Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taliban or Black water??

On Muharram 10, A big tragedy hit Karachi.Soon after the blast in Shia procession more than 3000 shops were burnt by few unknown people [point to think over, are they really unknown??] in Bolton Market of  Khi.
Plastic,paper,medicine,cloth and armory market  had to suffer from great loss.

As a result an extreme scarcity of  all the above mentioned items is expected which will cause inflation.It is said that approximately more than 30 arab PKR loss was caused by this destruction and terrorist activity.

Questiona are,
1.who were those people from inside or outside the procession having plenty of chemicals enough for burning full markets?

2.When after the blast in procession all institutes,industries,offices and all other activities were off,then who printed those "banners and pamphlets" in such a big no. that only in one night they were not only printed but were also distributed and pasted on almost every chowk of the city claiming that this activity is done by "Taliban"?

3.When closed circuit cameras were specially arranged to strictly monitor the procession, then why they were turned off when they were most needed?

4.Why didn't Police take any action when they were called for help by poor shopkeepers whose all life-saving was being burnt by terrorists?

5.Who were those armed persons at fire brigade offices, who forced shopkeepers to run away from the office without even registering a fire-complain?

6.Why fire-brigade sent help after three hours of fire?

This all shows, that higher authorities were involved in this cruel terrorist activity,or at least if there were no involvement of higher authorities then their permission was involved for sure!!

It is the hidden agenda/propaganda which has now become obvious to blame everything on Talibans. Who're Talibans? I never knew that they exist in such a big no.? I just cant understand like every common Pakistani, that why our govt without any investigation says that every blast was a "SUICIDAL ATTACK" and every terrorist activity was by  "TALIBAN"

On the other hand, great attention should be given on the activities of "BLACK WATER"  we have open proofs of their mysterious activities but we have sewn our lips and closed our eyes when it comes to Blackwater?
again govt is involved!!
Blackwater trucks loaded with don't-know-what travels in all the country specially in Lhr,Isb and Khi.but they never let anyone to inspect what they are carrying in trucks and where?That day i was reading in newspaper that almost till four hours, security agents tried to check their luggage but they didnt allow them, then a call from some govt official came on mobile to let them go!WHY???
Secondly, blackwater is openly using fake number plates on their cars and they have denied to use the original ones OPENLY!


In my opinion Pak govt and blackwater are the name of two bodies but one soul!
To hear things like "pakistan na khappay [may pakistan dont live long]", and Pakistan was made for secularism from our govt people is heart cracking.whatever comes in their mouth, they say without thinking.

We got Pakistan on the name of Islam and was  the only state which came into being on an ideology basis but how sad we have forgotten all.
I expect that the youth of Pakistan and the upcoming generation will be much better than these old folks who have sell their conscience at the cost of few dollars?

We Should face It Bravely to save the Honour of PAKISTAN and of ISLAM.Do your Duty and have Faith in PAKISTAN.It has Come to stay.


Hasaan Rafique said...

My opinion is that Tahreek-e-Taliban is nothing. All the mayhem, chaos, terrorism and whatever is going on here is caused only by external agencies from America and India. The attack at Marriott Hotel, Islamabad, Pakistan was confirmed to be carried out through Indian Embassy.
And now, the frequent terrorist attacks are being caused by America, but all the blame is being put on the so called Taliban..
There've been MANY reports in the newspapers about American agents from Blackwater being caught engaged in secret activities, capturing footage of sensitive and military areas, carrying hidden and suspicious items in their vehicles, using wrong numberplates, spying and making secret communications etc. Many times they are detained with the military or police officers for further investigation but they invariably get off through a call from any government unit or embassy etc. All this shows that they've something wrong up their sleeves. If they're innocent, why don't they let their stuff be checked or investigated? They're surely involved in all the terrorism, they're carrying out all the drone attacks in pakistan, often entering civilian territory and killing countless innocent people, they're the REAL terrorists but they put all the blame on others.
They should be cursed and expelled from our country!

Anonymous said...

You are just morons to believe these silly rumors about Blackwater. If Blackwater were riding around as much as you describe, with impunity, the people would see them, drag them out of their car and kill them. DO you know anyone, you personally, who has seen them? THey are quite obvious when they move around in Iraq and Afghanistan and there is no way they could hide themselves.
Instead, you spread these ignorant rumors. One day the US will just leave you to your own problems. You'll love it when the Taliban are running your lives, they are great fun! They will tell you how to live, what to watch and listen to on TV, kill those how don't grow their beards the right way and take your women.
YOu let this problem grow while focussing on fake grievances with the US, now I hope you get to see the truth for yourself one day. You may not survive it.

