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Q55 She phone!

Qmobile launched its cell phones in Pakistan last year and just within a year it became a leading selling brands in Pakistani handset industry. Website of Q mobile says, “almost 500,000 units were sold out last year”. There are 11 models of Q mobile available, co-branded with companies like Yamaha Wolfson and Swarovski Crystals. The unique features of Q mobiles are their stylish look and feel, QWERTY keypad, touch phones, social networking and affordability.
Impressed from the TVC of Qmobile, I decided to buy She phone. The reason I was impressed because they (Q Mobile) selected a hi-profile model “Eman Ali” for the commercial, which puts most of the customers in confusion that the phone will be something really good. It is beautiful no doubt, but beauty is not enough to fulfill all the needs. There must be good software inside (OS) to take care of all you want from a mobile phone.iman ali q55 she mobile 300x200 Q55 She phone review, not the best mobilephone

* Company claims one touch launch of Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, hotmail and E-buddy messengers with easy Google search, Google talk Operamini and twitter.
* Supports dual SIMs
* 2.0 mega pixels camera
* Full QWERTY keypad
* 2.4″ QVGA LCD (240 x 320 Resolution)
* FM Radio / FM Recording
* Bluetooth / EDGE / GPRS / WAP 2.0 / MMS
* Internal Memory 20MB
* External Memory (Support Up to 16 GB)
* According to the company it can run Java applications as well.

However, it is important to note that all that glitters is not gold. There are several flaws in Q55, that one, if knew earlier, would never have bought it. What I experienced is mentioned below

* Q55 allows one touch Facebook launch, true. But it is not the headache of the company, whether or not you are able to USE Facebook as well. Company promises for one-touch LAUNCH only!
* You need to launch Facebook, every time you want to log into it. However, it will never log you in. Login at Facebook in Q-55 always fails.
* She phone’s Google search engine facility is also another garbage. It will load you a page with non-supported script (boxes only) every time. In order to keep continuing your work, there will be a microscopic text for “Google English” which you need to click on.
* Finally, you can use Facebook after so many hurdles by making a search in Google search engine (English version). This is a handset about which company claims EASIEST social networking!
* Bookmarks also do not work. The purpose of bookmark is to save your time by loading up the desired page quickly. Sadly, it will only load you a page of non-supported scripts. User is required to repeat all the cycle every time. a) Launch Google search engine. b) Select Google English c) Open your desired page d) Go for page’s English version to fulfill your needs, otherwise again you will be left with a page of non-supported scripts.
* Moreover, Internet speed is as slow as turtle. She phone shows a lot of problems in picking up the GPRS settings. There is no auto-configuration.
* There is no facility of Zoom for pictures. Only camera album pictures which go in “Image viewer” can be zoomed in and zoomed out.
* For the rest of the pictures, there is no facility of easy viewing. You need to press back button and select every picture INDIVIDUALLY to view it.
* Another mega flaw is in the SMS application. It does not tell you about the SMS length. You will never know that the SMS you are going to send is equal to how many messages.
* There are no short keys for turning the phone silent. You need to select a separate “user-profile” if you want to turn your phone on silent mode.
* With all these flaws regarding internet facilities, if you still dare to send an email via She phone, you will have to suffer from great disappointment, that you cannot type more than 120 words in the email.
* However, IM works quite well on Q55.
* It supports java dictionaries, but with a mess. Q55 has QWERTY keypad, while in dictionary it supports only numeric keys for searching a word.
* You cannot mark, unmark all messages and photos for deleting or moving them into another folder, respectively.
* To many users, change in RINGTONE can be the biggest problem ever. Does not matter, how hard you try, ringtone will not change. Though it shows that it has been, but when the phone rings, it will play the “default ringtone” only.
* If one still wants to change the ringtone, then first your stamina will be tested! Yes, you can change it. Go in your phone book and assign your desired ringtone to all your contacts. Only this way you can get rid of the default ringtone. However, this trick it is limited to the “known numbers” only.
* What worse? The phone does not have its own music, ringtone or wall papers library at all. Even no themes are available.

Q55 She phone launch price was Rs 9,000 but now, the new company rates are Rs 6,999. At some shops, after a bit of negotiation you can get it for Rs 6,600 or 6,700 as well. After these many listed flaws, you will be compelled to confess “All that glitters isn’t gold”! Do not compromise on quality just because of its cheap rates. Sooner or later, you will have to get another phone for yourself!

It is worth mentioning that all the series of Qmobile is a copied version of India’s Micromax phones. It is available by the name of Q55 bling in India. Both phones are replicas of each other. Indian users have also quoted the above mentioned problems in micromax bling. I think all the handsets are made by one supplier, who is bombarding in Pakistani and Indian mobile phone industry with Q55 she phone and Q55 Bling respectively. Had one of them been a patent product of any specific company, then it would have sued the other company for infringement. It seems Q series is a china mobile series, which has assigned brands to them with one year warranty to increase its sales. If the series is a real product, then management of Q mobile should add software in it as per the needs of Pakistani market.

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Hamza Bin Ladin said...

It would have been quite a mess,writing gadget review, after all you have done before,but then jobs are always BORING.

BTW,YOu are a very GOOD critic,so carry on with your criticism,never try praise.Maybe you'll end up to be a very good professional critic.

ReeBz said...

LoLL!! i was assigned to do it :D strict criticism :P

Anonymous said...

itz true itz not de best phone..but some of de flaws u mentioned lyk de ringtone thin..(ur method is very time-cosumin as well as wrong).dey dun exist..:-) u haven’t chkd out de phone completely it jus means.(de real flaw is dey shud’ve given a more detailed instruction book 4 users).i find no prob in changin de ringtone thin.n itz very easy to put it on silent as well.jus 1 button, long press ‘#’ does de work.internet specially is one of itz best qualities, it works soo fast fr me.n soo easily got configured compared 2 ma othr phones..didn’t evn require any sortta help frm ma network.u can easily view google fb or woteva u want by ‘opera mini’.neithr script appz prob nor bookmarks prob wid opera mini.dere’s wallpapers, ringtones, etc library as well..=)..:IMz also awesome! fb n twittr dun wrk.so use opera mini fr dat.windows live,yahoo,skype..all work! :-) plus do try de webcam thing itz kool too..itz really cheap wid so many features as well as lookz u kno..i love dis cell..:S

ReeBz said...

rightly pointed out :) well said, but actually this post i originally write for a company. and i was FORCED to write negatively about it :( but it has some flaws like you cant mark sms or pictures. it becomes difficult when you have to bkuetooth them. secondly it doesnot support themes. thirdly no zoom option for pictures except for the photos of one album :(

and where is the web cam thing btw :0?

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