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Zaid Zaman Hamid-A motivator for Pakistan or a dangerous pest?

Today is 23rd March.The lucky day for all the Pakistanis indeed,but the situation which was in 1940 was better than 23 march 2010 in the context that at that time we knew who were our true leaders but now we are so ignorant and some agendas have trapped us so badly that we are unable to differentiate between good and bad.Zaid Zaman Hamid is the most famous and at the same time most controversial personality in media these days.According to his official profile he is :

"Mr. Zaid Hamid is a security consultant and strategic defense analyst. He is the founder of BrassTacks, a unique Pakistani Think Tank devoted to the study of regional and global political events and their implications for Pakistan's security and interests."

And his message is:

 , "Our organization is Pakistan, our identity is Islam, and our constitution is the quran". We represent nothing other than this. Our mission is to revive our pristine religious values, and helping create awareness among the people so they can understand the finer, subtle truths of our Islamic wisdom in relation to our current situation.

He has a great influence on the youth of Pakistan.Therefore, it has become very important to find out his reality.But as the nation is divided into two opposite parties it is difficult to find out the truth.one is the party, which supports him and is not agreed to hear a word against him, and the second party is the one which doesn't support him and is working to create awareness against him.I don't fall in any category, I'm standing somewhere in the mid and to be honest i want to be at one side, for which I'm making investigations and trying my best to learn the truth.As i also belong to youth, i was also inspired by his motivational speeches.and a big fan of him, but as much as i learn about his past i get confused more and more.
His history records tell that :
He was the follower of Yousaf Kazzab in 1990s and Yousaf made him his khalifa,but when yousuf kazzab was put to death as he claimed that he was the continuity of naozubillah Holy Prophet S.A.W.Zaid Zaman Hamid went underground.
Now, after almost ten years he appears again on television networks with his self-sponsored programs and tries to make place in the heart of under twenties by emotionally motivating them.To catch the attention he adopts the policy of anti-Americanism.

The thing which makes me confuse about his past are the evidences,which can be seen  here
Secondly, he is reluctant to declare yousuf Kazzab a blasphemy.If he really has no links with him then what on earth is stopping him to call Yousuf Kazzab bad before the whole world?Still he unconsciously admits his links with Yousuf  here .
Plus he says that his mission is for peace and he wants to turn Pakistan into a real powerful and strong country,where no offense or harm will be caused to any member not even to those who are against him.But if you hear the above video carefully you will notice him saying to shoot a fire in the skull of the person who calls him a lier.

Moreover it is being said that Zaid Hamid is involved in the murder of Molana Mufti Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri as he was the major hindrance in Zaid's goal. he wrote a book against him with evidences and was also distributing pamphlets about zaid hamid's past in youth.

Still with these proofs i'm not against him, but i'm confused.I'll soon reach on a point where i would be able to make my conclusion about him.Therefore, i want your opinions about Zaid Zaman Hamid,but i hope i will not get the comments of blind-followers here.Please come up with some logic and proofs either  you are in his favor or if you are against.I hope you all will share your opinions.
To read the opinion of  Pakistan islamic organisation Tanzeeme Islami click here


Hasaan Rafique said...

Zaid Hamid answered this on a phone call here:


urooj malik said...

Reebz, a good post. I am saying good because i can understand that what your mind is confused about?

I was also an admirer of him few months ago, just leave everything about him now. The reason is not that what links he had in his past, reason is that i now don't like the pathway he is following towards his goal.

Islam gives us nothing but Peace, teaches us nothing but Love and i have faith that wherever there is Love, no controversy could exist at all. Great Muslim Emperors in their whole history, ruled hearts of people not just captured countries. They gave peace and better lives to people as compare to previous ones. What would you feel, when an Indian would say to you that Zaid Zaman Hamid is planning to capture India, wants to remove our integrity and identity and you still call yourself a representative of peace and Love. Pride and honor of yourself does not allow you to snatch other's pride. This is what collective ego is all about.

