Monday, August 16, 2010

A dream came true!

Major General Asfand Yar Patodi, General Officer Commanding presenting souvenir to Master Basit

Master Basit,a 15 year old young boy made the history by becoming a proud soldier of Pakistan Army for one day.The child is Thelessamia patient and it was his utmost desire to serve in the Pakistan Army.
He wrote a letter to Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani through an NGO "Make a wish Foundation". 
Make a wish foundation

Make a wish foundation is an NGO bringing joy,pleasure and happiness to the children with life-threatening medical conditions by granting them their one biggest desire across Pakistan.The NGO is working as a HOPE for such children and their families.

In response to the child's letter,Keen personal interest was shown by the Chief of Army and the directions were given to fulfill the child's greatest desire.

Master Basit spent a full day in Pakistan Army unit on the 63th Independence day of the mother land.
Despite being extremely ill and fragile he put on the uniform and his chest was swollen with pride and honor.Moreover he reported with full patriotic spirits to Punjab Regiment of Malir Cantonment Karachi.He spent his time with officers of his unit where he was warm heartedly welcomed by the Pakistan Army.

We appreciate Pakistan Army and the Chief of Army staff for fulfilling the child's biggest desire.It is an open request from  every one who reads this piece of news to kindly inform every such child and his family about the particular NGO,so that many other children can see their dream coming true.The NGO'S official website can be accessed here .For donations and Zakats click here.


hina said...

MashaAllah, just look at this lad's face.How confident!I think this is something which is the only example in the whole history of Pakistan Army :)

filpaki said...

This thingy is now everywhere in the news, but the way you sketched all the scene before our eyes is unique. I loved it that you also have gathered some facts and details about the NGO.It will definitely give a first hand help to all those who are interested in knowing about this NGo
hats off!

smarty said...

Me always impress by ur timely posts. ur pen is working for society. good work!

Connie L. Nash said...

Thanx for showing me items I'd never see and helping me to understand children there. That last photo is unbelievable!

Very late Happy Independence Day! How did you celebrate? ReeBz, how is your schooling/career going these days?

Miss you but we will Insha Allah get back in touch pretty soon.

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Fantastic gesture by Pak Army.

Mere Drizzle said...

Hats off to 'Pakistan Army' nd 'Make a wish foundation', a great attempt..

nd thnx alOt Reebz for sharing :)

ReeBz said...

Mere Drizzle
Thanks for coming and also for leaving a comment :)I wish i could see your profile to check which blog you own and who you are =)

ReeBz said...

M going fine but life has become hell busy for me specially the studies are enough to keep me engaged all the time.Just few months are left and then I'll be getting my degree in communication studies inshaAllah :) M alot excited about the drama, and the documentary we will make in near future.
Need your prayers and may be will need your assistance as well in script writing and in the selection of the topic :)

Nostalgic said...

Great attempt by Pakistan Army, undoubtedly. This kid looks so proud and brave :) Hats off NGO.

Thanks for dropping by on my blog.

ph_the princess said...

that was something too sweet I solute this young little soldier May allah give him Long and healthy life AMEEN :)

ReeBz said...

Nostalgic,Mere Drizzle and princess thanks to all three of you :)
Thanks to all others as well for leaving comments.

Muhammad Hamza said...

May this child be blessed with health,life and loads of happiness.
Nice post.

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