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Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask- As an Acne Treatment

I feel like declaring openly that I am a total Liz Earle convert with yet another review from Liz Earle treasure house :) I am a frequent user of cleanse & polish, along with liz gentle face exfoliator. Both of the products have controlled my acne problem amazingly. All of my friends feel curious about this glowing skin secret.
Its true, that my acne/white heads problem has been reduced to 5% from 100%. I occasionally get pimples on face when there is some extra exposure to bright sunlight and sebum secretion as a result. To overcome it, I got my hands on Liz Earle Deep cleansing mask. Continue reading to find out about its efficacy.


  • It comes in a bone white squeeze tube. I got the starter kit that contains 2 sponges-100% cellulose, a beautiful zip-up kit bag and a 75ml clay mask tube.The mask is greyish-green with a strong pungent botanical smell.It feels a medicated product. It bears a thin and a fine consistency. I felt no difficulty in spreading it on my face.
  • Sponges are UK made. Since they are 100% cellulose, you will notice an obvious difference in its size after the first use. However, it will regain its size when you put it back in water to use it next time. Don't be worried to see it hard and shrunk after it gets dry. It will be OK as soon as you make it wet again. 
  • Zip up kit bag is beautiful and China made- Matches the tube in colour. It is slightly different than the cleanse and polish kit bag with a net fabric on one side.
The active ingredient, probably the most important ingredient around which the whole formula of this mask revolves is "Green Kaolin Clay". Clay is considered to have some healing properties for stomach diseases. In old times people would eat a little amount of clay, whereas women would use it as a beauty treatment. There are different types of clays- Kaolin is however, a very special type of green clay that is found only in New Zealand. 

Advantages of Kaolin Clay
  1. Oil balance abilities
  2. Disinfectant
  3. Deep cleansing abilities
 Kaolin is a mineral, and it has the abilities to remove excess oil. It is being used by women with oily skin to help getting an oil free face. Since it removes oil- it protects from acne formation and keeps the skin clean and glowing. It also is used as a disinfectant  by women with pimple problems. It has soothing effects to irritated skin as well.

Find out below that how you can use it according to your own skin concerns.

  • As a Cleanser
All skins no matter what your type is- needs deep cleansing. True, that your cleanser can do this job- but remember, cleanser only removes the surface dirt. In order to keep your face free from bacteria accumulation, you need deep cleansing. Liz Earle deep cleansing mask will fetch out impurities from below the skin without making it dry or a cracking feel. Just apply a generous layer over all your face avoiding eye area and hair line. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash it off with the wet cellulose sponges available with the kit. Use it after cleanse & polish and gentle face exfoliator. Follow with Liz skin tonic and moisturizer.
  • As a Disinfectant
Personally I use it as a disinfectant. I develop occasional pimples like 2 or 3 (small with no puss) in 2 to 3 weeks. Instead of  applying it on all face, I just apply a pea amount on individual spots and leave overnight. Normally, you need  to apply masks more than once or twice in a week(thrice in extreme oily skins). But, if you opt to use it as an acne treatment- you can apply it thrice in a row without any hesitation. Believe me, spots and pimples will go in maximum 4 days! Amazing ain't it? Previously I had been using cosmeceutique acne cream but it was a bit slow when i compared it with this clay mask.

Other ingredients include Manuka honey,organic Aloevera and Propolis  to help soothe and purify your skin. It is suitable for combination, oily or problem skin. However, it is not suggested to people with sensitive skin type.

75ml starter kit for  £14.00

Pros and Cons
  1. Deep cleanses the skin
  2. Heals pimple and acne
  3. Removes excess oil
  4. Soothes irritated skin
  5. Keeps skin glowing and fresh
  6. Attractive packaging
  7. Everything needed, available in just one kit
  8. 100% cellulose sponges.
  9. Expensive
  10. Strong pungent smell
End of Line:

No matter what your skin issue is. Whether you want to control oil secretion or want to get rid of acne- Liz deep cleansing mask is your best friend. However people with really active acne must consult their dermatologist first.
    Liz delivers around the world. the best thing is you do not need to wait much. They provide the fastest delivery and you are subjected to get your package in 10 days!If you want to order one for yourself, click here



    sahar awan said...

    i want to try liz aerle products..grt review

    best acne treatment said...