Finally, i will say just one thing. We should leave the thing we are doubt about. What do you say?

Hasaan Rafique said...

I believe this all is a propaganda against ZAid Hamid. He rose to fame quite quickly and did well reporting the conspiracies about Pakistan and the Muslims made by Hindus, Jews and Christians. Particularly, he exposed that the Mumbai blasts were an inside plan of India with strong evidence. All this made them fear him, and so they made this propaganda so that the people of Pakistan no longer believe his words, and their conspiracies remain undiscovered.

Let's look at this Wikipedia article for instance.

All of wiki's articles can be edited, but this one is locked. The reason is that they want him to be shown in a negative light. This is the approach of the non-muslims towards us all. There were propaganda's against all muslims who tried to awaken their nation e.g. Iqbal, Jinnah etc. This is no exception.

Hasaan Rafique said...

Zaid Hamid's Takmeel-e-pakistan show on 23rd march today was also cancelled during the mid because the government cancelled their NOC during the programme. Also, the police stopped the people from going inside and i read a person stating at Zaid Hamid's official Facebook page discussion area that alot of people had come but the police did not allow them to enter and threatened to blow up the place... And it is being said that the Govt. cancelled their NOC certificate due to foreign pressure..

ReeBz said...

Hasaan same comments came from you as i expected.Few days ago i had similar thoughts.You just talking about cancellation of one program,do you know Zaid Zaman has written extremely religious and jihadi stuff which has been banned in Pakistan by intelligence agencies?This made me attracted towards his goal and path more.I was his big supporter too, but when i tried knowing about his history then i became confused and blank.
I just demand one thing, he should declare YOUSAF Kazab a blasphemy openly.Except this i dont find any flaw in him, but as a muslim this should be the first most factor to judge anyone.Have you noticed in all the interviews he speaks his full name "yousaf Ali" and don't use the suffix of KAZZAB with his name.Does this ring the bell?

ReeBz said...

Urooj no doubts, few months ago i had a long debate right on my own blog with an indian about Zaid hamid, he was abusing Zaid hamid and was openly calling him bad but as i was alot inspired by his speeches i defended zaid hamid as much as i could.To me, he was the pride of Pakistan but not anymore.
I just want that may our youth stop this blind faith and blind following.I just cant understand that why we start following anyone without searching about the truth by our own?

filpaki said...

Very right and a very timely post.We need to realize where we are going and where this Zaid hamid is leading all of us.
I also have same opinion if today he calls Yousuf Kazzab a blasphemer then he will gain my support once again.I also used to admire his work alot few days back.

smarty said...

ReeBz to make an opinion like this is not this easy and i think its too difficult for us to decide.Let leave this issue on the other agencies and researchers who would provide more better results than you.

hina said...

I'm BLANK>....

ReeBz said...

This is our problem that we leave all the works on others. why to be dependent over others? where has our self-power lost?
by closing eyes in the times of trouble,trouble will not be solveD!We need to take steps, we need to aware ourselves!

You can make your mind and then come back!

Anonymous said...

I agree with each word of this blog and I believe that He's A follower of yousef kazzab..
Nice blog..Reebz,,,,!

ReeBz said...

@ Anonymous:Thanks for your comment and for sharing your opinion. Comments do matter specially when it is about our nation.

Anonymous said...

Very Good Reebz, every neautral pakistani is thinking on these lines these days.

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Oh very charged up debate!

Connie L. Nash said...

I really appreciate this dilemna and why it's going on....there's no wonder what with internal differences and lots of external pressures as well.

Somehow the more universal truths that apply to us ALL help keep us out of war and trouble...

And I like a lot what one commentator here has said...

That "Islam gives us nothing but Peace, teaches us nothing but Love and i have faith that wherever there is Love, no controversy could exist at all...(This is what I'm telling my American contacts about Islam and about you...I hope and pray I will continue to be able to say that...just as I am hoping you will tell others there about some of us...that we are not so terribly different about peace and love and respecting others...and working toward that better world...God is ONE right?)

