Friday, March 12, 2010

Blast from the Past.

There come only few moments in life when you feel proud and extremely happy only because of yourself.Your joy is doubled when you realize that your happiness is not only your happiness but it has also brightens up the eyes of those who are near and dear to you.Some few years back i also managed to hold and capture these little birds of happiness in my fists.I wanted that may time stops, and these moments never go!

It was the time when i was declared THIRD by Board of Intermediate Education Karachi in September 2006.I still remember that how tears were rolling down my cheeks continuously and that VERY first shriek of joy i made, after coming to know that i have grabbed third position in the whole Karachi city.It was an honor  for me and a big reward of all my efforts!First time in life i felt that we don't  shatter hopes only but also can give true happiness to our dear loving moms.I look back in past and remember those very immediate hugs and the crystal clear tears-of-happiness by my mom which were only for me.I can never forget the kiss on my fore head given by my dearest father.It was indeed a lucky day for me and worth memorable.

Just after a month,B.I.E.K arranged a party for the position holders and including other two position holders i was the chief-guest.That all experience is beyond explanation.I just cant put all the feelings and emotions in words.It was unique experience of its  kind and really only few people are so much lucky that they can get the result of their efforts so beautifully.I feel as if Allah was special kind on me that day.

It was the first time i addressed a little press-conference:D When i came on dice, my legs started trembling with confusion as there were so many people sitting in front including the journalists whose questions i had to answer. I cant tell that how difficultly i manage to stand therefor full ten minutes :D As i was third position holder all the easiest and simple question were already asked from the first two,and therefore only few very tricky and hard questions were left for me.Our college principal had instructed us to not to answer those typical questions.But really i had to answer as it was the only way to prevent myself from being bombarded with several questions from the press so i simply told the truth with shaking legs.They were the real lovely moments of my life.To my surprise,the next day newspapers highlighted quotations from my interview with my picture by neglecting the first two position holders.Woww every day was full of surprise and happiness for me.
Not to mention i also got a scholarship of Rs/= 17777.I later came to know that it would be Rs/= 20000 but some amount was deducted in TAX.what a shame !tax even on the scholarships!!
Since 2006 to 2007 i kept attending parties arranged by different private organizations and NGOs and now i have so many shields and certificates of the one single event.

Whenever i look back and remember this event of my life i prostrate myself in gratitude to Allah and to my parents whose prayers  blessed me with such a great happiness and an achievement!!


Hasaan Rafique said...

Nice post! :) And an excellent description of the feelings you had :) You've a natural ability to express feelings with words, mashaAllah :)


May Allah bless you with many more wonderful joys such as this! :)

filpaki said...

Literally, more dn u ds happiness was for us.
Nicely written and em proud 2 be a sister of you.

Adeela said...

Woww ReeBz after reading it i felt as if i'm in the year 2006! everything was coming before my eyes while reading each line.
Good post.I wish you hadn't missed those 7 marks in ur graduation and u would be third again :D

ReeBz said...

Thanks filza :)

Lol Adila instead of me you can try it :D

Javaria Sohaib said...

Hey for the first time i hav gone through all ur posts..u told me quite sum time back to visit such such blog bt i missed it :( bt now i got it :) its so nice to c ur post like this all r explained soo well..
abt this post i still remember whn i saw ur name in newspaper,it made all ur class fellows proud as well though v had no contribution in it :P bt to tell sum1 tht this position holder is from my class ws such an honour:) n tht yr amazingly all 3 positions were taken by our class:) intelligent class it ws:) i really miss our class n time spent wid u all in colg!!
anyhw i wish u more luck n happiness in life..keep writin n keep smiling..

mao said...

Wow...amazing Mashallah. May Allah keep giving you all the success you need in life!

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Wow, we never knew that in our midst was a young scholar, it’s so nice to know Reebz about your academic achievements and how beautiful is the picture with innocent face and inquisitive look in the eyes. This post is certainly today’s highlight.

Thinking said...

hmm...great post ReeBz...I really liked the way put it all together...

Your happiness and gratitude towards Allah and your parents feeling pround of you...all at once life changed...hmmm....

You are a gifted person...I pray to Allah to give you more and intelligence to keep it alive...

Congrats from me !

And Good Luck for future.

Komal Khan said...

Hey ReeBz! you are a wonderful girl MaashaAllah!

I pray that you keep make your classmates, family and your country Proud by your achievements.. Aameen :)

Waisey I wanted to ask, which one is you among those girls in the photograph?

ReeBz said...

Exactly we never know that in future we are going to miss every moment of our past life.That time we donot realize the importance of those lovely moments.I too miss you aloTT!Thanks for finally visiting the blog and also for dropping such a lovely comment :)

Thanks for the comment and prayers :)

Sir Akhter:
Thank you a lot, with your guidance and prayers inshAllah i will manage to achieve more in future!

Thinking :
Thanks a bunch.I/m feeling as if once again standing in 2006, because so many people wishing me with lovely comments :)

Komal Khan:
I'm the one in black at very left :)

smarty said...

Deinietly g!
hum sub buhat khush hoe they.
May allah keeps u more happy n may u achieve more n more in ur higher educations 2.

Connie said...

Lovely - Pure - Joyous - Promising

How I share your remembrance as if it is today.

Perhaps you were highlighted in the newspaper because you spoke uniquely from your own authentic self?

I sure am enjoying your posts which are so well-expressed! And each is so unexpected.

You and others here never seem to run out of interesting and often inspiring themes.

By the way, your images/photos are so perfectly compatible with your text.

Thanx and KEEP on KEEPING ON...

Connie said...

I wanted to be sure to say the top photo so beautifully captures the theme of tears of joy and your mother's tears.

ReeBz said...

Connie- once again your lovely comment has spread smiles over my face :)
Thanks for liking all the photos and the post itself.Exactly, i wanted to put a photo on top which could show a tear but it should be bright, and crystal like a tear of happiness :)

hina said...

aw! da best 4 future !

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