Thursday, April 7, 2011

Makro Customers, Beware!

No doubt shopping under one roof is not only a luxury but becoming an unavoidable part of today’s fast and hasty life. When there are numerous competing brands, all providing same quality in same rates, then it become quite difficult for the customers to make choices. At such times super stores like MAKRO HABIB come forward to play their role. They make shopping easy and transform it into fun. You can on the spot compare rates of all your favorite brands and can also avail any package, if announced on the other brand. I personally believe that choosing from thousand varieties possess an entertainment value in it. Moreover it is also a healthy job for your mind to work out in the limited time and picking up the best option for you and your family.

Makro is a Dutch chain of large-scale wholesale supermarkets having a strong presence in many countries around the world. In Pakistan it appeared as a joint venture between house of Habib and Makro Pakistan. Makro has occupied the major position in the market of Pakistan and has managed to spread its roots across the major cities. Apparently it is making shopping easier, but the case is terrific on the other way round. Makro is playing dirty, so all the Makro customers, be ware! I have always loved to shop at Makro but it was last Sunday when I had a little argument with their management on the “Rates fraud” I caught in there. They have pasted different price tags for the same products at different stalls. It is not only confusing but a very tiresome activity to go back on different stalls for comparing prices of the very same item again and again. Sometimes they even sell on higher prices than the mentioned bottle/product prices by the company. Moreover they are also looting customers by their modern bill systems. We had always noticed that our bill is higher than we expected but we would ignore every time. Last time I noticed that to thug customers they enter the code of every item in the computer system which is detected by a machine. Obviously it is time saving technology for us and for them, but this is the very stage where they make arrangements for looting their customers. It is quite difficult, infact impossible for the customers to keep a check on the bill when there are thousands of small and big items they have purchased. They enter one item twice and sometimes thrice in the bill. For instance, we bought 2 7Ups bottles. They entered both by their codes and in quantity section, 2 was mentioned, below they added the prices again and in quantity section, mentioned 1.This was the one extra bottle which we never bought. They do similar frauds more easily in small products which go unnoticed like toothpastes, tooth brushes, soaps etc.

They were not willing to hear our complaint until we threatened to call media. I doubt if they were afraid by media or they did not want to lose a customer who gives them a business of more than RS/-10,000-12,000 per month. Makro Habib has criminal records and keeps coming in news time to time. This January Makro was raided by PSQCA when substandard and unregistered products were seized. Sometime back they were blamed to sell dead fish on the name of “Alive”. Last year in Ramadan they were caught selling fresh vegetables, fruits, and other raw material on double prices than the market prices.

This is a little effort by me to save all of my readers from the Makro frauds. Next time, whenever you go there for shopping, keep a pen and a paper in your purse/bag and make your bill yourself on the every item you add up in your shopping cart. This little tip can prevent you from a big mess and a nerve tautening job resulting in tallying your bill and the products purchased after returning home from Makro.

Enjoy shopping, but with a clever mind!
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Muhammad Azeem said...

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raw said...

Heyee first WELCOME BACK *squeals* (yeah m that excited), How r u liking livin in Lhr, hmm??

Awe, really? well though I hvnt bn to Makro in a long tym but my Mum does most of the shopping there, Thank You so much for the info, I'll certainly be keepin my eyes open!

ReeBz said...

first thanks alot for this warm welcome, but you aRE a bit late:P lol. i was back here some 2 weeks back. check the other two posts as well ;-)
now come to the point:P it seems you know me well. but do i know you ?i mean i never got any comment from raw before:-D!
so WELCOME to you here. and keep coming.

Anonymous said...

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raw said...

Acha? I would read the other posts soon.

Oh sorry, RAW is for Rabeeta Ahmed Warsi, remember me? I hope u do!

ReeBz said...

hey its YOU, Rabeeta :-) where were you since sooo many many days?how ARE you girl :-)? oh me and my blog really missed you. glad you arE BACK! how about your studies?hope everything is fine at your end!
love you:)

raw said...

:) phew, I thought u'd forgotten me.

I was busy in exams; first year of B.A and pprs went awesome and life is good. i hope that covers all ur questions :)

Are u on twitter? and wht ru doing after ur masters?

ReeBz said...

nah can't forget you :) i'm free these days just looking for a good job. best of luck for your result. i'm sure it will be great:)
and ya i'll be waiting for a party :P
take good care of yourself. ya i made an account at twitter but i can't get the hang of it and i'm not using it anymore..

Muhammad said...

yea were kind enough to increase everyone's knowledge on this subject but what about those thousands of shops located in several small markets across Karachi and Lahore who sell over-priced or sub standard stuff ? The government should take up this matter seriously. Consumer crime must be stopped and punished or else the situation will just keep getting worse.

raw said...

wse m searching for a part time job myself; there should be a special job program for students & under-graduates(cz evn if somone's ready to employ a non-graduate they ask for xperience).

Waiting for result is the hardest time to pass, gud luck for ur job hunting =), we'll be talking in comments section thn, tc, Allah Hafiz!

ReeBz said...

i dunno where your interest lies. but if you want a part time job and you've got the guts then look for writing job. they're not asking for experience always as most of them offer this post to young students and graduates:) just dun forget to make an account on rozee pk. its best web for your job hunt :)

raw said...

really? wow, U know m actually searching for a job in writing & already made a acc. in dt site, how awesome is dt? well m glad m in d ryt place, thnkx =)

ReeBz said...

yes you're at the right place. start writing so that they just have something to guess about your skills.
I've got an excellent job mashaALLAH. i personally think its a good start for meH:)

raw said...

Congratulations!! best of luck to you :)
nd thnx for all the advices and support!

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