Saturday, April 14, 2012

Enchanting Colours of Spring

Spring is here finally. The breathtaking beauty of Lahore really leaves me speechless. I have no words to describe that how beautiful Lahore city looks during Spring days. We moved to Lahore from Karachi last year, thatswhy spring at full bloom is something new and exciting for me. The colours, the greenery, the flowers bring the unmatchable joy, laughter and cheers. Once you are out, under the bright sky you find yourself lost in the mesmerizing beauty of the city. Here, I would also like to write a brief note of thanks for Shahbaz Shareef, who really has worked hard in making the city an inspiring beauty. I like that regular gardeners are hired to maintain green belts and round-abouts.  What more, there is a complete system- you see spring plants during spring season specially at Mall-Road. After spring is gone, the plants are replaced with the other seasonal plants. I am really loving the city about which I had no good thoughts earlier. As compared to Khi, it is peaceful, beautiful and greeeen! However I do pray for the establishment of peace in whole Pakistan.

Below are the few pictures I would want to share here. I want to apologize that all the pics are taken by my cell phone camera, therefore they are not doing justice with the real beauty of Lahore. Still, they will make you take a loong deep breath :-)

Aint it makes the best wall paper ever :)?
Love this tree!
An attractive rose in our home-MashAllah
A rose plant at our service road! MA- There are hundereds of such plants at both the sides of road. Fragrance of roses walks with you :)
A beautiful bus stop <3
Bank of canal- Lovely sight with autumn leaves..
Just few random but awesome bushes :)

 I hope you enjoyed these pretty clicks :) I will be adding few more pics very soon. stay connected.

P.S: All the photography is done by me at Canal bank road.


Pandora`s Box said...

You take beautiful pics. Everything looks so serene and brimming with colors. That's what spring is all about I guess. And Amin to your prayers.

Anonymous said...

one word-Wow

Rakhshanda said...

Gorgeous pics <3 I love spring!!!!!!!

Miranda said...

Speech less. It is a beautiful scenic views. lovely. Just came across this place.

Anonymous said...


Ibn Hanif said...


Dear Sister,

You have really captured some wonderful photographs particularly I loved the ones with the trees.

Your blog seems a perfect place for the introduction of the recent spring season in Lahore.

A born Lahorite may take the natural beauty for granted but since it's your first spring in the city you certainly seem to have dived into the scenery around you.

I look forward to see more nature phtographs here.

Anonymous said...

I mean wow what a photography.

I have been trying to post this comment since long, but i have no idea whats gotten into it :S

Shang J. said...

Wow! You took some amazing pictures. *_*

Zayn said...

Cool. :]

Anonymous said...


Fareena said...

Brilliant Fotos :)
you have got the skills. Get a better cam girl :)

The AbsoluteVerdict Team said...

The pictures are very pretty :) I'm sure you can do even better with a proper camera :)

Fakiha said...

Lovely photos:)

humera said...

Lahore is beautiful.. and so does your photography..

Jabeen said...

Wow! seems like another world ;)

filpaki said...

Amazing photos no doubt. the real scene are even more good

hina said...

yahan isb me bhi aj kal it is awesome and breathtaking. Cool pix you have shared:)

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