Saturday, August 14, 2010


Another Independence Day, and another celebration.14th august is a special day in the life of every Pakistani, no matter what is the relation between you and Pakistan but you still party.

63 years back our great ancestors made the history by sacrificing their lives for us and for this beautiful motherland.History is still being made but there is a great difference.Difference which cannot be kept hidden,differences which we have created among ourselves.Are we the one NATION? Do we love Pakistan,the same as we ought to? Are we sacrificing for Pakistan anymore? NO,we are only sacrificing PAKISTAN for our greed,illegal benefits and for the satisfaction of our racial differences!
When I compare my motherland with the other developing states,I get tears into my eyes.Pakistan stays behind than all.But who is responsible for it? Criticizing government always isn't the right thing.We alone can bring a revolution,We alone can make the difference if we are loyal and devoted to Pakistan.Unfortunately, we are deteriorating the roots of the same country who has given us a shelter to hide in.Pakistan needs the same devotion,same love and same spirit of sacrifice which she observed at the time of creation.

Now, we donot think as a Pakistani, we think as a Sindhi,Balochi,Pathan etc.I was extremely shocked when some few days back some body hurled shoes at Mr.President,i started getting texts from the followers of Zardai, like "GEO ZARDARI GEO SINDHU DESH" I call it "Jihalat" only..

Everyday TV bulletins,newspapers and sirens of ambulances give the news of deaths all over the country.They don't know their fault, we don't know too. Not even the murderers know the reason..

Who is responsible?Mr.Zardari or Mr. Respected Geelani? Or David cameron/Obama?No one else is responsible except US, except the common man!Its we who should think logically before voting for anyone, Its us who lack awareness, its us who have become soul less,mind less,heart less! We are sitting idly hand-on-hand, seeing our so called leaders to use Pakistan as a BAIT!

We cant solve our problems until and unless we become one despite of racial,regional or religion differences.Even if you are a non-Muslim, but your heart should be Pakistan.Pakistan needs YOU,Pakistan Needs ME, Pakistan needs true LOVE,Devotion, Faith and UNITY! Pakistan needs Pakistan!

Wish you all the Independence day, i hope next year I'll be proud enough to wish a HAPPY independence day, for which I've no courage right now..I hope that my arms will again get the same strength,and my heart will be powerful enough to once again hold our FLAG and hoist it proudly..  I just hope...


Hasaan Rafique said...

I wish to see a unified, strong Pakistani nation, giving rise to a strong, developed, progressing Pakistan.
I wish and pray that Allah motivates every Pakistani to strive to make this happen...

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Let us be the change, and let us start from today, from very small things. I am Pakistan and You are Pakistan, so let us not only take pride in it, but take it up as a mission statement, to make things happen in our own capacity, without waiting for a messiah. Happy Independence Day.

tabinda said...

nice thought areeba.

filpaki said...

63 years is not a long time, nations take centuries to evolve.
Do not lose home and celebrate the joy of liberty.Its true we have suffered from a big loss, but WE are still live we shall take pakistan ahead inshaAllah!

hina said...

We all shall make the difference inshallah.. i also feel hopeless. only you can hear now is the update of floods,target killings in khi,plane crashes..
We are free from slavery, but when will we get independence from the trajic problems and bad fate?

smarty said...

nicely written.
Thumbu up!

Mere Drizzle said...

That ws beautifUl.. InshaAllah ta'ala nxt year is pakka gOing to b a happy one :)

ReeBz said...

Thanks all and thanks Marrie, i m really happy to see a comment from some one new :)

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