Saturday, May 15, 2010

Karwane Ilm Foundation: A change in society

Karwane Ilm foundation is a project of encouragement for deserving talent and propagation of national integrity. It is a charitable non-commercial organization founded by the prestigious monthly magazine “Urdu Digest”.

KIF is playing an efficient role in bringing a better and long lasting change in Pakistan. It has been helping the deserving talented students of the Pakistan since ages. People get to read about the achievements of KIF in “Urdu Digest” almost every month. Every single story of KIF is an achievement itself. Several deserving rubies of Pakistan have been benefited by the services of KIF up till now, who are now playing their role in professional lives successfully to bring a remarkable change in the country. KIF helps students by bearing all of their educational expenses, mess charges, conveyance, books and instruments. It produces doctors, scientists, engineers, accountants etc almost every year.
KIF is the welfare organization which not only helps the students but even helps widow mothers and old ailing parents to cope up with the medical and other maintenance expenses. It is a source of “HOPE” and a beam of light for the students who cannot afford the expenses of their higher educations.
KIF is also at the top of the list when it comes to the appreciation of students.
Since 2002 KIF has been organizing a “ Matric Award ceremony ” for the 25 different secondary education boards of Pakistan at national level.

Success stories by Karwane Ilm Foundation can be read here.
To contact Karwane Ilm Foundation click here. Their official website can be found here.

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filpaki said...

Its very good news. I hope that more and more people read this so that the chances for the collective benefit increases.
ReeBz share your blogpost at every platform you can.

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Reebz in a new role as “social media reformer” is doing wonderfully well. The information about Karwane IIm Foundation is very welcome news, and I am so pleased that in this era of media negativity someone has highlight the good things happening around. We must project and appreciate all good things that are happening around to dispel the depression and sense of doomsday scenario that every media pundit is trumpeting. Reebz shahbash.

hina said...

I agree wd Akhter.Atleast some good hopes are here too.Media is not all negative. Good and bad people are everywhere.We just need to realize them.
well written!

Connie L. Nash said...

Your work is truly inspiring from many angles. You seem to have found a niche which is unique!
Thank You for showing the way.

smarty said...

Its centre is in LAhore if em not WrOnG! i also have heard about karwane ilm and its success. keep sharing it as much as u cAn!

ReeBz said...

filpaki,sir Akhter,Connie,hina and smarty thanks for sharing your comments :)

Komal Khan said...

This is really tremendous! and ReeBZ the way you are putting these works is absolutely commendable :)

You are becoming a professional writer/columnist. Keep up the good work and Best Wishes for future :)

Nadeem1414 said... i have visited to this site and found to get the impressive story.

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