Thursday, September 22, 2011

No spamming please!


I had been away from my blog for a long time and i found it quite annoying to see so many SPAMMING comments awaiting my moderation.They definitely mean no praise to my blog though apparently they seemed so. Kindly donot bother to leave comments just for the sake of YOUR promotion. All such comments are deleted by me.

NOTE: Since my blog is a family blog, all porn stuff and websites/ blogs be warned, you are not going to get any traffic from my blog. My humble requests to all INDIAN blogs, kindly do not spam my site with your filthy porn stuff. I already know what your culture  is.



Eyewitness said...

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful blog please visit as soon as possible.

Eyewitness said...

Salaam sister,

Spam in comments is certainly a problem.

You can enable the word verification in comments settings to get rid of the automated spam.

Word Verification can only help if the the link is being dropped by a spam bot. Comment moderation is the only solution to delete the spam comments are left manually.

Sister, Thanks so much for reading the poems of Dr. Allama Iqbal on my blog.

(Did you receive an email from me ? )

ReeBz said...

WalekumAsslam brother,

I have enabled comment moderation already, but i still found it annoying to read dirt* comments at my blog. I mean internet is full of such stuff, why these people even bother to leave comments at my site? I think this is done by some automatic robots or soft wares.

I havenot received any email from you. Let me check again.

Thanks fro dropping by:)

filpaki said...


rIZ said...



Machines/Bots can not understand/copy the codes written in "images" (alphabets written in an image. Be it .jpeg, .png, .bmp or any other image format)

90% chances are that people themselves spam your blog.

Spamming(and porn of course) is World's phenomenon, not only India's :D

ReeBz said...


I know spamming is world culture, but if I warned indian blogs, then it foes mean that i might have found Indian blogs responsible for spamming. I checked those websites and they were india's originated :)

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