Monday, August 23, 2010

Evil wants good to prevail.

Persian poet Rumi tells a parable about the first Omayyid caliph Amir Muawaiya who was awakened by a strange man" "Who are you?"Caliph Asked,
"I'm a Lucifer"Replied the strange man.
"But what do you want from me?"Caliph interrogated.
"I want you to offer your prayers"said the Lucifer.

Caliph became confused, and realized that some thing is wrong.He questioned Lucifer more and he kept explaining Caliph.,"Though i have been punished and cursed by Allah, but i still love and respect Him,infact it was due to extreme love that i got jealous when Allah created man"Lucifer tried to defend himself.But once again Caliph didn't believe him.Caliph offered his rituals with even more faith and repentance. Lucifer kept awaking him from his sleep till three days and caliph kept asking forgiveness from Allah.Finally Satan accepted the defeat and made it clear to caliph that If he would miss his prayers that day due to sleep,next day he would offer the prayers with more devotion,more love and with more repentance.Since a tear which falls down from the eye due to the fear of Allah Almighty ,has a great value in the eyes of Allah which Lucifer would be unable to bear.Lucifer does not want any good, he will keep making people choosing wrong from the right, but sometimes he uses "Good" as a stair to spread the "Bad" in the world. In short, Evil wants good to prevail to accomplish its own bad intentions..

Now after so may years,Pakistan is also facing the same situation which caliph had to face.Pakistan is surrounded by the hundreds of Lucifer morally,spiritually and geographically.Now its our duty to keep our eyes open and to follow the caliph.Pakistan is facing worst flood of its history.At such a bleak time we can notice many evils impersonating good and divine angels.But we must not go astray as we have examples from our forefathers before us. It is a food for thought that INDIA released more than 8 times  of water into rivers of Pakistan without giving any prior warning,causing a very intense and heavy flood in Pakistan.
For reference please click here.Not to mention how much loss the flood has caused us already and now India playing an important role in the destruction of Pakistan.

 Isn't it clever of India to come up with 50,0000 US$ Aid for the flood affectives? We the people of Pakistan of course don't want the aid from India but yes it is enough to greed our puppet government..Its enough for them to build their private residences in France,London and Switzerland.
I just wonder that if India wants good for Pakistan then instead of being good infront others by offering aid,why not India tries to kill the root cause of this trouble??
Help in a BOX-flood relief camp

Help in a BOX by JAGO
Once again evil wants to prevail good,by being good..We all know the theme,the idea and the conspiracy behind this goodness.Its time for us to repent and to show compassion for our brothers and sisiters who have lost everything in this terrible natural disaster..
May Allah help us identifying our friends and foes.(Amin)

References:India causes fresh floods in Pakistan 
Ummat publications 
Courtesy: The mentioned Incident of Rumi is taken from a book "Like the flowing river" by Paulo Coelho.


Connie L. Nash said...

Dear ReeBz,

Wow, you've been working hard on your blog which keeps improving all the time - even when your work/posts seem they can get no better...still they do. Inspiring to me to take out time to improve my own format.

Now, about this post: I'm quite impressed that Spirit has shown you similar themes: The Relevance of Rumi to this situation today and the spiritual implications, the concern for roots (although I need more documented info to be able to use as challenge - I do remember making a post sometime back on Water Day about the Dam run by India.)

If you have any solid news items for me, plz send along with ANY/ALL articles/posts you do beyond this blog of yours - really anything at all you'd like me to see & suggestions as to best, simple appeals, photo pages, ways to engage others beyond Pakistan in helping out & ways you'd suggest I improve my blog. :)

New & Best:

Keep up the good work and do so with enough sustaining of your health and balance - looks like you are? :)

Your Friend Always

Anonymous said...

are you sure rumi was one of the Ommayad Caliphs?
i only know of him as a poet/philosopher
the blog is pretty well written but i need to see some proof of India releasing that much water in Pakistan rivers, which i find hard to believe as the flooding in rivers that are shared b/w both countries is very minor; the major flooding is being caused by Indus river(which flows solely in through Pakistan)

ReeBz said...

Connie , thanks :)
I'LL soon send you the links,help activities and photos related to the flood inshaallah.

ReeBz said...

i dun say anything here ofcourse without proof.
about rumi being caliph,i read it in a book "like the flowing river" by famous author paulo coelho. i'm not sure and i dint counter check either. i thought book IS an enough proof.
anyhow as i'm not sure i hope either sir khurram or sir Akhter reads and corrects me if i've written the wrong fact.

about indian water, obviously i can't pass out sUCH statistics on my own. i read it in newspaper, but may be i made a mistake in reading as human error is always there. tomorrow i'll show you the newspaper scan inshaallah as a proof.

floydian said...

You have drawn an excellent analogy. However, I would like to state that the grass is not greener on either side. In my humble opinion we are suffering from one of the worst (man created mostly) disasters and in this time of distress and grief we must not question the intentions of those who are donating (amount doesn't matter) and helping the flood victims. India is already an identified and proven arch rival of Pakistan but we must seek cordial and friendly relations with India as enunciated by Jinnah. Let us not burn the bridges because who knows we might need them sooner than we actually realize.

