Thursday, January 26, 2012

Uniqso- I.Fairy Hera Brown Circle Lense Review

Today I am here to review another pair of circle lens with another online store that stocks them.Yes I am talking about the most loved brand of bloggers-UNIQSO. They are an online store that sells unique big eye circle lenses and other eye accessories. You may also find some makeup accessories and nail accessories at

Why should you choose Uniqso? I loved uniqso for the following reasons
  1. They have an excellent customer service. The person who corresponds with buyers is someone with a very good heart. Whatever you ask-whether the most silly question you will be responded back with a humble smile and polite attitude. 
  2. They do not only stock circle lenses but some must-to-have eye makeup and nail polishes. Therefore, you can get your hands on your favorite goodies in order to make yourself unique from a single place.
  3. All the products are affordable. Thats what i loved most :)
  4. You get 15% off that costs you nothing! Post your picture at their Facebook page and enjoy shopping!
  5. Huge collection of circle lenses by brand and colour.
  6. Cute models- yes thumbs up! it helps most in making a choice!

I was sent two pairs from Uniqso for review purpose.  Unfortunately, one pair has some manufacturing faults since it never sticks on the eye ball. It keeps popping out from the eye. I have been told by them that I will be sent another pair at its place. Aww, aint it sweet :)? Anyhow, I will restrict my review to the I-Fairy Hera Brown Circle Lense that has become my ultimate love in all my collection of circle lenses.

Specs are given below:
  1. Item no:LNIF013BR
  2. Brand:Ifairy SINn BON
  3. Weight:0.1000
  4. Unit of measure:Kg
  5. Price:$USD 22.90
  6. Diameter:16.2
  7. Base Curve:8.66mm
  8. Water content:55%
  9. Replacement period:1 year

I was a bit disappointed to see the packaging. However, you will be glad to remind yourself that in such an affordable rate, you still got something worth beautifying. It comes in a little box that is made of hard paper with bubble mats inside. You also get a free lens kit with every pair you purchase. No lens care card or etc was included in the package. Might be a bit problematic for the first time wearers. There should be a card inside that is intended to make the process of putting on and putting off easy.

They are completely irritation free, soft and are plastic thin. I faced a minor difficulty while inverting the lenses from the vials into the lens case.I prefer that vials should have measured solution that can be transferred easily with lenses. Since the vials had some extra liquid in it, the lens got stuck at the vial bottom whereas all the solution was transferred in the case. I then had to pour some solution back into the vial and threw of the extra amount. Other than this, I absolutely love this pair. See below how do I look while wearing it.

Since some of you requested to put some eye makeup last time, here is a pic with easy daily wear eye makeup :)
Last but not the least, they ship worldwide and you will get your package within 10 days. Moreover there is an announcement for all the aquarians.You get 10% discount on all your lucky colours. Avail this cool offer before it ends.

Enjoy 10% discount by using the following code.


Pandora`s Box said...

These look gorgeous on you. Very natural. Love the EOTD you look lovely.

Jabeen said...

They are looking absolute fab on ya! lovely looks and review :)

Zareen said...

Aww.. not only the lens dear reebz, but the hijab also suits well on you. MashaAllah. pretty eyes. perfect.

humera said...

Stunning! I really loved the way you put your liner. which eye liner do you use? is it gel liner or cream?

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Donot you think that pictures can be misused :-/ I never new you are such passionate about beauty blogging :D

ReeBz said...

Dear Anon
I do not think getting hand on someone's picture is anything difficult now. Internet is full of pictures. Why would anyone misuse my pics only?
Secondly our mobs get stolen- What are you supposed to do then?

ReeBz said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Fareena said...

Grow Up people!! @

Fareena said...

Beautiful lenses. suits on you. you looking pretty gal^_^

ReeBz said...

HumerA I use cake liners.

ReeBz said...

Thankyou so much for this lovely comment :)

ReeBz said...

Thank yew<3

CN said...

Yes, the hijab is also so lovely.

Just a comment from a former model-type (moi):

Let not your gifts of possibly lesser significance outweigh your more eternal callings. Meantime, your innocence, freedom and unique confidence will help to show you the way...along with the divine willing.

Dear, so sorry my email system is so messed up. I may be missing your's? Use the and let's exchange postal addresses to be sure our communications are working better. If this is ok with you?

smarty said...

Wowww! you are looking such abeauty. Nice makeup & everything :)

Fakiha said...

Very detailed and nice review. I like your reviews specially store ones :D

SadeeStyle said...

color suits you

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