

It smells superbly yummmy

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