Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Love & Sympathy are better healers than medicines.

Surviving in the blue times with no hopes of survival is in fact a big deal.One must have firm belief on Allah who has created him.You should be very very optimistic about the ship that will, somehow magically appear over the mighty waves of the sea to take you away from all the worries and one should believe, that far away in the midst of the burning desert ,its not a mirage but a real little pond of water Allah has created for you in the fraction of a second!

As the followers of  Holy books and divine religions we believe on the One and Only Allah/God,but at the same time,there is something, something inside & hidden which Allah has left for us to uncover & to unfold which helps us in strengthening all these beliefs and hopes..  and guess what, they are little two pearls "LOVE & SYMPATHY" which are scattered everywhere but unfortunately only few people in the world own them.

I myself didn't know the real importance of love and the words of sympathy before the time of my accident, but when unfortunately i got my left arm's bone totally broken, i experienced personally that how beautifully they can affect your life.I was asked to stay in hospital for 3 days after surgery but God bless my friends who came to see me and showered me with the power of these pearls, and so i was discharged the very second day of surgery as i was recovering fast.

I bet we can make this world a heavenly place to live just even with the little amount of love and sympathy we share!! we only need a little workout.. We just need to find out,if there is someone who needs these pearls more than us..

"The more we share,the more they increase"

Dedicated to my family and friends Zunaira,Ayesha,Tatheer,Faryal,Erum,Tabassum etc and to Connie- who kept asking about my recovery time to time &as well as to all others who are one of the real true owners of the pearls "love & sympathy"


Tatheer said...

Thnkx for so special feeling for us ..
infact as a frnd was our duty to make yOh feel special specialy in dose days wwhen u in real need sum sympthy n love which indeed u deserve!
hOpe tht v al feel n find dis treasure Out frm d heart of our close onex .. not in needy tym but in every min n sec of ourxlyf!

zunaira said...

thnx alot areeba for such a nice post...
but yar we are ur frends so it was really our duty to show our love and sympathy to u :)
u really means alot yar !

Connie L. Nash said...


How happy to see your beautiful post here! I know Hasaan who's been trying hard to get you to post again is very glad indeed. And how kind to be included.

YOu really went through a whole lot yet your inner beauty as well as your whole beautiful life helped you - thanx be most of all to Allah.

I will come back to visit you here or somewhere else soon as possible in this busy season for us.

Meantime, think of my most recent post on One Heart about the better sort of US Media (may take awhile to show up?) as kind of an "after recovery" gift for you!

filpaki said...

how true u r!
we all felt change and happiness including freshness on ur face when all of ur friends came to meet u!

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