Sunday, May 24, 2009

Burning Sawat !

Can you see the innocence,hope and love in the eyes of this young cute baby?
Its an immigrant from Sawat!
Unfortunately,he is facing the most terrible condition in his own country. In such a young age, he has suffered from war.He has asked to leave his home,his precious.Who knows if he has managed to come with all his family members or they have become the morsel of death?
He'll grow up in camps,with no facilities of life,our camps are even lacking the basic necessities of food,no water!
Is he supposed to get the confidence and a stronger personality here?No WAY!!
What are we doing?Why are all of us so silent?Do we think that if today the people of our borders are facing so bad times,we well be save tomorrow?Not at all!!
We need to do something,we should save our country!
Its the time to find out Black sheeps.
Yesterday there was a strike call given by Two famous political parties of Karachi.
later i found out the actual reason of the strike which made me stun.
37 buses from sawat carrying 3000 families came khi to get a safe and peaceful shelter BUT they were forced to go Back!!
Oh its so heartless, they might have faced so many challenges while traveling ,their innocent children must be crying cause of hunger and thirst,they must have taken the sigh of relief after entering into khi but how brutally they were asked to go back!!i just cant bare it. They are our own people .ITS the RIGHT of every Pakistani citizen to go where ever he wants with in the borders of Pakistan.How come those 2 parties force anyone to not to enter in their city?

When Brmi,Agha khani, afghani and so many other people belonging to other countries have found shelter here then why not people from SawaT?

ItS simple we have forgotton Allah and the day of judgement!


Hasaan Rafique said...

Oh :(
Thats so sad :(

I see there are pretty much donations being accepted by Prime Minister relief fund but i guess half of it will go into his banking account... :(

Well, hoping for the best and praying to Allah to stabalize and bring prosperity to our country....

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

We all must keep on doing whatever we can in our own capacities.

ReeBz said...

@ Hasaan, it totally agree with you.. i don't trust prime minister relief fund!

@ Khurram, I've noticed that we don't even try to do anything.if i talk about this issue with my friends and acquaintances than i realize that most of the people Do believe that there are really some sorts of terrorist in Sawat.

a friend of mine told me today, she has got some relatives from sawat,who migrated to khi few days back. They told that in the times of Musharraf this operation was only confined to mountainous area and the common man was safe but now they have started targetting innocent people!
in my opinion either it was musharraf or Zardari both have Pre-planned agenda to follow on..

Rehan Damani said...

Today, being "Pakistani" is an inferior identity for us. That is why we prefer our ethnic backgrounds more. We need something which can make us realize what it means to be Pakistani. When we will start associating ourselves with Pakistan more, when we will start being more patriotic (the way patriotism should be: without any hypocrisy), only then these issues can be solved.

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