Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just a bit of courage we need...

“We have the ability to fire down the Drones, but we are afraid of the resultant war with NATO”, said Air- chief of Pakistan.

My salute, on such bravery and bold remarks!

I dare to think, and I dare to speak though we don’t have rights, as even after getting independence we are still the slaves.

Firstly, why the NATO will go for any war?? We should be brave and courageous enough like North Korea and Iran. We should not behave cowardly like Iraq, reasons you know yourself. Our politicians are afraid of war from NATO, but is it wise to kill the people of own country ourselves? Is it sane to spend all the money which should be used in the benefit of our country men, in war and destroying our own brothers?
Does it make the difference whether you have war with NATO or war within your country? WAR is WAR! Which only brings LOSS with it.

I just have a question, America has confessed of using “deadly weapons” in Afghanistan as well as in Iraq, whose’ use was prohibited by UNO. Did UNO try anything to stop America from using such terrible technology?

Our country is independent and we know how to defend ourselves, we have modern technologies, still we are silent on Drone attacks? Ah.. I remember when America attacked Afghanistan, I was just 13 years old, but I felt that, the day is not far, when Pakistan will face the same times.
It all deals with UNITY which is now absent in the Muslims.
It all deals with the BRAVERY, which was once the basic element of a Muslim, but no anymore.
It all deals with the firm “BELIEF on Allah” which converts a human into a Muslim, but now we don’t care of such fundamentals.

“A true Muslim is never afraid of anyone, but from Allah”

Isn’t it better to bend our Heads before Allah only and in front others we can walk with our heads raised up?

I’m not suggesting a war with off course, but only some courage we need deadly.

There is not to make reply,
There is not to answer why,
There is but to “do” and “die”!


Hasaan Rafique said...

"There is not to make reply,
There is not to answer why,
There is but to “do” and “die”!"

History repeats itself...
The words used by Ch. Rehmat Ali (who coined the word Pakistan) used very similar sentences in his pamphlet "Now or Never"
At that time, Muslims were being massacred by Hindus and also by the English but at the same time were unwilling to take positive steps, or to believe the seriousness of the problem. They only needed motivation to rise and achieve their goals...

And now again, we're suffering loss at the hands of others and are too afraid to take steps... All of us need to do what we ca and to inspire and motivate others... But there is no one to do that... :( Our government should be doing that but well.... they're indifferent as they have their axe to grind... We all should pray for our country... Thousands and thousands of people lost their lives for it, but it seems we're wasting their sacrifice... Alas, nobody is learning or being inspired from history..

ReeBz said...

Hasaan,i agree with you.
The same thing i was discussing at the other blog i.e,
Our politicians are neglecting the past.
Past is to learn the mistakes we did, and to be careful to not to repeat them,but We are the one who never try to learn anything...
we are sort of slaves,who only like to be "blind-followers"

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