Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring of Autumn's exclusive :Coming Soon!

Spring of autumn's exclusive is coming soon. I announced on blog that I'll be interviewing people who took part in making of Pakistan.First episode of this session has been completed and I'll be posting it here soon.

Keep waiting :)

P.S: If i get too late, then pardon me. Actually its getting difficult to manage blog with job. But i still want to give quality time to my blog.



Eyewitness said...


Muhammad said...

great news ! by the way what do u do ?

raw said...

Well I'll be holding my breath!

Tt has been my childhood fantasy to talk to people who actually took part and witnessed with their own pair of eyes the rise of our nation, so thnx in advance.

raw said...

and Oh I forgot to add, Ive got a job!! its bn a week and m loving it. I hope ur enjoying ur work too. tc

ReeBz said...

congratulations for getting a job. do tell me more about it :) yeah m enjoying my work and have also got the first salary :)

ReeBz said...

you can check the answer of your question by clicking at my profile :)

ReeBz said...

Thank you, I'll try to post it here on the weekend inshaAllah!

H S Consultants said...

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BehX@d said...

waiting...i wud love to read that

raw said...

Wow, U got ur paycheck
!, double congrats (m counting days, sigh :)

Its not major writing, bt m required to write articles on various topics, its abt how mny words I can write in a day, ryt now m assigned for 2500, it'll rise till 4500. so its not like my writings wud publish with my name, bt m content.

nd Hey dint find ur magazine! tell me somewhere particular?

Take care of urself =) Allah Hafiz.

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