Monday, April 2, 2012

Uniqso- Dolly Eye Rosy Rosa Green

Few months back I did  a review for Uniqso. I was sent two pairs for review, but one of them had manufacturing faults so I was sent another within dew days. First of all I would like to apologize the company for the delayed review. I had some reasons, which had kept me busy for such a long time and I could not give my feedback in the form of quick review.

Today I am going to share the review of Dolly Eye-Rosy Rosa Green. Find its specifications below:
  1.  Item: LNDE044GN
  2.  Brand: ( Dolly Eye (EOS) )
  3.  Weight: 0.1000
  4.  Unit of Measure: kg
  5.  Diameter: 14mm
  6.  Base Curve: 8.6mm
  7.  Water Content: 42%
  8.  Replacement period:1 year
  9. Price :USD 17
Why Should you choose Uniqso for purchasing your circle lenses? Read my previous review to find out.

Lets come to the review of the product.


They are fungi green. The darkest shade of green. I have dark brown eyes that are closer to black. Therefore the rosyrosa almost looks black on me. I will suggest all of the dark eye bearers to choose light colour lenses for themselves. Because if your eye colour is dark, and you are choosing a dark coloured lense too, then it will not make a much visible difference to your eyes. For a magical and a different look, try lighter colours, thats my experience.

The lenses are soft, easy to handle (yes the do not pop inside out) and irritation free. Once you stick them in your eyes, they will remain on your eye ball without any unwanted movements that may annoy many of us. You can easily remove them by simple pinching method. It takes a second only to hold it by pinching method. (Some lenses are too thin to be held by pinch method)
I think there is a room to increase packaging a bit. I suggest the store to add some lens care card, how-to-wear step by step guide, and a cute pouch to improve the packaging. Since this is a competitive market, one must try to maintain its own USP- Unique selling point. Frequent discounts or gist vouchers are not enough to win the game. Packaging plays an important role. Uniqso sell their lens pairs in a small box with bubble mats to keep the vials safe. (All Pakistani readers can easily associate this box with the local box in which we get french fries worth rs 10 :D)

Pros and Cons:
  1. Affordable
  2. Soft
  3. Easy to handle
  4. No irritation or itching
  5. Makes eye look bright and wide
  6. Not suitable for dark eyed people
  7. Packaging isnot so impressive
Uniqso delivers around the world. It takes some 14 days to reach you.




Fakiha said...

Woww!! beautiful coloured lens, and looking nice- real in your eyes =}

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