Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gifts from Holy Land of Makkah!

In 2010, there was a big roar about blasphemy and its aftermath. Like me, there were many people, who wanted to know the real truth behind that set-drama of saving the criminal, who was the main agent of that time's deteriorated circumstances. Since all people belong to their own school of thought, they have therefore, their own ways to satisfy their intriguing nature. I, followed my own way and tried to seek the truth by interviewing, comparing and researching internet,different articles, and religions about the blasphemy issues. I in the end came up with these two articles. Read here and here. These two articles, gained a lot of criticism, which I had expected beforehand. However, at the same time, there were many people who appreciated me and are still encouraging.

It was a surprise for me when after 2 years, i received a mail from a brother by Islam- Ibn Hanif (Saudia Arabia) reminding me of those two articles i wrote earlier. He was coming to Pakistan for meeting his family and for some awesome photography of spring-o-Lahore. I was delighted to realize, that he is also bringing some ZamZam and ajwa khajoor for me from the holy land of Makkah as an appreciation to those articles and my efforts that were put in. What else any one could wish for? Living so far from Makkah, but lucky enough to be bestowed with the holy gifts?

After waiting for some two days, I received a big bag full of gifts-I had not expected.He is really a brother. without breaking the boundaries of Hijab, he dropped gifts at my Dad's office. Not to mention that the meeting was arranged by me. It is such a comforting thought that with no worldly intentions, free from any type of repay, there is a person somewhere far-somewhere in the holy land, praying for you. It was equally a pleasant surprise for my father to meet him. After returning from office, I was handed over my gifts by my father. They were: Ajwa Khajoor- Most delicious one I have ever eaten in life, ZamZam bottle (1.5 Litre), a praying mat, a beautiful wall hanging, a professional sound recorder and another tray of khajoor.

I have no words to say thanks to my online brother, who devised such a sweet way to encourage his sister. Above all, without breaking the boundaries of hijab. Is anything more required to prove the level of sincerity? World still possess kind people, sincere and free from worldly thoughts.

In the end I would like to say thanks to brother Ibn Hanif. I find myself lost in the words, to choose a best word that could describe how grateful I am. Dear brother, me and my all family will always remember you in our prayers for your holy gifts and sincere feelings!
Thank you =)


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good :)

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You are really blessed to get a water bottle so big so full of Zam Zam! MashaAlla!

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People come to me and say that now good posts are not available. Now I will give them link of this post. Surely, my step will change their thinking.

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