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Ciracle Shiny BB Cream- A Multifunctional Korean Beauty Product.

BB cream is also known as Blemish Balm cream. Since Asian skins are most prone to acne marks and pimples, it became a "Hot" product for Asians. Blemish Balm creams are supposed to address many skin concerns and is expected to work not only as a concealer by hiding pimples, minimizing redness but also providing SPF protection.

In Pakistan I don't know if there is any BB cream available other than the Garnier's. So I consider myself lucky to be sponsored with Ciracle Shiny BB cream- one of the best Korean's beauty brand by WishTrend. (WishTrend is an online fashion store that aims to distribute Korean products globally.)


It comes in 40ml squeezy gray colored tube with a steel cap and sealed nozzle.It is packed in a carton that matches its tone and theme. Looks quite elegant and yes seems a high end product with this corporate colour. If you are too choosy about packaging while making a selection for your beauty brand, then Ciracle Shiny BB cream is sure to satisfy you.

Lets find out how much efficiently it works:
Ciracle Shiny BB Cream is a multi functional BB cream with the effectiveness of 21 SPF, skin whitening elements and  with anti wrinkle qualities. Company claims that it is enriched with Vitamin C- skin nourishing ingredients, intended to make your skin look healthier than the bare skin. 
It has not only covered pimples but has reduced redness as well.
This was my first experience of using any BB cream, so I accept I had made extreme expectations from it. Believe it, BB creams are no any MIRACLE creams. It cannot make your skin flawless like Snow white with a swish of a wand. However, you will find them better than your routine foundations. Ciracle BB cream is neither very thick, nor very thin. I like that its somewhat in between. Do not worry if you bear an oily skin-It is for you :) It blends easily. However you still need to be careful to take an amount suitable for you. If you try to adjust an overly squeezed amount on your face, you will get a silverish grey face as a result. Be very extra careful therefore. What I disliked was its ONLY shade to choose from. How can a single shade deal with all the variable skin tones around the world? But yeah, it is quite close to the Asian skin tones. It is not a perfect match to my skin, but I still love to apply it when I want a natural coverage.

It provides medium coverage, covers blemishes to some extent and reduces redness. However, since it is not a perfect match for me- I still have to apply my foundation. It corrects the facial tones and brings all parts of face in one tone even chin and forehead- most congested parts on a face. It does not make skin oily, and is fragrance free. Looks more perfect when is used with compact powder. It acts as a good makeup base. I hope you will be happy to skip your foundation if it matches your skin tone.

40 ml for US$ 23.99- high end product, I said.

  1. Natural coverage
  2. Anti wrinkle
  3. Skin whitening
  4. Conceals blemishes & Reduces redness
  5. Attractive packaging
  6. Oil free
  7. No side effects
  8. Good for Asian girls
  9. For all skin types
  10. Corrects skin complexion
  1. Just a single shade to choose from :(
  2. A bit expensive
  3. May cast a silverish effect if it doesn't match your skin tone
  4. Not available in Pakistan
  5. Not sufficient SPF for warm countries. I prefer 50 spf, since temperature here shoots up 45 degrees Celsius. 
End of the Line:

Over all its a good bb cream and also lives upto the claims made by the company. I wish they develop more shades in it, so that it could make every girl happy! Even if it does not match your skin tone no worries, you can still use it as a concealer on your pimples etc. Wear your foundation over it normally.

If you are thrilled by reading this review, you can order yours from Wish Trend here. They deliver globally. your package will reach to you in maximum 14 days.

Coupon No: S8DJ5T72
  1. Can be used only once per one person
  2. Cant be used with the others voucher

Do share which bb cream are you using these days?
Notice: I was also sent Klair's illuminating supple serum with BB cream. Since I do not find it ethical to write sample reviews, I have restricted my review to the full product only.


Fareena said...

Oh these days i hv been hearing of these creams. I am afraid to get my hands on garnier, since their lightening cream made my face like a bit** :S

Anonymous said...

Oo lala extremely expensive. I donot know who are the people in Pakistan to afford such heavy highly expensive cosmetics and also bear delivery charges :-0 jis country me roti itni mehngi ho wahan itney fashion! kia kehney :P

Fakiha said...

het its seems woww on your dace. has sommothened up your dace and see no more porous skin. it is Fab! thumbsup.

humera said...

what only one shade?? that will be a bit risky to order such an expensive product online..

hina said...

REEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebz where is the swatch yar? shade ka kese pata chaley ga :(?

ReeBz said...

lol, you seem to be so much annoyed by garnier. Guess what that dat I was asked by a garnier sales girl to try this out. Well definitely i told her that it played nasty with my dace and i have heard alot negative reviews about it. Surprisingly enough, she was not willing to agree with any of my statement :-S

ReeBz said...

um, I think foreign export and import both are beneficial for the country. Think positive :D

ReeBz said...

Yeah it really gives a nice coverage as you can see.

ReeBz said...

Ohh, thanks for pointing this out. I definitely have a pic for swatch, which I forgot to upload here. Will be adding soon.

filpaki said...

got it. everyone is shrieking about bb creams. I never knew what they actually are. To be honest, this aint any special magical cream :P

Jabeen said...

packaging is really awesome. feels like having my hands on it.
Thanks for sharing.

Zareen said...

Very detailed. I yet to have discover the magic of bb creams. You are right I haven't noticed any yet in the malls.

smarty said...

Kewl.. really disliked the one shade thingy

Sara white said...

I have been using etude house magic bb cream. But it does not suit on me much I am thinking to try this out.

ReeBz said...

Hello Sara, do try and share your experience with us :)

Sonia Kapoor said...

Love this one.It's a godsend for lazy bees like me in the morning.BTW love your blog.

Anonymous said...

WOW XD This seems a perfect BB cream. I would want a comparison of few famous BB creams by you.

ReeBz said...

Thank you Sonia.
Keep coming back :)

ReeBz said...

Oh that seems a superb idea. Just stay in touch :)

sahar awan said...

i am not a big fan of bb creams but this one looks good

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Anonymous said...

this thingy seems to be a cool thing

ReeBz said...

Hello Jeremy,
Pleased to see your offer. Thank you.
Kindly check your inbox.


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