Thursday, September 22, 2011

BnB Clutch Review

Ihad been planning to make a review post on the clutch i ordered from BnB for such a long time but unluckily i couldn't find enough time.I ordered a clutch from BnB (Bags 'n' Bangles) collection.Here is a brief review of the product HB-531

I am seriously in love with this clutch. The fabric used is black cotton-satin and tissue for the cute biggy rosette. To open the clutch, you will find a metallic stud adorned with little diamond-ties placed closely together.

Closer look of the rosette

The only thing i disliked about the clutch is its weight. Unlike  other clutches it is quite heavy and will get more heavy if you put some load in it other than your simple cosmetics. However, it is very spacious as you can see in the pic. I was very happy to find out that it can keep my Q mobile she phone safe in it :)

Specifications :

Size: 7*4 inch
Weight: 0.60 kg ( I doubt it is more in weight)
Fabric: Satin and Tissue

You will also get one chain free with your clutch. This is pretty long  and you can keep it safe for the time when your first chain gets faulty or broken :) Or you can use both the chains together. One for carrying it in hand and the other longer one for carrying it on your shoulder.

It is available in Rs 1790/= including delivery charges. BnB send their parcels through Pakistan Post, so have patience you will get your ordered product within a week or more.

Me carrying it, looking fabulous aint it?Loads of MashaAllahs :)


Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Wow. Your dress looks so pretty!

hina said...

woww! butiful clutch. I had been planning to buy it on this Eid yar, but you said its heavy and i got double minded. Anyway these pictures are beautiful and my love for this clutch has been increased ;)

filpaki said...

Beautiful Clutch, beautiful photography and beautiful YOU!!

smarty said...

WOWW!! wht an DreSSsss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kahan se liyaa! and hey lovely clutch but is expensive alot :D

Kenneth said...

you look beautiful !

Brower said...

Simply a beautiful package! woww.!

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