Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spa Ceylon Pure Aloevera Soothing Gel Review

Spa Ceylon is the name of luxury, that guarantees ultimate peace and satisfaction within your reach. I earlier reviewed hand care and foot care. Today I am going to express my thoughts on Spa Ceylon's "Pure Aloe Vera Soothing Gel".

Pure Aloevera soothing gel belongs to  the subcategory "Outdoor Care" of "Soothe" category. As obvious by the name it helps to reduce sunburns, and minor inflammations occured by very hot harmful rays of the sun.

Packaging & My Experience
It comes in a semi-transparent hard plastic bottle, cool green in colour. It is a gel made from 100% pure aloevera with amazing mind-blowing smell. In these hot scorching weather days, this aloevera gel has become my all time favourite. I need not to worry if i have to go out during the day, since I have this gel to instantly relieves and heal minor sunburns. Aloevera is famous for its healing and soothing qualities. Traditionally, in eastern countries people have their own small plants of aloevera and women love to apply the pure juice directly driven from the bark of freshly-cut aloevera bark. The Spa Ceylon has made the tedious process even more easy. You donot need to grow and cut the barks in order to get aloe juice. Simply get your hands on this gel and put it in your refrigerator.

After I come back to home I immediately apply the gel on the areas i feel itchy. It provides instant relaxation and soothes inflammed, red skin. The cooling sensation is simply brilliant. It also moisturises and softens skin. It even seems to prevent black hard patches on my feet.

Pros and Cons
  1. Soothing
  2. Refreshing smell
  3. Instantly heals
  4. Relaxes the skin
  5. Softens the skin
  6. Nourishes the skin
  7. 100% pure aloevera
  8. Affordable
  9. I found it a bit difficult to sueeze out the gel from the bottle. the bottle should be soft since the gel is thick.
$22 for 250 ml

Major turn-On: The refreshing smell
Major turn-off : Nothing

End of the Line:
A good and handy product that helps in getting rid of SUMMER FEAR!

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ZatZ said...

what is this actually for?

Marib Maqsood said...

ooh interesting brand and product, thanks for the review :)

Rabi said...

Heard so many positive review about this brand and its in my wish list . Nice review <3

Shang J. said...

I love aloe vera gels. This one sounds great! :)

infrared massage said...

Nice to know this fresh aloe vera gel... feel the same as bark.

huda said...

wow nice post

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