Friday, September 4, 2009

"Roti, kapra aur makaan"

The above picture may sound funny for some people but those who have deeper insight will think beyond what these words explain.

It is a bitter truth that public representatives, NGOs, who are totally devoted to the services of the mankind, and the writers whose job is to write on the problems of a common man, are unable to illuminate this fact and clearly. The point to be noted is that how beautifully this Rickshaw driver, who might, obviously, not be very educated and skillful in explaining his point of view, has said all what they failed to say. At the same time, he has compelled many of us to ponder over this issue.

By a rough idea, it is not only this rickshaw driver who stands his voice but it is the voice of 40% Pakistan’s population, which is passing its life below the poverty line.

In Pakistan leaders come and leaders go, governments keep on changing but they all work on one single agenda, i.e. to fill their own pockets and bank accounts, & to impose as many taxes on the public as possible. At the time of election, they make big and magnanimous promises; therefore, people expect them to eradicate all the mentioned evils from the society and solve the problems that they earlier promised to solve. But after successfully be-fooling the innocent people, it is very easy for them to state “We inherited problems of load-shedding, water shortage, poverty, illiteracy (and the list goes on) from the previous government, so its not possible to get control over them soon” but history records are enough to show that even in the period of 10 years appropriate steps are not taken.

Question is,
“Are they unaware at the time of election that they are going to inherit a bundle of problems which they have to solve?”


Hasaan Rafique said...

Like a quote goes: "Power tends to corrupt and absolutely power corrupts absolutely"

Pakistan has not known a truly sincere and honest leader after Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah himself. It's a sad truth that our leaders are scarcely interested in solving the problems of the society, or atleast it seems to be. They enjoy having power and forget what their duties are and what the people chose them for. This happens due to lack of faith, the leader forgets the enormous duty he is supposed to perform: He has to consider himself Allah's representative and SERVE the people, considering his power as a gift and blessing from Allah, who has the absolute power. This idea can be easily understood from the example of Hazrat Umer. On being chosen a Caliph, he wept on being given this enormous burden, and said "In my reign, even if a dog dies on the bank of Euphrates River, i shall be held answerable for it before Allah"

However, the problem is not only with the government, but also with the people. Sir Syed Ahmed khan wrote in one of his essays that it is the character of the people that determines the way they are governed. A good society is governed in a good manner, a bad one by strict and bad manner. He also quoted the example of Hajjaj bin Yousaf. a similar case goes on in our country, a majority of the people are unfeeling about whatever goes on in the country since they have their own axes to grind. They neither care for the people, nor feel their pain as they themselves are well off. Evils in our society have increased beyond count. If the people do not improve themselves, they will surely not get a good government as well.

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