Tuesday, July 3, 2012

YDA Strike- Looking Deeper into It

A doctor after police torture-coutesy: siasatpk
We are Pakistanis, but unfortuantely we are the world's top negligent nation in my opinion. We are the people who love to accept everything as we receive it.  We are blind followers of personalities. Our brains donot rule us, but personalities whom we worship (pardon me). We donot think, investigate or try to form our own opinion. We are the nation who believe on whatever is fed into our bogus brains. We donot have any reason to follow any one. No wonder, why we have to face puppet government everytime. I was shocked to see Pakistan's Prime Minister Raja pervez Ashraf standing still in the respect of a telephonic address of a strong political party that belongs from karachi. 18 carore people, and no one to distinguish between good or bad? Nothing is strange when you are in Pakistan.

These days young doctors are on strike. A common perception prevailing in the country about doctors is not so good. The current situation has filled the hearts of common people with more hatred that has turned everything aggressive and brutal. I donot support YDA strike and it is no way humane to leave the patients dying however, we must not forget that we are exposed only to what we are shown on media. Media is never unbiased, it goes in the direction where it could earn more and more and more.. It is not to clarify again that how loyal is our media after Mubashir Luqman's and Maher bukhari issue had come on surface.

Punjab goverment is spending millions on the advertisment campaign against doctors claiming that they had given a high pay-raise to young doctors last year. Now doctors are getting double the pay than their fellows of other fields. However doctors claim that they havent experienced any such pay raise. All the government's ads are based on lies and frauds, as claimed by the doctors.
Police is arresting and torturing many doctors. According to the news two doctors got their legs broken, including Dr.Naeem from sir Gangaram hospital who got a serious heart attack and was moved to ventilator last night. There are rumours that he has died today.

Is this all justifyable? Torturing, beating and treating the cream of the nation in the most inhumane way is what needs serious immediate actions to be taken against. Everyone has rights to peaceful protests, because if you donot protest no one is going to listen to you. I think that Shahbaz shareef should listen to their demands, if not accept them. I though  wonder why donot YDA representatives prove at media that their salaries werent increased last year? Media is famous in bringing every crime into light, then why just it doesnot play its role and collect the payment invoces of medical officers from govt records? This will clearup all the mess. This will separate water and milk!

If punjab govt is so caring then why doesnot Shahbaz shareef try to focus on following aspects:
  1. One doctor for every 18000 patients in government hospitals.Why?
  2. Ministry of health's seat is vaccant for last 5 years. Why?
  3. Replacements of six health secretaries in last four years. Why?
  4. Most important- HEALTH BUDGET ONLY 1.2%. WHY?
Why dengue fever took so many lives last year in Punjab, specially in Lahore? Why no preventive measures were taken beforehand by punjab govermnet?

I am not going to believe what media is showing. Though i donot believe plainly on doctor's statements too. I have my concerns to which i am seeking answers. Only after that i'l manage to judge who is right and who is wrong. Yes, as a citizen of Pakistan it is ME who has all these rights!!


shahtaj said...

I think as a nation we are so used to hearing bad news that we mostly tune out any thing that is not affecting our lives directly.We have come to accept the "jis ki lathi us ki bhainse" rule :(

Anonymous said...

i agree!!

Benish@getsettoshine said...

Definitely, its not right to torture the "cream" of Pakistan but its OK to let a 13 year old child and a young mother of two kids die because the fool doctors were on strike and staff is already and always short...because the poor civilians of Pakistan do not deserve to live? So much anger,pain and sympathy when the cream is being tortured but not even a single word for the suffering poor people who sat on floors of hospitals waiting for days to see a creamy doctor? why our reactions are so one sided?I have not seen a single example in the entire world of what YDA has done! I have seen shows where it was proved by the Journalists/anchors that YDA went ridiculously overboard with their demands, and Dr.Haroon the representative of YDA was clearly confused and couldn't justify YDA demands.We are already short of doctors in govt hospitals and the YDA strike made the situation even worst,YDA knows this fact and it was a deliberate act on their part, what they have done is highly unprofessional and it is the most inhuman thing I have ever witnessed form a bunch of educated people, did they realize the sensitive nature of their job.However I agree with the demand of raise in income since the doctors in govt hospitals are overworked and underpaid, but YDA need to come up with a better approach to deal with their issues, they shouldn't cheat their profession.If only for a month the govt could control corruption.. YDA demands could be satisfied...but no Punjab govt won't leave its piece of cake! The govt needs to find the balance, if this is how the educated class of Pakistan is going to behave, I am not sure how we would survive in this country!

ReeBz said...

No doubt your thoughts are no different from a common loving Pakistani. what i tried to state is only this that whether its Punjab government or YDA at wrong, we need to find the solutions of both. We cant just reduce all our problems by handling just one at a time. All such flaws of our society are interrelated and linked so one cant be over-looked to solve the other.
In my opinion, few of YDA demands are justifiable and should be met by the Punjab government. Not only doctors are corrupt, the whole social system is!
My sympathies are definitely with the poors, who are being deprived of treatment due to strike and thatswhat i oppose too. However, to solve this problem- government should take sensible steps instead of just bluffing. It is a fact that Army doctors cant meet the needs fully. We need to calm down this angry stampede of doctors!

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