And I love this also, "Pride and honor of yourself does not allow you to snatch other's pride. This is what collective ego is all about."

I posted mine today (25th March) BEFORE reading this or Thinking's...yet maybe there is something of discussion there...I am not siding with the scholar...just imagining there may be some discussion topics there for us all? And in Thinking's blogpost as well...

Thank You ReeBz, as usual, you do open up some very important topics with a great deal of honesty!

Anonymous said...




The Noble Qur'an - Luqman 31:6

And of mankind is he who purchases idle talks (i.e. music, singing, etc.) to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah without knowledge, and takes it (the Path of Allah, the Verses of the Qur'an) by way of mockery. For such there will be a humiliating torment (in the Hell-Fire).

The Noble Qur'an - Al-Isra 17:64

"And Istafiz [literally means: befool them gradually] those whom you can among them with your voice (i.e. songs, music, and other call for Allah's disobedience)..."



The Noble Qur'an - Al-Ahzab 33:59

O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils)* all over their bodies (i.e. screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way). That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed. And Allah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Hadith - Bukhari 6:282

'Aisha used to say: "When (the Verse): 'They should draw their veils over their necks and bosoms,' was revealed, (the ladies) cut their waist sheets at the edges and covered their faces with the cut pieces."

Hadith - Al-Tirmidhi #3109, narrated Abdullah ibn Mas'ud [Tirmidhi transmitted it.]

The Prophet said, "A woman should be concealed, for when she goes out the devil looks at her."





~HBH~ ;)

affanfarooqi said...

We hate u zaid kazzab

Rizwan said...

yes i agree this is the true reality of Zaid Hamid

Connie L. Nash said...

http://ayzaomar.blogspot.com/ Ayza Omar - Reporting Truth for Change This young lady sounds a lot like yu ReeBz! Anyway, interesting blogsite on Mao's sit!

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

I hope that everyone will agree that this post has generated a meaningful discussion, and lets try to keep it focussed, meaningful and hate-free.

Four distinct strands have come up here and perhaps it will help retain the quality of discussion if each strand is treated on its own merit:

1. WHAT IS ZAID HAMID'S CONTRIBUTION TO PAKISTAN SO FAR? Whether one agrees with him or not, it has to be admitted that he has played an important role in reviving a general interest in Allama Iqbal and also creating a passion among the youth for defending Pakistan and doing something for the country.

2. WHAT ARE HIS PROPOSITIONS FOR THE FUTURE? This can be a long discussion and the observations of Urooj Malik posted above may be a good point to begin with.

3. WHAT IS THE CASE OF YUSUF ALI, A.K.A. KAZZAB? According to the general norms of our society, such a purely religious matter can be best resolved through "consensus" of religious scholars. For that, the people should regain the spirit of giving DUE respect to religious scholars and the scholars should respect other.

4. WHAT SHOULD BE THE QUALIFICATIONS FOR LEADERSHIP IN PAKISTAN? Perhaps some very good advice was offered by Iqbal in the same ALLAHABAD ADDRESS (the same document in which he proposed and predicted the birth of Pakistan): "By leaders I mean men who, by Divine gift or experience, possess a keen perception of the spirit and DESTINY of Islam, along with an equally keen perception of the TRENDS OF MODERN HISTORY."

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

CORRECTION: In #3, I meant "and the scholars should respect each other". The second last word was missed out in typing.

Anonymous said...

qadyani ne ROHANIAT per BOOKS likhi pir aikdam qadyaniat preach kerna shuru keri.. !!

Sardar Rehman Dakait(lyari) ne larkioo ki shadi kerwai,jobs,aur bhi bare ache ache kaam keray hai usne !!

jab humare ulma karam kisi k bare ma bolte hai too hume unki izaat kerte huy unki baad mani chahiaa, q k woo humse deen aur dunyaa mai ziada experince hai.. :)


Connie L. Nash said...