Anyway, excellent writing. Cheers.

ReeBz said...

first of all thank you so much for visiting my blog again.
your comments are analytical and i like receiving em,thanks.

about receiving aid from india,well i reject this idea. india has always proved that its an open enemy for pakistan and has always cause hurdles.
we must maintain our dignity and should keep our head high even in the most hardest of the times. We MUST NOT bend our head infront them by receiving their filthy aid. yes filthy cause this aid has hidden agenda.
we've nothing less, our friends are helping us and i think if that aid is used in an organised way,then it'l be enough.
i've no problem with even american aid ,but i think indian aid is a different case.

you may've different opinion and i respect it.keep coming:)

floydian said...


Thanks for your kind words. I too find your views intellectual as well as informed. Its a healthy sign that we agree to disagree...

Our heads are bent already. The explosion of internet and subsequent growth of social media has exposed our intolerant views and insecurity to the world. Our credibility as a nation is at its lowest in my observation. First we failed at national integration and now we are failing to integrate with the rest of the world. Enmity, hatred and indifference is going to fetch nothing except our own isolation and destruction. We need to open our eyes to reality that we already are consuming Indian onions for few years now.
Indian aid is a good gesture and we must reciprocate this with our thanks and acceptance.I believe one should give the "devil" its due.
On the other hand, there is no accurate estimation of the economic loss Pakistan suffered due to floods. Therefore, we can't be sure if the available aid is enough sufficient. What you say?

ReeBz said...

guess what,i've noticed that you dun agree with me,but i liked that you dun have the nature of attacking the author. thats really very wise of you and only few people can follow it.
everybody is entitled to his or her own opinions,and once again i dun agree with you.
actually i think and choose for my country the very thing which i would choose for myself in that particular situation.
if someone after slashing my throat open, offer me a glass of water then my ego and my selfrespect won't let me accept it. i will prefer dying instead of decorating my head with this insult..
and well i really think that the aid we get from foreign countries hardly reaches the victims. the trucks of foreign aids are mostly unloaded in the houses of MPAs and their relatives.
SO,yes i won't allow anyone to make us and our innocent people
qurbani ka bakra.. let that filthy aid be aside..
we dun condemn and protest india for releasing and flooding our rivers but we're too greedy to accept the aid whethere it is poisoned?
quaid asked to maintain healthy relations with india and thatswhat only we're following. but the picture is different at the other side of the border,as they've none to follow their gandhi.they killed him,so he's got no followers.
we keep happy relations with india,we even released kashmir singh who deserved a sentence to death,and what did they do with our sipahi maqbool hussain?do you've a bit of idea how cruelly they treat our innocent fishermen?most of them lose their mind due to inhuman treatment im da indian jails..

what you say?

i really appreciate this discussion,i hope you'll keep coming and leaving your comments in future as well:)

ReeBz said...

I've misplaced the newspaper so therefore unable to manage the scans.Anyway i have found wed results for you which will be comparatively an easy-go read for you.:)
You can find it here:
and here:

floydian said...

I say that I enjoy this discussion as much as you do. I am one of those narrow minded people who, at this point in time, believe “self-respect”, “dignity” and “Pakistan” does not go in the same sentence. Few days ago I was just like you but my blind patriotism and optimism has simply vanished. Our bloated ego is not going to solve our problems. Rather this is going to make our people a “qurbani ka baqra”. If we want progress then we’ll have to mend our ways and look within. As John Lock would have it, a state that fails to protect the life, liberty and property of its citizens is a rogue or failed state. For me, antagonism towards India is a hollow gesture and does not hold much water as it’s just a typical right wing conservative Pakistani mindset. But hey lets show the world your good intentions Pakistanis. Show the world that you're not the enemy. Consequently, the ill-will large swaths of the India-Pakistan feels towards each other can be partly alleviated. . Our water crisis is the fruit of our poor water management and wastage. Secondly, what to talk of Indian water politics when Sind is blaming Punjab for water crisis and Balochistan is blaming Sindh for the flood crisis. We could have avoided such a large scale disaster had we built dams particularly the Kalabagh dam (and had we not occupied the dry riverbeds). Anyway, peace is what I seek to promote. Buddha said, “Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.” If that word is “thanks” then let the government utter this word for the sake of peace. I want both the countries to emulate the European model but for that good gestures must be appreciated and reciprocated without questioning the intentions. Our blaming, suspicion and firm belief in conspiracy theories has already made us what we are… a flop ideological experiment. Thirdly, you complain about Indian handling of Pakistani prisoners while ignoring the condition of prisoners in our own jails. Anyway I have over the years developed a different approach to dissect the issues. May be I have over studied for my CSS exams or it’s the study of western philosophers or Musharraf’s enlightened moderation that has changed my perspective. Whatever it is you are at full liberty to disagree with me :)

P.S... my reply to your comment on “Madrassa Militancy and Reforms” is awaiting your kind perusal.

Hasaan Rafique said...

Very nice post!

