Friday, April 1, 2011

Be realistic.Cricket fever is over!

It is over. The smiles, the laughter, the thrill, everything is over. We lost a big victory. We got a big defeat. All is luck, though luck does not bind you to struggle. Even luck changes itself for those who strive hard. God helps those who help themselves. I wouldn’t suggest the idea that match was fixed neither I doubt anyone’s loyalty in Afridi Elevens. But we should accept that Pakistan DID NOT play well. The team which deserved victory more than us has got its fruit.

We are happy that our team Captain, our hero, AFRIDI made his way into Semi-Finals which none of us had expected. But for us, losing from India is a bigger trauma than losing the world cup. Whatever the grudges we may have with our team and captain, I really appreciate Afridi’s sportsmanship. He doesn’t fear his fans’ backlash. “When people give you so much love, you should also be strong enough to bear their criticism”, says Shahid Afridi.

I wish we could win from India. But how could we? I have accepted that we are a nation who has got defeated from India in every ground. We watch their movies, dance on their tunes, imitate their religious activities with proud and have added Hindi words in our language. So why do we think that these eleven members will clean us from all our corrupt habits, just by winning a Cricket Match? I mean why on earth we call Indians, a traditional opponent in cricket (only)? If we consider them our opponent then we should prove it by our actions in all the fields. I seriously don’t like these double standards. Other than cricket we love them in their every style. Hilarious isn’t it?

18 crore people prayed for only one thing, one agenda but no prayer could reach high. As a Muslim we believe that nothing can change fortune except prayers, but why still we couldn’t win? Why our prayers weren’t heard? May be we were unconsciously expecting and believing “Card readers, seers, and so called future-predicting parrots”, more than what Allah has taught us? I heard people saying that, “Pakistan has been winning all the matches until now, seems the famous Indian parrot predicted rightly and Pakistan will definitely bring world cup to home.” TV channels, analysts and anchors were busy promoting their card readers and seers. Is that what Islam has taught us? I personally believe that Allah only rejected our prayers to make us believe once again that it is only the Great Allah who has control on both obvious and hidden. No one else can peep into future. If we had won, than definitely our belief on the Indian parrot would get stronger. We have lost but, Allah might have hidden a lesson for us in it. The lesson I discovered with my limited thinking is what I shared with you. What lesson do you discover?

For now it is over, yes. But has left a question for us. Has the unity, the love, the peace and the brotherhood which we showed during world cup been over too? “Though Afridi couldn’t win the world cup, but for 30 days, he made this country a nation”-Ramiz Raja.


Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Fine post ReeBz and perfect ending with Raja's matter of fact quote:

"Though Afridi couldn’t win the world cup, but for 30 days, he made this country a nation"

Jennie said...

Remember it is just a game.
Sometimes looking for deeper meaning is a waste of time.

I will tread carefully with my next sentence, and hope I don't offend.

Maybe prayers to your god aren't the best way to assure a victory. Perhaps a push to increase the numbers of youth teams, or an increase in the available cricket fields so that more people could play. Because if you think about it, what does India have that you don't? Lots of people. Lots of people playing cricket. So, they have a bigger pool of players to draw from and can pick better players because of that. So, maybe Pakistan just needs to increase the number of players that are playing and your team will be able to pull in better players.

It's just a thought. Best of luck next year.
Remember, it could be worse, the US could beat you at cricket. hahahahah

Eyewitness said...

I would like to share what Late Bob Woolmer (Former Coach of Pak team) used to say after a defeat , "Gentlemen this is only a game no one has died."

A cricket match or series like many other sports is just a comparison of the fitness, and techniques of the players. I agree that we could not protect our new generations from influence of the evil being spread by indian film industry in the name of culture and civilization. And it is something we really need to be worried about.

Nice Post!

Best Wishes

Connie L. Nash said...

Dear ReeBz,

I tho't about you when I heard about the semi-finals...quite sure you'd be deeply into this lively interlude.

I want to send photos from my area to you by slow traditional post since I don't yet know how to do it any other way.

You see, I'm not up like you are with all this current technology.

Someday, I want you to teach me.

Email me at

My deep ongoing love, prayers, support.

ReeBz said...


its just a matter of beliefs, and faith. what you described here may be one of the many reasons of our defeat though.

it will be more than worse when pakistan will beat US in every field and she can,really;-)

Sharmeela said...

wow....what a great writer you are. It seems like I am reading a trained well known and very matured writer. Tell me how you do that? How you select your topics and so realistic in your writings?

Unlike few people in the group you are the most suphisticatic blogger so far I read.


ReeBz said...

thank you i'm flattered:) writing is my passion and i belong to a field where writing is considered a soul. yes,its media. topics rush to your mind when you've a sharp eye on your surroundings and to your field of interest. you put all your efforts in it,and it gives you a perfect outcome.
once again thanks for liking my writings.

T.H.Rizvi said...

you hav embraced ur thoughts very nicely into words. some of its portion reflects my feeling as well. good job reebz!

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