    Three of the main factors for best acne treatment must focus includes: unclogging of pores, minimizing oils from the skin, killing of bacteria. Sebum is one of the natural oil that is secreted naturally but it might get disturb by hormonal changes. It can be cured with the help of the vitamins like A and E. These vitamins are required to be taken three times in a day. Zinc is available in the form of tablets and capsules.

    Sara White said...

    wow another LIz review.
    you are doing good job.
    Will it be fine for dry skin? I mean it is supposed to remove excess oil, so is it safe for people with dry skins?

    Fakiha said...

    Wow a complete package!
    Amazing review. I didn't know that clay mask can be used in several ways =]

    Zayn said...

    Thank you! For stopping by. [:

    Zareen said...

    Finally a unique review. No one explained about kaolin clay fir this review that are available at different blogs.
    Thanks for letting us know what is Kaolin clay and benefits.
    Thumbs up!

    Anonymous said...

    I have scars on my face. can it help me? i hv got medical treatments but all in vain. tell me what can i do to treat my skin? is it available in Pakistan? if not then how can i order? do we have to transfer money by converting it into ponds =( uuH! make it easy plz :(

    Fakiha said...

    Hey reebz, is this sponge safe to use? I mean doesnt it burst pimples? is it a hard and rough one?

    ReeBz said...

    Yeah do try! I will recommend to everyone:)

    ReeBz said...

    Dear it is suitable for all skin types, as I have already mentioned. Just avoid if you have sensitive skin!

    ReeBz said...

    Aww thanks for your kinf words. I am glad that you liked the review :)

    ReeBz said...

    Dear Anonymous
    I donot know what your actual problem is. If even medicines are not helping you , then you may need an ultrasound to see what is causing such scars and pimples on your face. sometimes hormones just go mad due to some internal changes. Kindly avoid all beauty products, and first get a complete checkup!
    Unfortunately it is not available in Pakistan, but you may order online. Check their website for more details please :)

    ReeBz said...

    DEar Fakha
    It looks hard, but it gets soft once you put it in water. It is definitely safe to use on pimple or problem prone skin but if you have really active acne, avoid it!

    hina said...

    Detailed review.
    Thanks for sharing.

    hina said...

    Amazing review and detailed.
    that makes your reviews unique.
    Thanks :)

    humera said...

    yar you make me jealoussh everytime :( i too want liZz!

    R. Ramesh said...

    thanks friend 4 those consoling words..and sorry for late reply.just returned to really touched..will stay connected:)

    filpaki said...

    Cool review & i really liked the comparison of the sponges. Its something that made this review unique.

    Jabeen said...

    I want something to minimize pores. Does this mask help?

    Anonymous said...

    Liz is always amazing. I am in love with this brand, and have you got to read their magazines? Well, honestly speaking they are the best part of them. I like reading some of those beauty info bits in my spare time. Seriously
    xoxo =]

    Samantha Rose Jackson said...

    I really hate the smell it has got.

    Anonymous said...

    It seems bloggers most loved brand! :D

    Andrea Kim said...

    What a pain. Acne. I hate it. I feel very sad when I look at my picture. I've had acne for more than four years now. I have treated it for a long time, but I don't see any difference. I'm hoping that one day, I will get rid of acne quickly.

    Pearly Craig said...

    Clay are known for their anti-bacterial properties and the idea of using is seems appealing to me. It can be a great addition to the regimen that a dermatologist in NYC did.

    Andrea Laura said...

    There are various online sources to provide you informative details on this topic, but this is one is very helpful

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