I am so glad you have come - Shafique Sahib to this discussion. Although something here is a bit worrisome, I can't put my finger on it - KNOW that the US is a huge part of the problem...know nothing and worried to find out about the person mentioned...

Yet I choose peace and confidence that each here will find their role and go where there is the best information...

Anonymous said...

whatever what he is , but he is syill just trying to motivate us and thats a gud job i think vV need ledr....

ReeBz said...

Thanks for all who commented!

Sir Khurram i will not agree with you here in some points
He is no doubt, trying to motivate and have done a good job until now, but if he is a great follower of Iqbal and working against Islam indirectly then each n every one who calls himself a Muslim should condemn and reject him.Before creation of Pakistan, Britishers learned our history first and then destroyed us completely so one shouldn't be fallen into any mis confusion if zaid hamid has learned Iqbal to gain our attention.Iqbal is the poet of east but no indicator to judge anyone...

on your point 3: yes we are no one to declare anyone's level of religion and should wait for scholars but most of the scholars have given their statement about him, so what to wait for?

@ anonymous 2
Yes we need a leader but a leader who is perfect in religious and worldly aspects.first i used to consider him my leader too but if his views are conflicting with Islam then i reject him on my side!

Connie thanks for sharing your general views=)I'm also working on the same lines- trying to find real and best infromation.

Khurram Ali Shafique said...


When I say that all four questions should be taken separately on their own merit, it implies that doing some service to Iqbal or motivating the people for Pakistan is limited to that area only. It does not mean that other questions, such as the three questions listed here, should be ignored.

Anonymous said...

ppl ppl pppl :P
i know its hard to belive that ZAID IS A KAZAAB !!
boht afsoos hota hai per kiaa karay sach sach hai :)

might most of the ppl wont agree with my point and that is, hum(pakistani) went thru sum real tough times aur koi bhi random banda ata hai jo 10 out of 10 sab sach bolta hai per hota asal ma KAZAB hai hum uskoo follow kertay hai q k HUM LOG(pakistani) wasai apne leaders aur corrupt system se boht DEPRESED hai :) hope u gt my point..

brother "and the scholars should respect each other" iskoo thora app explain karinge ??



baaari said...


i appreciate your effort regarding hott current topic

i was also blind follower of him for last 20months
9th November 2009 i first time heard a controversial thing about him


Aaj Tv programme "Bolta Pakistan"

Nusrat javed called him

" Acha woh laal topi wala jo Jhooty nabi ka right hand tha.........."

then i shocked

then i tried to consult brasstacks representative in dubai
but he replied

"no they are just trying to make bad impression about zaid hamid"

but i didn't believe

and continously tried to know the truth about kazzab
and about zaid hamid

then i got this video


then i realized that he is not accepting that
"Yousuf Ali" was kazzab

according to him
shareeat k sary takazy poory nahee hoty kissi ko Kazzab man'ny k

then i have seen

Dr. Asrar's site announcement about him


then i was little happy
personally i wanted him to be a good person

but after that when new annoucement (updated) came about zaid in tanzeem'e'islami


then i confused more

ok maan lia k zaid hamid accepting

in front of Tanzeem'e'islami representative he admitted
and he said

"agar yousuf ny koi aisi bat ki hay jiss sy kazaab hona sabit hota hay to uss k iss act sy mera koi taa'luk nahee hay"

ok maaan lia


he has to accept all that thing publically
what he accepted infront of tanzeem'e'islami

All the Best


abrar said...

anybody is there

yara mery comment nahee show ho rehy
what to do

ReeBz said...

