Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DmGm Power Shine Colour Gloss- Simply Lovin' It

F or a very long time I was in search of an excellent lipgloss, which instead of making my lips gooey,adorn them with a rich lustrous shine.My search came to an end last week when during shopping I stumbled upon DmGm products in HyperStar Lahore.

I always like natural shades since I donot prefer a face that looks unnatural due to overly done makeup. Therefore, Instead of getting pink this time, I looked for a bit darker,yet neutral shade. I tried coral rose & marble rose. I found both of them totally awesome.  However, I picked  DmGm Power Shine Color Gloss in Marble Rose. It has a very natural look. Provides irresistible lip shine and high gloss as rightly claimed by the company.

I personally liked the packaging. It has very fine and sharp ends whereas the applicator consists of an extra ordinarily silky brush. Enough to comfort you with an extremely smooth and fine application. DmGm power shine lip gloss gives a natural pout if applied with a single coat. However if you want an ultra high pout you could achieve it by applying three to four coats of it. In this way, you will also receive a mirror shine that will please you without making your lips sticky.

Since after its first use, I have become a fan of this gloss. It leaves your lips shiny and moisturized. If you are a working lady or a party-lady you will definitely want to use it, since you can easily achieve both the looks suitable for office and party just by using this simple gloss. Depending on the number of coats, you can easily attend a party or an office meeting.

If you are going to order it from their site then please match the swatches below, present on their website and on my hand. Swatches given on the website are always slightly different. I found it less darker than the website swatch.

I bought it from "Scentsation" HyperStar-Fortess Lahore. To add to this review, Scentsation has a very nice helping staff. I really liked this outlet where, you will be greeted happily by one of their staff members as soon as you step in. Also, making a choice in cosmetics is not a difficult step anymore. A pretty lady will be there to help you making a decision according to your skin problems, your price range and your requirement. I must say, whenever i will be needing cosmetics my only destination will be "Scentsation".

Price: 780Rs
Quantity: 6 ml/20 oz

I will definitely recommend it to all who want a natural look :-) It stays easily for more than 4 hours without fading away.

  •  Rich and Shiny capable of making your lips soft.
  • Smooth application
  • Free from stickiness or harsh smells.
  • Long lasting
  • A bit expensive, but its quality speaks for itself.
  • No other bad point :)
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Pandora`s Box said...

Looks fab on you.Isn't scentsation the same store that sells great perfumes too?

Fakiha said...

informative review. I love your site Reebz. hey but i bought it for Rs 850 few months back:(

smarty said...

aan han. seems a good product. Thinking to buy it for valentine day ;)

filpaki said...

Seems you put alot effort in writing your reviews. Good work uptil now :D

ReeBz said...

Pandoras box:

Yes its the same great store :)

hina said...

woww it seems cool, looking so pretty on you Areeba, really honestly speaking. :)

Scott said...

Very informative and well written. Thanks for sharing.

Dear Reebz, next time apply a darker swatch :-)

Jenny said...

*jumps uP*! lovely lovely lovely! oH my!! Excellent review Reebz. your reviews are always different! Hats off!!$$$

sam said...

I can only say that you are really a writer- different than the other beauty bloggers!

Ellen said...

Fantastic review. Keep sharing with us. I like this sweet mole on your upper lip.

Brower said...

Photography= A one
Review =Cool & Informative
Lip Gloss = So fab

Take care!

Kimberly said...

Seems the gloss is expensive that is why you have used a very little amount of it in the swatch :D

Thom said...


me waz said...

It will look more sweet reebz if you apply it with the outline as well. Use a simple lip pencil and then see the magic friend.

Jabeen said...

Woww! you are looking pretty! you have grown up dearest bookworm :D?

Zareen said...

Woww nice blog! Thanks to jabeen for letting me know about your blog. so far, you have done good job. will read more of your articles as soon as I m free from exams.

humera said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it~~ I have this gloss in beige rose and its extra ordinary :)

ReeBz said...

It might be. you know prices keep fluctuating :)

ReeBz said...

ahem ahem valentine :D?

ReeBz said...

Ok, sure i will take care next time!

ReeBz said...

Thanks for appreciation, but I actually never claimed that I am a beauty blogger. I am a professional writer and the reviews, of i write them because I an a WRITER :)

ReeBz said...

Ellen aww *blush blush* :P

ReeBz said...

Brower thanks,
Kimberly- definitely i will try next time for a better swatch :)

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