Saturday, January 21, 2012

Volumize and Lengthen Your Lashes with Lashem Double Trouble Mascara

I had heard alot about Lashem's products and about their extra ordinary qualities of making your eyes look beautiful.Women all around the world have a great desire to grow long thick lashes, for which they have been applying certain tricks to make them appear impressive. I, also had similar desires but unfortunately I never found that my eyes ever appealed for a mascara. I stopped using it in my early teen age, because mascara always would cause irritation into my eyes. I always had a feeling that no matter what the brand is, but it gets into my eyes and annoy me as much as possible. However, Lashem's double trouble mascara lives upto its name & claims. It has gained my love- yes the first ever mascara to love my eyes is made by "Lashem". HOW does it manage to grab such a position? Continue Reading to find out more.

Lashem Double Trouble Lash Mascara claims to define and smooth your lashes with a smooth even application. It doesn't only provide an instant extension to your lashes but also hydrate and nourish them. By one end of the mascara you can boost up your lashes with an obviously noticeable volume whereas with the other end you can create a lengthening effect in your lashes.

What are you waiting for? Say good bye to all those fake lashes as now you have a real product to beautify your real eye lashes.

Volumizing Mascara seems more like to be dedicated for a lengthening effect due to its manufacturing looks. I, therefore to counter check any possible printing mistakes on my packaging verified from the website and found out that it is meant for creating not length but volume. It did a real magic on my lashes and provided an instant quick volume to my lashes. However, to get a real noticeable difference it could do with your lashes, you must apply both the mascara wands.

My lashes are naturally a bit long than usual but are thin. Therefore, I always had wanted to create a volume in it. With Lashem's double trouble mascara i got a perfect solution.

 lengthening mascara also runs smooth and even. But i found some clumps in its bristles. However, it does not make lashes sticky or hard. I really enjoyed using the lashem double trouble mascara and loved the beautiful change it enhanced my eyes with.

Packaging & My Experience:
It comes in a very classy steel container. Both mascaras have separate wands for application made with flexible cotton fibers. It is smooth, does not feel runny or thick. Completely irritation free.To my surprise when i inverted the bottles i did not find any solution pouring downwards. I felt as if they are empty. To avail a double trouble lashes look, one needs to apply volumizing mascara first and then to finish it off, one must apply lengthening one.

A measurable difference can be noticed even in the lower lashes. The look has been achieved by applying both volumizing and lengthening mascaras of Lashem
Staying power:
It easily stays 6 to 8 hours if you are not in a habit of rubbing your eyes or not allergic to such products.

Pros and Cons:
  1. Attractive stylish packaging
  2. Smooth and even application.
  3. Irritation free
  4. Does not make eye lashes hard or stick them together
  5. Best for daily wear.
  6. Deals lashes in both fields- volumizing and lengthening.
  7. High price & Availability issues are its cons.
Price & Quantity
US$ 19.99 for 0.6fl.oz/6ml

Where to Order?
you can order yours from their website here. They ship worldwide via Fedex and reaches you within 10 business days. Sounds amazing, aint it :)? To add to their shipment policies, they will also provide you with a tracking number. So, don't worry you can track your package daily once it has been shipped :)


smarty said...

oh wow..super cool mascara. I never heard about such mascaras. Where did you get it from? by the way your eyes are looking lovely MashaAllah!

hina said...

US $ 20+ shipping charges :-S A high end product!

ReeBz said...

Thanks smarty :)

ReeBz said...

well said ;)

Fakiha said...

I so think it lacks proper volumizing skills. though looking good with the application of both

filpaki said...

Very informative review. Thanks for covering all the angles, other bloggers have missed :)

Jabeen said...

Cool piX. Good review. Volume is not so wonderfully dealt by Lashem. Thats what other bloggers are saying too.

Anonymous said...

My eyes are green in color that is why i never dared to use a black mascara, but i do feel that it is something really worth buying.
Thanks for sharing with us.


humera said...

lovely packaging. How sophisticated bottle or whatever ;)btw check your bottles, what if they are really empty :D?

ReeBz said...

Yeah and thatswhat i tried to say. you get awesome results on the application of both ends.

ReeBz said...

Thanks for sharing your views Shiela :)

ReeBz said...

hehe no they arenot:)

Anonymous said...

Was it a PR sample?

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