Thanks for leaving your comment.
Yes many people are still confused and believe me i still sometimes get confuse about his reality.I m impressed by his lectures and the great job he has done until now,he has created sense of defense and love for Pakistan among Pakistanis through his own great knowledge and by Iqbal's work.
I just want one thing from him, that he hsould come on TV and at the end of every lecture he should say it in very clear words that may Allah's curse be on Yousaf Kazzab and once again i will be his fan along with others!

i got your several comments, but actually i have kept comment facility moderated.Every comment first has to be accepted by me then only it gets published!Thanks for the comments.

abrar said...


its not the matter yar
we believe tanzeem'e'islami (dr. asrar)

according to Dr. Asrar

he did so
he cursed to any person who is kazzab

but the thing is

he is defending him
according to him
he didn't do anything on basis of that he is "Kazab"

now the thing is

if he is still defending him
he should again re open that case in shareeah court
or in hight court or supreme court

if he can defent him
that he was not kazab

then we can also believe him

according to my knowledge all well known Ulama'e'kram declared yousuf as "KAZAB"

what do you think about his case?
if you have any proof (except court)

plz let me know


(((((Auspicious))))) said...

Great Job!


ReeBz said...

yousuf kazzab was put to death by the orders of Supreme court and all the scholars were satisfied on this punishment, the consensus was also taken from all schools of thoughts. so anyone who suddenly appears now and starts defending yousuf kazzab is definitely another kazzab!

Thanks for the comment and appreciation.

hina said...

nice discussion...

Connie L. Nash said...

ReeBz: Here for first time I've noticed the degree to which you are able to see many differing threads of thought within and without a leader and to ask some of the most incisive questions. Each one person -even leaders of course - contain a multiple of aspects...

These your philosophical deductive and inductive gift - balanced with your other gifts like intuition and spiritual hunger as well as your beautiful love of Pakistan and Islam!

I vowed to become quieter here...yet since I'll be gone awhile...let me add a little more...certainly I can't speak to the "finer, more detailed issues of your nation and faith...

Just want to observe that there are some here at RR who help us look to that which we may hold in common without the necessity of embracing fully one school of thought necessarily while in process...

There are those here who help us find ways in which we are ultimately on a similar side on SOME things and by our silence on OTHER aspects we say lots.

You have learned well to do this "balancing act" intellectually and are becoming aware of the aspects in leaders which may "throw us off our course"...

Your methods of questioning should help you a great deal in years to come as you refine the same. And so should the REVISED Republic of Rumi now online as you use it for a tool and joy in your OWN way...

Thank you for your honesty - as always! I'm also grateful here for such a safe, informed and listening environment at Republic of Rumi in which to discuss and to even "think" outloud..

filpaki said...

Oh, i missed this meaningful discussion's big part!
great job indeed!
i'm wondering, why none of his supporter has read it yet? i think that those who try to learn the truth tries to surf on net and so they read such articles and try to know others views, but those who are blind followers are satisfied with his one official page, they dont care whatever any one is saying, neither they do try to convince or get convinced themselves.
I have seen, how badly they abuse at zaid hamid official page if anyone says anything which doesnt match zaid's POV>

Hasaan Rafique said...

Well i had a bit of a look around and i do see that he doesn't publically or directly declare that he does not believe in Yusuf Kazzab... That is indeed fishy...


I had a conversation with a very aware friend of mine. He said that even if we put aside the matter of Zaid Hamid's relation to Yusuf Kazzab, there're several things which make him very doubtable.
Going into detail would not be too appropriate, but the information gathered sums up that not all of his preachings are true and some are greatly exaggerated... So it is possible that he may be on a mission and we need to watch out...

Let's wait and see how matters unfold...

P Malik said...

From an outsider's perspective.. I feel sorry for the average, ill-informed pakistani national. The airtime and the popularity zaid hamid enjoys completley baffles me. Instead of concentrating on defence, wars, nuclear bombs pakistani's should be concerned about providing adequate healthcare, education, setting up power plants to meet power shortage etc.

And even though not many like this but lets face it...India produces over 500000 engineers every year! has over 9000 colleges and the only real reason why India is where it is now is because of its ability to diffuse knowledge.

Lets not talk of war. Lets talk of peace, trade afterall we all speak the same language have similar culture!

islamic blog said...

It's amazing post. I liked it.

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