Thursday, April 21, 2011

I am a writer now!

Getting a job would be this much easy for me i never expected. There must be some special blessings of Allah on me.(Alhamdullilah).I have been appointed as a writer in Telecom magazine MORE/ as a writer.ApnaTime publishes news about telecom industry of Paksitan.Yes its totally a different field as compared to what i have been writing uptil now,but once again thanks to Allah that i have been blessed with very kind Staff and owners. they don't shrug you off by taking you as a "young/fresh writer".You are equally encouraged and appreciated on your quality work.Everything including the environment is according to my mood and standards. You just come, do your own work by putting in all your efforts and in the end of day go back to your home without developing grudges against anyone.

I was thinking to post my entries of ApnaTime here as well.I just need a suggestion.should i make a separate blog for my ApnaTime stories or i should keep sharing here? I think getting traffic for me on new blog will be quite difficult, so i should move on with my posts on the same blog.What do you say?

I gained more confidence when i saw my stories being published without any "Editing".Seriously editing pulls your heart down :D! As I'm only a week old in ApnaTime,they haven't yet created my account, so all my stories there are without my name :( "weeps". They have told me that from tomorrow all my stories will bear my name on them! *proud* :P

As far as I know two of my articles will also get published in "MORE MAGAZINE" this month.Its circulation is in many cities including Karachi, Lahore,Islamabad and Peshawar. so hey,you all just don't forget to purchase a copy of "MORE".It costs only RS 150/- ;)


Eyewitness said...


Heartiest Congratulations.
Being a reader of "Spring of Autumn" I would suggest that you should keep on only one blog for sharing your articles. And I am also suggesting this from blog's traffic point of view.

May Allah bless you more, ameen.

raw said...

Mubarak ho! Best of luck for ur career, m sho happie :)

I'll try my best to grab a copy. tc

ReeBz said...

Dear brother thank you so much for your prayers. I think its all because of your sincere prAYERS FOR ME. OTHERWISE i wasnot expecting such an immediate positive response :)

ReeBz said...

moreoevr I will try to check my gmail account soon.There are some probs with my browser of mobile and it is not letting any mail open :(

ReeBz said...

Thanks :)

ReeBz said...

Kindly check your mails. I m sorry i took so long in replying you. I m giving you my hotmail ID. In future plz contact on hotmail ID as my browser works swiftly on hotmail!

Jennie said...

Congratulations! New jobs are the BEST. :-)

I wonder if you have any thoughts on the Mukhtaran Mai Supreme Court decision?

ReeBz said...

thank you jennie.
um i'm not following mukhtaran mai case. i did see her posters in today's paper but i dun care. i dunno why is her case so imp for west, when there are billions of western mukhtarans available to curse their fates.. whatever happened with her is highly condemnable,thatswhat i think about her case.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Way to go...!
Great. So It's a home based job or ?

ReeBz said...

Its not a home based job. i go office daily and give almost 8 hours of my day to it :)

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