Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My blog : In Google Suggestions!

I am so glad to find out that my blog has been added by Google in Google suggestions. I don't know much that on what basis Google adds and remove sites from suggestions, but still I am happy. I made a search for some other famous blogs but i was surprised to see that Google suggestions has no place for them :-s

Can anyone tell me that how Google adds or remove sites from its suggestions list?


Eyewitness said...

Nice !

I read somewhere that the Google suggestions are based on the popularity of the search queries.

Apparently it means that there are a number of visitors to your blog who type "Spring of Autumn Blog" in search box to come back to your blog.

Your blog's title often reminds me the quote of a fellow blogger Marty Robin :

"The deep roots never doubt spring will come."

Best Wishes!

ReeBz said...

Eye witness:
Thank you so much for the help. :) I consider it a success. I never knew that my blog site will be added in this list.
M so happy for this :)

Eyewitness said...

You're so welcome , sister!

May you find my more success as a Muslimah writer, ameen.

Ph_ said...

Great :D

rIZ said...

Great! :D

Google has incorporated a "logarithm" to calculate "proximity" of alphabets and words.

When you type "spring", it'll give you different suggestions, at "spring o", result will be different.

Every single letter adding to the search field will result in different or "more closer" suggestions regarding certain websites and blogs having "certain rank"

Your targets should be:
1-Your blog "must" come in the first suggestion
2-User must get suggestion of your blog by typing "least no. of letters" (right now user has to type "spring of au" to reach your blog.

But still, it is good :D 'coz in my case, users have to type "rumi iqbal " to get the suggestion of my blog.... in "fourth" line :D

:/ my comment can be a full blog post

ReeBz said...


what so ever, m glad that google thinks my blog is worthy of being in there suggestions :D

hina said...

Hey girl congrats!

CN said...

Yes, Congrats! on getting yet ANOTHER IMPORTANT and WELL-researched article published!

I need to print this up for every friend and member of my family and for myself to post somewhere in plain sight/site. We all need to PAY ATTENTION to such information which here you make so readily available.

Thanx for all the work involved and the gift of putting it out there to us as well.

ReeBz said...

Thanks Connie.

I will be glad if you share this article of mine in your circle ofcourse :)

Eyewitness said...

And my blog: In Spring of Autumn's blog list.

Perhaps I noticed it a little later.

Thank you so much!

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