Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An Intro to Blanc to Noir with Review of Nyx Box of Smokey Look Collection

Are you looking for a fashion store that is dedicated to providing fashion accessories and cosmetics at affordable rates under one roof, with supreme customer care and the quick+ reliable mode of shipment in almost any part of the world?If yes, then your wait is over. Few months back I stumbled upon Blanc to Noir online store luckily. I had a wonderful experience with them which I am going to share below:

Blanc to Noir
Blanc to Noir is an online fashion store that stocks all the famous and customers' loved brands including Sigma, NYX,FACEFRONT, NYC, Sally Hensen, rimmel London etc. They also supply some awesome ffragrances from CK,D&G,Paris Hilton, Davidoff etc. In short whatever your fashion needs may be, you are bound to find everything of your choice available at this store. So why should one get into the trouble of ordering your cosmetics from one shop and fragrances from the other, when you can save your both time and energy by placing a trouble-free order at Blanc to Noir?Not only this, their website is very user-friendly. It shows everything on its landing page. You donot need to waste yourtime by continuously roaming about the site. The category tabs show all the brands and products once you roll your mouse on it. you can even save more of your time by browsing the store by brands and categories. The store supports international shipping with complete guarantee of fair parcel shipment. I placed an order for NYX box of smokey look collection that unfortunately was misplaced by Pakistan's custom house and I never received it. However, Blanc to Noir showed extreme kindness and generosity by dispatching another same eyeshadow palette for me that I received with in 14 days.

NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection

It is a full package for different and complete smokey looks. It contains 58 eye shadows, 2 face colours, 3 blushers, 1 highlight, 1 contour, 1 bronzer,12 glitter creams, 16 lip colours, 1 eye liner, applicators and mirror.

Eye shadows:

There are four sets of smokey looks namely classic smokey, purple smokey, bronze smokey and natural smokey. All eye shadows are matte with few shimmery ones in each set.
  1. Classic smokey

Classic smokey is the set containing 8 separate shadows of high and light tones of grey & black with a quad. It makes best look for night time functions specially weddings.

    2. Purple Smokey

It has excellent shades of purple, undoubtingly will make you stunning for evening parties. It also has got 8 shades with a quad at  top whereas two are the face colours.

3. Bronze Smokey

This got the shades of bronze, and golden. Perfectly suitable to wear in day time.

4. Natural Smokey

This has captured my heart, even with the heaviest application it will not make you look unnatural or heavy. The shades are lighter than the bronze smokey but seem like belonging to the same family. I love wearing it on my eyes on casual occasions.

Blusher/Bronzer and Contour

1.Bronzer and Contour
 Bronzer is suitable for warm skin tones like Asians with a real bronze dust shade. However contour and highlighter powder is fully matte. The contour shade is very dark though which is a turn off.

It has got 3 blushers with light and decent shimmer. whoaa!! The first one is peachy pink, awesome for summers, whereas the other twos are rose pink and baby pink respectively. The last blusher is awesome for fair skins, since it seems to do wonders on such tones.


Can you get 16 awesome lip shades in an eye shadow palette else where? These are pinks, golds, peaches and reds. All closer to a natural application. Lip shades are moist and doesnt tend to dry or make your lips parched.

Eye creams

12 glitter creams. My smokey makeup is never completed without glitter creams. They are silver, bronze, golden and grey. I love all the glitter eye creams. However i'm afraid they will not last long.

It has got 4 concealers-brown, skin, light purple and light green.

I donot think that i need to describe packaging. Photos are the proof to speak for the kit.

My Experience:
I am in love with this smokey look collection, since it deals with all my makeup needs from night functions to evening and day wear including a natural wear. The eys shades are matte and shimmery both. Easy to apply and are pigmented. Only a little fine amount is ok if you have soft brushes. Eye creams do wonders as a finishing touch on smokey looks everytime. The eye liner is basically a black eye pencil. Very soft and easy to glide on lids.
It is A complete travel package. Yeah, you donot need to carry all that pile of several glosses, lip sticks and blushers with weather switches in your bag. Simply get your Nyx box of smokey look collection from Blanc to Noir for only US$18.70. You are subjected to get a discount if you buy from this store, since the market price is $22.00. The size is travel friendly i.e 4*6.75.

Turn on: The complete Package
Turn- off :Nothing

End of the Line: If you are crazy for kits and donot want to collect cosmetics pile, then go grab your hands on it! It deals with all the needs of a normal home-based consumer.



nayabloves said...

the glitters are gorgeousss! love that you put some looks in it too!

Sidrah!!!! said...

this looks really great! I rarely like a huge makeup kit but this look nice.

SadeeStyle said...

I already have it kit, but i feel that colors are bit chalky and not good for blending

calicoaster said...

Gorgeous kits and I loved your eye makeup!! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh i love this kit

humera said...

I too think same that the shades are too powdery to blend

smarty said...

The lip shades are too light for meH

Ayesha said...

Oh, i want it- it seems a perfect travel kit

Anonymous said...

Seriously its ablogger world :D

hina said...

this kit is so lavish! wanna get it for myself

samreen raza said...

Hi . Do they ship to Pakistan. I proceed for checkout but couldn't see Pakistan in list of countries. Let me know the way as I am waiting to place order.

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