Saturday, May 2, 2009

P.R + Good books of professors = Total injusticE!!!

Today is the worse day of my academic life,i never got such poor marks ever before in my life and its more shocking when you had been the position holder of your city.
i would have accepted such a poor result happily if i hadn't prepared myself properly for the exams.
i can swear that when we discussed the subjects before the exam held,my preparation was better among friends, but i have realized it now that university is a place where you don't get, what you actually deserve!! its the place where everyone is busy in making personal relations with every one who has some importance in the social circle, I'm really a very reserved and kind of introvert personality so i find myself in the difficulty of making friends always.
If you have PR with professors, you are enlisted in their good books and so Congrats you are going to get the highest marks!!

Bah... and here in uni you will find so many cheaters. PROFESSIONAL CHEATERS!
and when you have to face cheaters off course you are not going to get more marks than them!and thats really hectic when they tell white lies in front of you!
i mean literally, in exams one girl forbade me to sit beside her, as she wanted some other girl to sit with her,cause that girl let her cheat all her paper! and now today when i said samethign to that girl indirectly, she totally denied that she cheated!!!
Ohh How brave she is, telling lies so openlY??

well at da end i count myself in lucky people as among 31 students only 7 were passed and i'm one of them.i miss my college alot and all of my friends so much , i miss my best college friend hina. i wish i could go back and catch those days which will never come back!


Hasaan Rafique said...

Yes thats really sad Areeba :( and it hurts too...

Well all i can say is to ignore such people. They can never grasp challenges in life if they keep on going like this. Later in life, they will inshaAllah regret it...
The world is full of liars and cheaters... Its a rare event indeed to find a friend worth it...

And at university level, its even more difficult to find friends... Such people are usually like parasites or have their own axes to grind... :(

ReeBz said...

Yup my mom also saying same and trying to make me relaxed.
but don't know why me feeling too much disappointed to face the challenges once again :(

i need your prayers .. :)

Hasaan Rafique said...

Yahan post nahin ho raha tha yesterday...

Of course dear i'll pray for you, i always pray for you :)

hope you get over it soon...

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