Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cosmeceutique Circle's Vanity Case

I had been trying to write a review but my busy routine didn't let me.

I ordered Cosmeceutique Circle's product few months back and seriously i am a fan of them now. My major problem was Pimple and Acne for which the pimple cream showed the best results, but my bad I used the WORST product ever on my face i.e Garnier Light cream!

I will soon write a review for Garnier Light.

I am in love with Cosmeceutique even more, since they have best customer care department. Little efforts by them make you feel cared. Similarly, if you write a review of any of their product and submit it at their website they will send you a Coffee mug as a note of appreciation. Sweet,aint it :)?

Further more, if you decide to place an order,it will make you worthy of receiving cosmeceutique's vanity case. Want to see, what vanity case is?

See the pictures below :

 I love taking my cosmeceutique face wash and sunblock to my office in this vanity case ;) It is so handy and beautiful to carry! I would have love to share the mug as well, but it was mishandled by the courier staff which resulted in its breakage. Cosmeceutique has promised me to send me another mug on my next order :)

Love you Cosmeceutique!

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hina said...

Ahaan thats something very good! keep writing and keep getting gifts;) cosmeceutique has been very kind these days. what say :D?

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