Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fortress: My One Stop Shop for Winter Wear

I used to be crazy for designer made dresses but more than often I found them above my range. I would therefore, prefer copying their designs and would order my tailor to stitch just exactly the same. However, when I visited Fortress Lahore, I jumped up with pleasure and excitement. Loads of dresses, beautifully stitched and designed were available in a very very affordable and easy to reach range.

I wanted to buy each and every dress, but ofcourse no one can empty the banks just in shipping :D. I still bought few dresses I would love to share.

This is Khaddar A-line dress with very intricate thread embroidery that has been embellished with small white beads. It has a very long mustard shawl, perfectly suitable for winters and a mustard pent-style trouser.

The other dress is in white chiffon which I am absolutely in love with :)

This dress is not less than a designer made dress. Pleated with 3 silver brooches make it extra ordinary. Has managed to get special place in my wardrobe. There were many other collections in there, I would love to shop once again.
Have you ever been to Fortress? Do you prefer Liberty or Fortress? Care to share.


Ibn Hanif said...

Do you mean "Fortress Stadium Lahore Cant."?

I cannot count how many times I have been there it's less than a kilometer away from our residence in Lahore.

Best wishes!

ReeBz said...

Yes exactly fortress stadium lahore cannt. I have been shipping from liberty since I moved to Lahore. That day i visited fortress first ever time, and fell in love with this place :)

Thats good, so you mean you live near cannt :)? wow,cool!

Ibn Hanif said...

Yes, since 97 near cant. Before this raised inside Lahore cant.(My father served in Military). Most of my teenage memories are attached with cant.

I haven't forgotten the days of horse and cattle show in Fortress. Also the death of a skydiver (Liaqat Ali) (possibly 93 or 94)when he jumped to land in the stadium but after becoming separated from his parachute he dropped in Walton area.
(We witnessed the separation of the parachute from our school's playground.)

Living in Cant. not that much "cool". When there are no wars on borders military men wish inside.

ReeBz said...

Oh my Allah. that must be horrific. :-S
Still cantt is pretty peaceful location:)

Pandora`s Box said...

I absolutely love your white dress. Gorgeous.

smarty said...

woww. white dress is really beautiful! it suits in you

Fakiha said...

nice embroidery. I would have preferred to see the full dress.

filpaki said...

Well said. Fortress is the best place!!

ReeBz said...

Thank you so much:)

ReeBz said...

I understand! but i was a bit busy and i had to post it at all cost :D i will try to post the dull picture asap.

Shang J. said...

This is very elegant. I am sure you looked becoming in it.

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