Nicely written and i agree with the entire concept, It's really sad that Pakistan is being crushed by the hands of those who are outwardly helpful but destroying it secretly... :(

Poisoned honey :(

I pray that Allah helps us and saves us from such people :(

ReeBz said...

I respect your views.I left a comment under your medrasah post.

Thanks for leaving comment :)

m collecting data for you, will send in your inbox soon :)

hina said...

Very symbolic post. I m impressed how y0u relate pakistan's today's conditions with centuries old Rumi!

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Reebz, you have an interesting point of view regarding Indian aid offer, and comments have provoked a good healthy discussion all around.
As far as Rumi is concerned he was not a Umayyad caliph, Umayyad dynasty was between 661-750 where as Rumi lived in 1207-1273.

ReeBz said...

Sir Akhter,thankyou, however i would like to know your point of view about Indian aid offer.
Thanks for the correction about Rumi.Let me bring some changes in it. I think i should also remove statistics as the readers are doubtful about it and i fortunately have missed the newspaper where i read that particular piece of news..

ReeBz said...

I have mentioned the source in the post you asked for.

Connie, i hope you might have checked your inbox uptil now:) Please tell me if i can help you more.

filpaki said...

Excellent POV! but you will find different opinions across Pakistan about the aid, many think we should accept it, and many have the totally opposite thinkings, but its good till you keep listening and respecting others opinions as well.

Leviathan said...

Hi ReeBz,
Thanks for following the blog. I am looking forward to your feedback on the work I have done so far.

by the way, its a beautiful post, loved reading it :)

ph_the princess said...

Nice one ! Catastrophes are coming upon us as a wrath of Allah don't you think ? ! Nice concept ...*Khuda mere watan ko shad abad rakhe* Ameen

Your blog is getting more good day by day and I like it :)

ReeBz said...

Leviathan thanks to you too, yeah i liked your blog and became follower to get the track of it easily in future.I'll leave comments soon :)

ReeBz said...

ph_the princess
ThanKs, dun ask how much effort i put in my blog daily to make it look better =D

connie nash said...

Thanx ReeBz for your generosity and hard work. Yes, you do stimulate lots of discussions. Honestly, I have too much updating to do before I have anything reasonable to say. Still, my heart is breaking with you.

What little I've seen there are MANY heroes and heroines in Pakistan which is coming out more boldly to me than any officials who may be negative. This is the Pakistan which I hold as a light not only during this time yet also to the rest of the world.

Seems the whole world over also is needing to experience and learn how any light in our time is more and more about the smaller compassionate people to people gestures of than about big structures which seem so impossible to change.

Muhammad Hamza said...

Candid post.
India been our friend is one of the biggest jokes of this era.
Moreover,it's only Zardari who can accept aid from India as he has vowed never to say "NO" to $$$..:)

And those who thing it's a nice gesture of India are v very simple ppl.
India just wants us to stop the renewed thereek-e-azadi in jammu Kashmir.
India thinks that we are the ones who can put a stop to it so India's trying to get in good books.

ph_the princess said...

Well your efforts are paying off :) keep up the good work :)

Thinking said...

hmm...well I dont know anything about INDIA playing evil with us on this time...of need and distress.

And I really dont care also....

Like the way you put everything in flow....and so I find it my responsibility to showup.

Thanks !

ReeBz said...

Dear Thinking.
i really couldn't get the hang of what you said.
at once, i felt you are disagreeing, but then you say you dun care and in last i find you saying like da way i put everything in flow and you think its your responsibility to come. i dunno i should consider it positive or negative.

well anyhow,every one is entitled to his or her own opinion. i appreciate if someone disagrees with me as it builds healthy discussion. but it'll be more convincing if you disagree with logic:)

Thinking said...

hmmm....Dear ReeBz....not all the time we find logic to act in a certain way....

Though with logic sometimes...things didn't work in the way they should...example is...Satan not bow its head cause HUMAN was less...Satan made up of fire...while human was just a clay...LOGICALLY...SATAN was right...but..hmm....

All the time our HEART can't put forward logic for what it desire....

What I meant that...sometimes...we have to let go...ignore and tolerate...

You shouldn't be taken all the matter related to INDIA in a bad manner....

That was my point...though what you wrote..connected the dots...very systemetically...still....I just don't care....

I want to tolerate my that ALLAH may tolerate my sins....

I hope you didn't mind my comment like this...yeah?

ReeBz said...

No i donot mind at all, and why would i mind whatever views you have btw =)?

I can understand that we the poor souls can only tolerate now. we lack the spirits which are essential for protesting and to clench our rights from anyone.. =)

rIZ said...

Interesting post and discussion... Keep it up

I recently posted about this thought and have a question for you:

"Will you keep helping someone even if he/she causes harm to u? Again and again?"

ReeBz said...


Thanks for commenting :)

As far as your question is concerned, umm it depends, that who the person is. If he/she is someone I love then I will definitely not care of all the sorrows caused by him/her to me.. (its just a random thought, it purely depends on the situation)

rIZ said...

Right... Thanks for the input

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