Sunday, July 8, 2012

Orangle Flower Botanical BodyWash By Liz Earle

Liz Earle has made me believed that nature has the power to transform our skins into soft, shiny and smooth ones besides dealing with our individual skin problems specifically. Since last month, i have been experiencing a very luxurious bath with Liz Earle Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash. It contains naturally active ingredients like all of the Liz products. These are orange oats and yarrow, rose-scented geranium, orange flower water, natural vitamin E and above all SEVEN pure essentail oils that boost up the spirits!


It comes in three sizes 30 ml,100 ml and 200 ml that cost £5.00 £8.50 and £11.50 respectively. Unlike other shower gels, it is a top-side down bottle with a flip- opening, supported by a rubber covering on the hole.The rubber-opening allows only suitable amount of the gel to come outside, preventing any over dribbling. The gel is orangish-yellow in colour that smells bit herbal and bit fruity.

My Experience:

I love body washes that smell strong, thatswhy this orange flower body wash has become an important necessity of my wash room. As soon as i draw it out, I am welcomed by a very intense citrus scent along with rose hints. Perfectly refreshing and revitalisng for summers. Whether you start your day with it, or end your day-it is subjected to invigorate your senses with a delight.

It forms thick pampering lathers, that acts as a perfect turn-on. It cleanse and softens the body leaving you with a heavenly aromatic experience. It is not over-greasy, so neither turns skin oily nor dry.

Pros and Cons
  1. Heavenly scent
  2. Naturally active
  3. Contains 7 essential oils
  4. For all skin types
  5. Reviatilses dead souls
  6. Forms excellent foam
  7. Unattractive bottle
Turn-on: Thick Lather
Turn-off: Bottle lacks attraction

End of the Line: I relish its presence in my cupboard! :)
Get yours here

Liz makeup shade selector- selecting shades was never so easy!


nayabloves said...

You are soo right about nature transforming our skin into the best it can be :) I'm loving different kinds of body washes/shower gels in this hot hot weather lol.

Im having a giveaway on my blog in case you're interested.

Marib Maqsood said...

OMG the picture with the loofah. Yummyy. Lathers up so well. Really want to try liz earle cleanse and polish :)

Marib Maqsood said...

If you haven't, like my Facebook page :) <3

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