Monday, May 30, 2011

FC College secures first two positions in the int’l competition

Students of Forman Christian College (FCC) won the laurels for Pakistan in an international competition by defeating 139 teams. Two teams of MBA from FCC secured first and second position in the Glo-bus Best-in-strategy invitational championship.
Students from different business schools around the world were invited and participated in the contest. There were 139 teams which were divided into 15 groups. Groups were assigned to design a 15 year business model by taking care of competitive dynamics in the global digital camera industry. These business plans were prepared on the software which was used for the first time by FCC students.
They were judged on the basis of financial and practical dimensions of their projects. Moreover, they were directed to use complex business variables such as:

* Research and development,
* Workforce compensation,
* Production,
* Outsourcing,
* Product-line performance,
* Pricing and
* Finance.

Glo-bus “global business stimulation strategy” is an online game/ exercise built for educating the business students which focuses upon aspects such as Production design, marketing, assembly (for both entry-level and multi-featured), compensation and labor, discount bids, corporate citizenship and finance and cash flow. Glo-bus is now used by several hundred universities of business administration worldwide. It was developed by a team under the guidance of Professor Arthur stick land, Emeritus professor of strategy at the University of Alabama US.
Winning team members were:FC College

* Faisal Pervez,
* Syeda Ataat Zehr
* Hasnain Saqlain

They defeated the teams from National University of Singapore, which is famous for its previous glo-bus expertise and efficiency. The team of Ali Imran, Sohaibul HAq and Azher Moazzam stood second in their industry.

Originally it was written by me for Voice of Pakistan. See here


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Nice post Reebz, our youth is not less intelligent than any other nation, They need to be encouranged.

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