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LAYS chips are HARAM!

These days lays chips is a so hot issue everywhere in pakistan.No one can decide if its haram or halal.
Lays Masala flavor has E631 flavor enhancer
E631 is obtained by three different sources
1. from sardine fish
2.from yeast use in making beer as a bi product
3.from animal fat.

How can anyone be sure that lays source of e631 is halal?
According to Pepsi cola they import raw material from IFF but when IFF was asked about haram ingredients exported to Pakistan for lays,they simply denied!

Now on whom to believe?
i would just say that AVOID LAYS! as islam says "donot eat those things about which you are not sure if they are haram or halal,like we should avoid prawns as most of scholars believe that they are haram as scientists have not found it out yet if its a fish or some other organism"

i would like to share a research made by DR.Amjad Ali [United States]

you'll get the answer of all your questions here.

According to the LAY'S advertisement in Pakistan's newspaper they are making halal products.They've got a FATWA from Jamia Ashrafia.But When few reporters of a local newspaper went to verify the news about fatwa,authorities of this religious institution looked shocked!They also released a press release mentioning that LAYS are using their name without any permission. They also made it clear that they are ignorant of any such fatwa given by them.
This shows that LAYS is haram! and the company is lying. AVOID THEM!!!


Anonymous said...

Pepsi Cola international says in its media statement: E 631 is a flavor enhancer used in the masala flavor that is imported from Thailand. E631 is produced from tapioca starch which is extracted from a plant and NOT Pig fat. Thus it is free of all animal fat. E631 is certified by the supplier, as well as the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand, to be Halal (and the latter has also specifically endorsed the use of the legend “Halal” for such flavor)

The Pepsi Cola International says in its media report: We assure our consumers and customers that Lays Snacks Pakistan uses only 100% Halal ingredients in all its food products. Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR), an established government body, has verified that Lays is free of all animal meat fat (i.e. it only contains vegetable fats). Jamia Ashrafia of Pakistan has also declared Lays as 100% Halal.

Does one report by some anonymous individual has more weightage than several proof certificates of registration, verification by the Pepsi-Cola International Pakistan (Private) Limited?
Is the stated research and the arguments presented in its favour based on truth or is it mere propaganda?

Moreover, Pepsi-Cola International Pakistan (Private) Limited is a subsidiary of PepsiCo, US. PepsiCo operates in over 80 markets across the world, including Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria and UAE. PepsiCo values and respects the beliefs of all communities that it operates in. How could it then go astray in betraying the values and sentiments of a huge market like ours??? I question.

ihateuniversity said...

The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand has verified that Lay’s chips are free of all animal fat. The ingredient E 631 is used as a flavour enhancer and is derived from Tapioca starch and not from pig fat, the committee passed its verdict.

Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(PCSIR) has also verified that Lay’s is free of all animal meat fat and contains only vegetable fat. The council verifies in its report that the fat extracted from the provided sample contains vegetable fat. No animal fat is used in the product and hence there are no chances of pig fat neither in the ingredient E 631 or any other.

Jamia Ashrafia which serves as an authentic source to matters pertaining to Islam, its procedures and results. The Jamia is of the view that if the manufacturers and the concerned authorities have verified that the E-code ingredients included in the product have been extracted from plants and no such animal fat is used, the consumption of the Lay’s product is right and in accordance to Islam.

The proofs presented above are indeed an eye opener. They not only clear the confusion but also remove doubts from the mind of a layman. These proofs however, raise valid questions for all those who advocate the presence of haraam ingredients in Lay’s chips.

How authentic is the report by some Muslim doctor in the West? Is not the authenticity of the report questionable?

How can a single person's report on this haram ingredient debate become voice of millions and millions of Muslims all over the world?

Does one report by some anonymous individual have more weightage than several proof certificates of registration and verification by Lay’s?

Is the stated research and the arguments presented in favour of presence of pig fat based on truth or is it mere propaganda?

How true is this halaal haraam debate? Is the debater aware of the encoding process and the nature of ingredients? And if yes, can he/she actually prove and counter-attack the several reports presented to prove the ‘guilt-free’ ingredient?

And last but not the least, Lays employs over 1000 people in Pakistan in the fields of agriculture, production and distribution. Besides employment, their various social causes like education and health are also being taken care of.