Hasaan Rafique said...


Actually it's you who has no idea about what's going on around here. The involvement of Blackwater and foreign agencies in all this terrorism is so evident that every sensible person with some info can see it.
So if you don't know, you'd better not speak. The Taliban are nothing in fact, just a handful of people who do America's bidding, so that America can attack and invade at will! We do NOT require America's help in sorting out our problems, Blackwater should GET LOST FROM PAKISTAN!
@All. Here's another report about the involvement of Blackwater in the recent Karachi attack.

ReeBz said...

@ anonymous,
Are you from Pakistan or from any other country?You are so ignorant that you don't know about Blackwater activities in Pakistan?and kindly Dont compare Pakistan with Iraq and Afghanistan, blackwater must be obvious there as America has brutally invaded these countries and now they are doing whatever they want, on the other hand Pakistan is an independent state and will remain so InshaAllah, whose citizens will not all bear Blackwater and AMERICANS on our pure and PAK land!!

[One day the US will just leave you to your own problems.]
We are not at all asking help from US and US is not at all the divine force to solve all the problems! Infact US has thrown world in full terrorism and US herself is a big terrorist and most extremist exist there.What US has done with IRAQ ?? and we all know that US took actions against IRAQ only on RUMORS!! so why are you so amazed now if we are believing on the rumors against blackwater??Indeed we don't believe on rumors!!

[if Blackwater were riding around as much as you describe, with impunity, the people would see them, drag them out of their car and kill them. ]

No dear its not that easy, as i said earlier our own govt is with Blackwater than its not easy to do it all,otherwise we would feel no shame in doing so to anyone who is a DANGER and an insult to our country!
Few days ago, a police officer had an argument with an AGENT of blackwater about inspecting him,but as usual he dint let anyone inspect him! Later on,some govt officials asked him to give resignation by force!

problem is this, that problem is within us.otherwise like IRAN, we too would know how to face enemy!

P.S : you are so much a coward that you are hiding your identity while posting here!and expect from innocent citizens to drag and kill Blackwater agents who are now a days most influential and powerful here?

@ Hasaan,
Thumbs up!

one day blackwater will have to pack their luggage from Pakistan and we all will be successful in kicking them out InshaAllah!Pakistan is for Pure and Pak people!


I've American friends who believe that Blackwater exists and is very active in Pakistan,and they are people from US media. so you better don't say that its only a rumor!

ReeBz said...

We will kick blackwater out from our pure land,MIND IT!

US caught our one daughter "Afia Siddiqui" and they are treating her even worst than animals.IF she is really a convict then why cant US proof it even till noW?Why US courts need every time a second prosecution and they keep on expanding dateS for her trial?
Even if she is a convict, then don't they know how to treat prisoners?They have taken out her kidney,intestines and have assaulted her sexually!


We want to save our motherland from these filthy beings!so we will INSHAALLAH KICK them ouT!!

Connie L. Nash said...

Of course the truth about those who would destroy without conscience from the US is evident for the whole world to see.

Ultimately there is only One Judge, One Overseer of Truth over All of us. May we live in the Light of His One Truth and desire what He desires - a common humanity who love one another and help each other toward peace.

None of us know how much longer we may have to live this our one life in this time, space, frame wherever we are. May we each have the courage to stand for truth the way the people on this blogsite are seeking to do. May Pakistan flourish and become all the Creator and the founders envisioned.

May the love demonstrated here again and again on the Republic of Rumi grow so strong and beautiful that even would-be distractors -- even those who would discourage believers and lovers of their country will suddenly find new courage to seek God and the light for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Yes, blame it all on Blackwater and the Americans. Just like they blame it all on the Al Qaeda and the Muslims.
Everything is not a conspiracy. Let's fix ourselves instead of pointing fingers every which way.

ReeBz said...

Its not pointing fingers on anyone,i gave my point of view on the basis of some facts which i think are possible. Yes, everyone is not perfect and we are among those nations who are most weak, we should first workout to correct ourselves and our deadly mistakes but before doing so we need to recognize our enemy! and thatswhat i did here to fix ourselves.
you tell what do you think, and can u suggest more a better and appropriate way for our fixation by the way!!?

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