Will not the circulation of such baseless claims cost these 1000 people their jobs? Can a developing country like ours, already at the verge of bankruptcy with weak economic indicators afford such a mass level of unemployment?

And on what cost? Rumours, falsehood and unauthentic sources?

ReeBz said...

I think Mr anonymous has commented without reading what i course I'm a common Muslim of Pakistan and i cant go research about pig fat ingredients.Newspapers and other unbiased organizations are here to perform this duty.

I think i wrote plainly that When IFF a Thailand organization was asked if they export E631 flavor enhancer and other raw materials to lays in Pakistan,they plainly denied for any suchthing!
MoreOVER READ carefully that JAME ASHRAFIA also denied for giving any such halal certificate to LAY's.they also mentioned their point of views in their press releases.LAYS only using JAME ASHRAFIA'S name!

you are very right about job concerning thing, but has ALLAH allowed you to get engaged in haram work only for the sake of providing job opportunity to ur peoplE? a question.

Hasaan Rafique said...

Mr. Anonymous

Kindly read the post before writing comments.


Anyway, i really can't figure out the truth about this matter... Maybe this secret will be revealed sooner or later. we should wait for the time and avoid anything we doubt may be Haram. Because we all have to be answerable about it in Hereafter.

Regarding Jamia-Asrafia, if the news published by the newspaper is true, then i feel that the organization ought to come into the open and challenge Lays openly. Just a press release is not enough...


ihateuniversity said...

@ReeBz: See it is not about job opportunity but it certainly is about the employment problem growing bigger day by day in Pakistan. I presented the facts for you all to see the picture from the brighter side and analyse for yourself the complications of the matter.

It is not just about Lay's or jobs but it has more to do with truth or false. Lay's has proved that it uses 100% halal ingredients n then why should we debate over it and put our huge man power working for Lay's at risk of losing jobs? What good will it do to our already weak economy?

Lay's employs farmers, field workers in Punjab and NWFP to run its factory. These jobs provide OUR own people to make a livelihood. Such rumuors will do nothing but widen the already ballooning weak economic indicators.

Moreover, let me clearly say that what one must understand is that most of the times foreign industries do not even have their people working here. It is the people of Pakistan who establish these organizations and the people of Pakistan who produce the goods. So the end result of the protests is the crippling of our very own people and our very own economy. At the end of the day it is our people who suffer mass unemployment, damage to their property, lives, family etc. In short the whole process is a vicious circle which starts from our very own people and ends on them. And on what cost? Rumours, falsehood and unauthentic information.

Anonymous said...

@ the original poster of this blog:

You write:

“How can anyone be sure that lays source of e631 is halal?
According to Pepsi cola they import raw material from IFF but when IFF was asked about haram ingredients exported to Pakistan for lays, they simply denied!”

To start with, I would first like to ask you the source for your above mentioned [point. It would so us all good if you can come up with a RELAIBLE and AUTHENTIC source in this regard.

Second, Lay’s purchase E 631 from its flavor house IFF. This ingredient is provided to IFF by a renowned company Ajinomoto based in Thailand. So Lay’s gets its basic ingredients from IFF and the IFF in turn gets it from Ajinomoto Company based in Thailand. The authenticity of this company is valid. So there remains no doubt that the ingredient which reaches through them is halal.

Third you write that: “when IFF was asked about haram ingredients exported to Pakistan for lays, they simply denied!”
Of course IFF will deny your mentioned things EXPORT and HARAM INGREDIENTS simply because (1) IFF does not export any thing , rather it imports…(2) when they don’t import any haram ingredient why will they accept?!

So let me rewrite the true version here: IFF IMPORTS HALAL INGREDIENTS from Thailand based company.

Hope that clears.

izkhan said...

You claimm that LAYS MASALA flavour contain E631 which may be HARAM. On doubt you should not use them. But be specific on one flavour i.e LAYA MASAL CHIPS and Dont Say that Avoid LAYS. Consider your thinking. It may help you!

Ria said...

Well this is all a propaganda from the competitors of Lays because obviously their business was going down due to high sales of Lays :)

Patriotic Hamza said...

@Agree with Ria.

Muhammad Hamza said...

@Reebz,still avoiding lays.:P.?

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